15+ Colors In Estonian: Your #1 Best Guide

If one of your language lessons tackled colors in Estonian, you might want to refresh your mind and read this article! But if Estonian is a new language for you and you haven’t gotten around to having Estonian lessons or getting acquainted with Estonian colors, this is definitely for you too!


Learning Estonian: A Brief Background

Planning to travel for the first time to Estonia? The country is one of the best travel destinations out there which is why there is no surprise that many are interested to learn the native language there. In the case of the aforesaid country, the native language there is Estonian.

In case you don’t know, Estonian is a bit of a challenge to learn. Not only does this language have a very tricky vocabulary and a very rigid grammatical structure, but the language in itself takes so much time to learn. For this reason, many are saying that it is among the hardest languages to learn.

Having a solid foundation for your vocabulary to further your knowledge and integrate these into sentences is encouraged.

The case endings of the Estonian language might make language lessons very tricky, but if you take it day by day and get the hang of it, you are indeed good to go! One thing that you should also know is that the more Estonian lessons you take, the easier for you to understand everything. Therefore, to be able to learn Estonian isn’t just a learning experience, but it is something that you don’t want to miss out on!


The Colors In Estonian

The Colors In Estonian

It is inevitable to learn about the colors of the language that you are learning, especially if you want to widen your vocabulary. Widening your vocabulary isn’t just limited to knowing its verbs, specific nouns, or hard-to-pronounce words, but it can also be learning about its colors and adjectives!

Whether it is not to cause any miscommunication or to be able to describe something very well, knowing the colors of a specific language is a must! These colors are also symbols of certain things, people, goals, and even names! The possibilities of what color could mean are endless, and these are not just limited to describing an item.

Here’s the list of some colors in Estonian!

Light BlueHelesinine
Dark BlueTumesinine
Light GreenHeleroheline
Light BrownHelepruun
Light RedHelepunane
Dark RedTumepunane
Light OrangeHeleoranž

These are just a couple of colors in Estonian. Although there are many colors in the color wheel, you can start with these. If you noticed it, using Tume and Hele are repetitive in the table above.

You can use the word Tume and then add the color of your choice so that it will translate to dark + the color. The same goes for Hele.

Since Hele means bright or light, you can add this along with the color of your choice so that it translates to light + the color.

There are various ways to go about the colors and the vocabulary in Estonia. These colors are even great tools to symbolize something and hold meaning. Not only that, but these colors can even be used as names for people!

Like Lilla and Hele, you can use it to name something or someone that means a lot to you. Learning the colors in Estonian might be overwhelming now, but it comes in useful in the future or if you want to impress someone that you know!


Example Expressions

Here are some sentences about colors that you should know!

What color is this?Mis värvi see on?
The color is very nice.Värv on väga kena.
Can I please have the red shirt?Kas ma saaksin palun punase särgi?
Color white looks nice on you!Valge värv näeb sulle kenasti välja!
I like the color….Mulle meeldib värv….
This is the color I likeSee on see värv, mis mulle meeldib.


What’s Next?

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The Colors In Estonian

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