50+ Best & Basic Estonian Phrases For Travelers

Basic Estonian Phrases For Travelers

By far, the best way to learn the Estonian language is to take a trip to Estonia. This gorgeous northern European country on the Baltic sea is a perfect travel destination all year round. If you plan to jump on a plane to Estonia, it is a good idea to have at least a few basic Estonian phrases for travelers on your quiver.

So let’s dive in and look at some of the most common words and phrases for you to practice before you go.

Greetings In Estonian

First things first! When arriving in Estonia, it is a good idea to understand a few greetings and courtesies.

Good morningTere Hommikust
Good afternoonTere päevast
Good eveningTere õhtust
How are you?Kuidas läheb?
Fine, and you?Hästi, Ja sinul?
What is your name?Mis su nimi on?
My name is…Minu nimi on…
What is your surname?Mis sinu perekonnanimi on?
GoodbyeHead aega, Hüvasti, Nägemist, Jumalaga

Being Polite In Estonian

Estonians are warm and welcoming people, but as in nearly every country, politeness goes a long way toward making that warm welcome even warmer. Here are a few basic Estonian phrases for travelers that should be used to be polite.

Thank youAitäh
I miss youMa igatsen sind
I love youMa armastan sind
Traveling to Estonia

Getting Around Estonia

Like other European countries, it is relatively easy to travel around Estonia. Let’s look at some words and phrases that will help to make your trip even easier.

Where is…?Kus on …?
Train stationRongijaam
Bus stationBussijaam
Where can I get a…?Kust ma saan…?
Car rental agencyAutoüürimisfirma
How much is the fare?Kui palju on sõiduraha?
One ticket to…, please.Palun, pilet…
Where are you going?Kuhu te lähete?
Where do you live?Kus te elate?
Straight aheadOtse edasi
Have a good journey!Head reisi!
Basic Estonian Phrases For Travelers

Hotel Words And Phrases In Estonian

When traveling to Estonia, it is a good idea to book a hotel before you arrive. Here are some useful basic Estonian words for travelers so that you and the hotel staff are on the same page.

How much is a room for one person/two people?Kui palju maksab tuba ühele/kahele inimesele?
Is breakfast/supper included?Kas hommikueine/õhtueine kuuluvad selle juurde?
What time is breakfast/supper?Mis kell on hommikueine/õhtueine?
May I see the room first?Kas ma tohin enne tuba vaadata?
Do you have anything quieter?Kas teil on mõni vaiksem?
Do you have a safe?Kas teil on seif?
Are there any vacancies for tonight?Kas teil on vaba tuba/vabu kohti?
No vacanciesPole vabu tube
I will stay for… night(s)Ma jään… ööks.
Can you wake me at…?Kas te ärataksite mind kell…?
Please clean my roomPalun, koristage mu tuba
Can you suggest another hotel?Kas te saate soovitada mõnda teist hotelli?
I want to check outMa soovin ennast välja registreerida

Eating Out

Having checked in to your hotel, you might like to sample some of Estonia’s fabulous cuisine and have a meal. Let’s take a quick look at the most common words and basic Estonian phrases for travelers you are likely to need when visiting a cafe or restaurant.

A table for one person/two people, pleaseLaud ühele/kahele (inimesele), palun
Can I look at the menu, please?Kas ma saaksin vaadata menüüd, palun?
Is there a house speciality?Kas teil on eriroog?
Is there a local speciality?Kas teil on kohalik eriroog?
Can I look in the kitchen?Kas ma tohin vaadata köögis?
I’m a vegetarianMa olen taimetoitlane
I don’t eat porkMa ei söö sealiha
I don’t eat beefMa ei söö veiseliha
May I have a glass of…?Kas ma saaksin klaasi…?
May I have a cup of…?Kas ma saaksin kruusi…?
May I have a bottle of…?Kas ma saaksin pudeli…?
Excuse me, waiter?Vabandage, kelner?
I’m finishedMa olen lõpetanud
It was deliciousSee oli maitsev
The check, pleaseArve, palun

Essential Bar Words And Phrases

And after a lovely meal where you have used some of your new basic Estonian phrases for travelers, you might want to find somewhere in town for a drink. A bar is a great place to make new Estonian friends and learn Estonian. The locals will surely enjoy you more if you can use a few basics in your new language even if you are not yet fluent. A little goes a long way in a new country!

Do you serve alcohol?Kas te serveerite alkoholi?
Is there table service?Kas on lauateenindus?
A pint, pleaseÜks pint, palun
A glass of red/white wine, pleaseKlaas punast/valget veini, palun
A beer/two beers, pleaseÕlu/kaks õlut, palun
A bottle, pleaseÜks pudel, palun
Do you have any bar snacks?Kas teil on (baari) suupisteid?
One more, pleasePalun, üks veel
When is closing time?Millal on sulgemisaeg?

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