Travel To Incredible Malaysia In 2023 – Immerse Yourself Completely

Travelling to Malaysia? These tips might save you a lot of hassle!

So you’ve been making headway in your Malay language lessons, and now you want to travel to Malaysia – that’s perfect! As we’ve said before, immersing yourself in a foreign language is the best way to learn it.

We’re here to help make your planning easier. Before booking a flight to Kuala Lumpur, you should at least know a few things, such as entry and exit requirements, local laws to note, and whether or not COVID-19 is still something you should worry about.

Let’s talk about what you need to know if you want to travel to Malaysia in 2023!

Travel To Malaysia – Make Your Trip Hassle-Free

So you want to travel to Malaysia? Here are some tips you'll want to know!

What Language Is Spoken In Malaysia?

The Malaysian Government lists Bahasa Melayu as its official language. However, in modern times, many natives have picked up two or more languages within the country. As a result, English is a very widely-spoken language in the country, especially in Kuala Lumpur.

Plenty of Malaysians also speak Chinese with an adapted Malay dialect. In fact, about 93% of Chinese families in Kuala Lumpur speak exclusively Mandarin Chinese. Indian Malays, on the other hand, also speak Tamil, with more than five hundred Tamil-speaking schools throughout the country.

Do People Speak English In Malaysia?

Yes, they do! The Malaysian Government continues to push English as a compulsory language in schools, leading to everyone knowing how to speak it- even your taxi drivers! However, suppose you only know a few useful Malay phrases. In that case, you’ll still be able to communicate with the local authorities and people when you enter Malaysia.

What Currency Do People Use In Malaysia?

The Malaysian authorities enforce the use of the Malaysian ringgit in the country. Therefore, it is advisable for people visiting Malaysia to exchange their cash for local currency when visiting the country. No time to see a money changer? Malaysia’s extensive ATM network ensures you’ll always have places to get cash from.

Are There Flights To Malaysia?

As of the time of writing, several airlines offer direct flights to Malaysia. According to, the cheapest flights are usually around February, while January lists the most expensive. Plan your trip around these factors to make the most of your budget!

How To Plan Your Trip To Malaysia

If you want to travel to Malaysia, you need to plan it out!

Malaysia Is Very Diverse

Malaysia isn’t all Malay — it is an incredibly diverse, multi-ethnic country with a vast Muslim population. The majority shares it with Chinese, Indian, and aboriginal groups, “original peoples,” leading to an exciting mix of faiths, beliefs, and cultures. There’s so much to explore about Malaysia!

While the country considers Bahasa Melayu its national language, Mandarin Chinese and Tamil are also widely spoken. Other native languages are spoken, especially in east Malaysia, also known as Borneo.

Malaysia Is Hot… Literally

Malaysia is a tropical country near the equator, and normal temperatures are around 29℃ to 30℃ annually. If you plan a trip, make sure to pack a lot of light, loose clothes, such as cotton or dri-fit, to cope with the hot weather. Expect cahaya matahari during your entire trip!

Stay Connected With Ease

Do you want to connect to the internet while you’re on your trip? You’ll be happy to know that there are WiFi spots in many areas in most major cities. Malaysia also enjoys a vast mobile network and offers portable hotspots for rent at the airport.

The Food Is Amazing

One thing you need to immerse yourself in Malaysia is the sheer amount of good food. Malaysian cuisine is a mix of all the cultures that have come to call Malaysia their home, leading to a food scene that’s unlike anything else.

Locals often visit hawker centers for their food fix, where they eat delights such as nasi lemak and satay. Food is plentiful and cheap in this lovely country, so go wild and makan!

Malay Words For Travelling In Malaysia

Traveling to Malaysia, you’ll interact with everyone from Kuala Lumpur to more coastal areas, mainly in English. However, you can communicate with the locals in other ways – you can do it in Bahasa Melayu!

Below is a list of essential words and phrases that you can use to talk with Malaysians when you visit their beautiful country. These will give you a leg up when you try to tawar with a pakcik for your batik souvenir…

How are youApa khabar
How muchBerapa
Can you speak English?Bolehkah anda berbahasa Inggeris?
Where is the toilet?Di mana tandas?
Thank youTerima kasih
You’re welcomeSama-sama
I don’t understandSaya tidak faham
GoodbyeSelamat tinggal

If you want to know more phrases in Malay, especially if you need to order food, you should check out Ling app’s Malay language lessons!

Essential Malay Phrases For Getting Around

Malaysia has many public transport options that tourists can use to get around. Trains, taxis, and ferries are available for you to see the sights in Malaysia. They are reliable, but every country still has its quirks regarding transportation!

Here are some phrases that can help you navigate the country better. Use these phrases when trying to ask a local about how to get somewhere, especially if you don’t want to rely on Google Maps:

Where can I buy a ticket? Di mana boleh saya beli tiket?
How much is the ticket? Berapa harga tiketnya?
How long is the journey? Berapa lama perjalanannya?
Where can I get a bus/taxi/train?Di mana boleh saya naik bas/taksi/kereta api?
How much does it cost?Berapa bayarannya?
Please let me off at (destination)Saya mahu turun di (destination)
Where do I find a taxi?Di mana boleh saya cari teksi?
How long will it take to get to (destination?)Berapa lama kita sampai di (destination?)
I want to go to (destination)Saya mahu pergi ke (destination)

Essential Details About COVID-19 For Travelers To Malaysia

Travelling to Malaysia means dealing with a new normal, too.

What Are Malaysia’s COVID-19 Guidelines For Travelers?

As relaxed entry and exit requirements might be nowadays, COVID-19 is still considered a threat in Malaysia at the time of writing. But it is easier to get in as entry restrictions are much lighter! With COVID-19 cases still an issue, we still need to contend with specific rules and regulations to have entry rights to Malaysia.

Malaysian Authorities May Require COVID-19 Tests

As of August 1, 2022, all travelers can enter Malaysia, whether they have COVID-19 or not. However, the Malaysian Ministry of health may require arriving travelers to check their temperature for possible fever and advise them to report if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

A registered medical practitioner will be on station to assist anyone that may test positive. In addition, some people who display symptoms may be asked to take RTK AG Test supervised by a registered medical practitioner to see if they test positive for COVID-19.

Malaysian Government Rules On Positive COVID-19 Cases

Consular assistance will be available for travelers that test positive through their RTK AG Test, supervised by a medical professional. If a foreign traveler tests positive for COVID-19, they may be asked to go back to their country of origin on a later flight.

Local Authorities Provide COVID-19 Vaccines

Should you visit Malaysia and require a COVID-19, you’re in luck! Vaccines for COVID-19 are available for people who come to Malaysia. In addition, foreign nationals residing in Malaysia are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine through the country’s national vaccination program.

COVID-19 vaccines available in Malaysia include Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Sinovac, among many others. If you need a COVID-19 vaccine, local health authorities will be happy to provide it for you.

Interested individuals may reach out to the National COVID-19 Vaccination Registration Line: 1800-888-828.

What Happens When Tourists Contract Covid-19 In Malaysia

As per the protocol of Malaysian authorities, tourists who contract COVID-19 may be required to undergo a quarantine period, with varying durations depending on vaccination status. In addition, tourists may be required to pass a health assessment before they are discharged.

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