7 Haunted Places In Estonia You Must Visit Now!

If you enjoy ghost stories, why not use our guide to the most haunted places in Estonia as a guide to spooky places to put on your agenda? You see, Estonia is jam-packed with haunted houses, empty rooms, and creepy locations where paranormal activity abounds —and we’ve got all the information you need to find them. So, if you’re looking for a good scare or want to get in on some ghost hunting, check out our guide below.

The capital city of Tallinn is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a fairytale destination during the day. Still, after the sun sets, ghosts awaken to haunt the old town’s cobbled streets and medieval houses. According to the locals, the best way to see the city is by walking, and you can find plenty of ghosts along the way. The old town is full of winding alleys and dark passageways leading to ancient buildings shrouded in mystery.

There are also lots of creepy legends about ghosts who haunt these streets. In fact, many people claim they’ve seen apparitions here at night—including a lady in white who wanders around looking for you! Did those make your spine chill? If you’re brave enough to walk through the city after dark, there’s no better place to visit than what we’ll cover below.

The Haunted Places In Estonia

The Garden Of The Danish King

Possibly the most haunted place in Tallinn, the Danish King’s Garden is situated on the slope facing St. Nicholas Church. A sculpture of three spookily lit monks stands in the garden representing the many ecclesiastical specters said to haunt the city after dark. The garden is also the focus of three towers where you may be unfortunate enough to bump into one of the monks, a dog that spits balls of fire, and a lady in an old-fashioned dress.

Haunted Places In Estonia Creepy Cobbled Street

The Maiden’s Tower

Close to the Danish King’s Garden is a tower that centuries ago was used to imprison medieval prostitutes. It is claimed that footsteps can be heard climbing the tower’s stairs. Those brave enough to visit the tower’s cellar after dark might bump into the figure of a monk drinking wine from a barrel.

The Stable Tower

Also close to the Garden of the Danish King is the Stable Tower. Built as part of the old city’s medieval wall, the tower has a distinctive conical roof. Once used as a prison, the tower is associated with several spooky stories and is one of the most haunted places in Estonia. In the 16th century, a young man imprisoned with his servant was locked in a round tower.

The morning after their incarceration, the pair was found pale and shaking and unable to utter a word because of their encounter with the ghosts of the tower during the night. A prison guard took it upon himself to prove the ghosts didn’t exist by spending a night in the tower. The following morning he was discovered shaking and unable to speak. He died a few days later without uttering what he had seen.

The Short Leg Tower

Located at the bottom of the hill is the third of Tallinn’s most haunted towers. The Short Leg Tower is crammed with ghosts, including a monk-like figure who goes by the name of Justus. According to a psychic who claims to know the matter, Justus was once the town executioner and has been condemned to haunt the tower until he can atone for his sins.

Other mysterious goings-on include the visage of a man appearing on the tower’s walls pulling angry faces, the specter of a ship that sails across the room, knocking sounds, and objects moving on their own.

The Devil’s Window

Also situated in the Tallinn old town on Rataskaevu Street, the Devil’s Window is on the upper floor of a 15th-century manor house. According to the ghost stories, an old man visited the mansion’s owner, offering a considerable sum of money to rent the top floor for a night. The only stipulation was that he was to be granted complete privacy.

The agreement was struck. However, during the night, a rowdy party was heard to be taking place. An observer who looked through a keyhole reported that it was not a party but the devil presiding over a wedding ceremony. Strange sounds and unexplained noises have been heard from the floor even when nobody is home. Exasperated by the reports, the owner of the manor house decided to brick the window up.

Cathedral Restaurant

Staff working at this modern café and restaurant close to Toompea Castle claim to have experienced various creepy experiences, including spooky figures moving through the rooms, doors slamming, strange sounds, footsteps coming from unoccupied rooms, and the feeling of being touched by ghostly entities. Although no verifiable legends are associated with the Cathedral Restaurant, it certainly sounds like a genuinely spooky destination for any ghost hunter’s itinerary.

Haunted Places In Estonia Ghostly Woman Holding A Candle

Toom-Kooli 13

Currently the home of the Canadian Embassy, Toom-Kooli was long ago owned by the wealthy von Uexküll family. The men of the family had a less than chivalric reputation with young women. Two women are said to haunt the building to the present day, one dressed in grey and the other dressed in black. The grey lady was once a beautiful maid working for the family. She was unfortunate enough to attract the lord, who forced her to become his lover.

When he became bored of the maid, he had her walled up in the basement. Those who have encountered the grey lady in this haunted building say she smells like death, cackles insanely, and uses her long raggedy nails to torment young men. An English officer visiting the residence at the end of World War 1 was sectioned after spending a night with the grey lady.

The black lady of Toom-Kooli was once a girl from the country who fell in love with the lord’s son. The feelings were reciprocated, and the pair were to be married. However, the family was not pleased with the boy marrying beneath him. On the morning the nuptials were due to take place, the girl was nowhere to be found. It is alleged that she was murdered by the lord and buried in the basement. To this day, she haunts the building halls looking for her love.

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