6 Best Apps For Advanced Albanian Learners For Perfection

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Fluency in a foreign language is a big deal. It means you can talk and understand almost like a native speaker. If you’re advanced, you’re doing well but need more to be fluent. For perfecting the Albanian language, it’s not easy to find good learning tools. But don’t worry. I’ve got great apps for advanced Albanian learners and suggestions for you.

One app I genuinely appreciate is the Ling app. This language-learning app is excellent for people who already know some Albanian and want to get better. In this article, I’ll tell you about the best Albanian apps for advanced learners like you. These apps have helped many people, and I believe they’ll help you, too. Let’s dive in and find the perfect app to make you fluent in Albanian!

Quick Summary:

Our Top Picks for Advanced Apps to Learn Albanian
Best For
Best Overall
Image of Ling app Logo - Best language learning apps Ling app Review


  • Speaking exercises
  • Audio by native speakers
  • Fun quizzes to practice vocabulary
17 minute languages app review

17 Minute Languages Albanian

  • Fun vocabulary exercises to learn complex phrases easily
  • Vocabulary according to your language level 
  • Effective audio lessons
Best Overall
Utalk logo


  • Pick the topics you want to learn
  • Real-life scenarios
  • Gamified lessons 

1. The Ling App – Best For Interactive Albanian Conversational Practice

If you’re not satisfied with the basics and want to be an expert in Albanian, the Ling app will definitely help you do just that. Here, you’ll have fun with interactive exercises, like dialogues and building sentences. These are helpful if you’re already good at Albanian and want to get even better, especially in chatting with others.

One more thing: the Ling app has this smart AI chatbot. It’s almost like you’re talking to a real person, helping you practice your speaking and giving you feedback right away. If you’re trying to perfect your accent and writing, make sure to try the Ling app, as it has got your back with great pronunciation and writing practice.

Transform Your Albanian Language Skills in a Week – Get the Ling app Today!

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

advanced Albanian apps - Ling app monkey logo


  • Choose Your Path: With the Ling app, you can pick what you want to learn. It’s like having a menu of Albanian lessons, and you’re the chef. Want to focus on speaking? Go for it. More into vocabulary? They’ve got you covered.

  • Quick Exams: You get short tests to see how well you’re doing. It’s a convenient way to make sure you’re getting the hang of Albanian.

  • All Levels Covered: The Ling app has words and phrases for all stages of learning. Whether you’re just starting, already know a bit, or are getting better, there’s something for you. It covers everything from basic greetings to complex discussions.


  • Free with beginner lessons and an introductory Chatbot.

  • Monthly: $14.99

  • Six Months: $39.99

  • Yearly: $79.99 (7-day free trial)

  • Lifetime: $149.99

2. 17 Minute Languages Albanian – Best For Rapid Progression

So you want to learn Albanian fast? Then the 17 Minute Languages Albanian course should be on your radar. It’s perfect if you’re in a hurry to learn. They say you can get fluent in just 50 hours! How? They mix special memory methods and advanced technology to speed up your learning by 32%.

With 17 Minute Languages, every day, you get exercises that match how much you’ve learned. If you’re already good at basic Albanian words and phrases, this course will challenge you with complex sentences and fancy words, all in a way that’s easy to understand.

On top of that, you get to hear how native speakers actually talk. And this isn’t just for advanced learners; it’s also a big help if you’re perfecting how to pronounce the basic Albanian vocabulary from beginner Albanian language courses.

Device: Web

Albanian language apps - 17 Minute Languages logo


  • Fun with Words: Their vocabulary trainer is like a game. You learn new words without even feeling like you’re studying.

  • Learn on the Move: Got a busy day? No problem. Their audio lessons work great when you’re out for a run or driving. It’s learning without stopping.

  • Just for You: They send you reminders and adjust your lessons as you improve.


  • Beginner’s Course: $59.95 (one-time payment)

  • Complete Package: $127.00 (one-time payment)

  • All 42 Complete Package: $197.00 (one-time payment)

3. uTalk – Best For Practical Albanian Vocabulary Expansion

uTalk is suitable for everyone, even if you’re already good at Albanian. Why? Because, like the best language learning apps for advanced Albanian learners, you’ll be learning words and phrases you’d use every day.

The app has numerous topics like Albanian numbers, family, animals, and leisure, and each word or phrase is spoken by someone who’s grown up speaking Albanian. Impressive, right? You get to play games that test how much you know, from easy to complex.

For you advanced Albanian learners, it’s not simply about new words anymore. You need to understand how to use them when you’re talking to people, which I think is very important for getting that perfect fluency.

Devices: Android, iOS

Albanian learning apps - uTalk logo


  • Your Topics, Your Choice: uTalk lets you pick topics you’re interested in. Talking business? Planning a trip? They have lessons just for that.

  • Real-Life Scenarios: The app puts you in everyday situations. You learn to use Albanian where it really matters.

  • Learn Anywhere: Whether you’re on your phone, tablet, or computer, uTalk goes with you. It’s handy for learning on the go.


  • Monthly premium: $7.99

  • 6 months premium: $34.99

  • Yearly premium: $49.99

4. Memrise – Best For Authentic Language Exposure

Memrise lets you see and hear how Albanians talk. Here, you’ll be watching over 48,000 videos with people speaking Albanian in their daily lives. You hear all the different ways they say things, the local words, and the accents. It’s more like taking a virtual walk in Albania, picking up the language as it’s actually spoken.

But if you want to do more than just listen, the Ling app could be a better choice. Its interactive learning techniques make you not simply hear Albanian; you’re actually using it.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

apps for learning advanced Albanian - Memrise logo


  • Real People, Real Talk: Memrise lets you watch videos of people in Albania speaking just as they do every day. You experience and hear the language in action, which helps you understand and speak Albanian the way locals do.

  • Learn What You Like: You can pick topics that interest you in Memrise. If you’re into Albanian music, food, or culture, you’ll find words and phrases that let you talk about these things.

  • Gamified Tests: Memrise turns challenging quizzes into games. You learn advanced Albanian and have fun at the same time. It’s a nice way to check what you know and keep learning exciting.


  • Free with basic and limited features.

  • Monthly premium: $14.99

  • Yearly premium: $89.99

  • Lifetime subscription: $199.99

5. Pimsleur – Best For Audio-Based Conversational Learning

Pimsleur believes in learning Albanian the natural way. It focuses on listening and speaking through audio lessons. These lessons are real conversations, which is perfect if you want to speak Albanian confidently and understand how natives talk.

Pimsleur’s method pushes learners to learn by listening, kind of like how kids learn to talk. This approach is especially adequate if you already know some basic to intermediate Albanian and want to get good at chatting.

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Albanian language learning apps - Pimsleur logo


  • Focus on Listening and Speaking: Pimsleur’s lessons mainly involve hearing and talking. You learn by being part of simulated conversations, which effectively helps in improving your speaking and understanding of Albanian.

  • Learn at Your Own Pace: New words and phrases come at you one at a time. This way, you’re not overwhelmed and can get a good grasp of what you’re learning.

  • Learn While Doing Other Things: The great thing about Pimsleur is you can learn while you’re doing something else, like driving or cooking. It makes fitting language learning into your day a lot easier.


  • 10 Albanian MP3 Lessons: $41.95

  • 10 Albanian Digital Lessons: $49.95

6. Cudoo – Best For Structured Albanian Mastery

Cudoo offers various online courses, and their Albanian language course is something special. For advanced learners like you who love a good plan, Cudoo could be your thing. You’ll learn in a neat, organized way, perfect for those who want to master a language step by step.

And here’s what you should know: Cudoo digs deep into language learning. They cover it all – from Albanian grammar lessons to expanding your vocabulary.

If you’re already good with Albanian but have some gaps, Cudoo’s methodical approach might work for you. It’s great for filling in those missing pieces and boosting what you already know, all in a structured way.

Device: Web

advanced apps to learn Albanian - Cudoo logo


  • Covers All You Need to Know: Cudoo’s courses in Albanian are thorough. They go deep into grammar and vocabulary, so you get a solid understanding of the language.

  • Learn When It Suits You: With Cudoo, you set the pace. Whether you have lots of time or just a little, you can learn in a way that fits your schedule.

  • Different Ways to Learn: Cudoo offers a variety of learning tools. Whether you learn best by reading, listening, or using visual aids, they have something that works for you.


  • Monthly subscription: $25.00

  • Yearly subscription: $250.00

  • Individual courses: $4.99 to $24.99

  • Language bundles: Up to $199.00

  • Cudoo PRO: $999 (one-time payment)

Why Learn Advanced Albanian?

Thinking about getting better at Albanian? There are some pretty cool reasons to do it. Let’s see what you get with advanced Albanian skills:

  • Explore History and Culture: When you know advanced Albanian, you’ll understand Albania’s history and culture. You learn about the stories and Albanian traditions that have shaped this country.

  • Wide Range of Words: Getting advanced in Albanian means you’ll have an enormous amount of vocabulary. With that, you can naturally express yourself clearly and understand others better.

  • Easier Reading and Writing: Albanian has a phonetic alphabet. So, at an advanced level, reading and writing are easier. You can match the sounds to the letters without much confusion and trouble.

  • Job Opportunities: Advanced proficiency in Albanian opens doors for new jobs. This is especially true if you’re looking into careers related to the Balkans. It’s a skill that will make you stand out at work.

  • Better Travel Experiences: Traveling in the Balkans with advanced Albanian is a whole different experience. You can talk with locals, understand their lifestyle, and get into their culture.

  • Grow Personally: Learning Albanian challenges you and helps you grow. It changes the way you see the world and connects you with all sorts of people.

So, if you’re thinking about boosting your Albanian, pick one of the apps for advanced Albanian learners and definitely go for it! Learning the language more deeply opens up new experiences and opportunities for you.

Apps for advanced Albanian learners - A photo of smart-looking students using a computer.

Apps For Advanced Albanian Learners: Which Is The Best?

Now, you have a wide range of options to choose from. From Memrise to Cudoo, all the apps for advanced Albanian learners listed are “best.” Some rely more on videos, others focus on vocabulary, and some even have audio lessons or games, but if you want something special, check out the Ling app.

It’s got everything to make your Albanian better. You can practice speaking a lot, learn new vocabulary, and work on how you sound.

Why not try the Ling app? It’s available on Google Play and the App Store. Download it and see how it changes the way you learn Albanian. It’s fun, easy, and really gets you into the language. Give Ling a try, and watch your Albanian skills grow!

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