50+ Amazingly Simple Mongolian Words To Read!

Simple Mongolian Words To Read-Mongolian Flag

Are you looking for simple Mongolian words to read to start your Mongolian language journey? Imagine this article as a soft, easily digested food for your beginner linguistic stomach! Not only will this be your starter guide for Mongolian words, but we will also tackle some fundamentals. Let’s begin!

The Mongolian Alphabet

Let us begin by identifying the alphabet of the Mongolian language and how it is pronounced. But wait, what even is the alphabet in Mongolia? What exactly is it called?

To answer that, the most widely used alphabet in Mongolia is the Cyrillic alphabet, which was introduced in the 1940s. This alphabet is largely phonemic, ensuring a consistent representation of individual sounds. While the traditional Mongolian script, known as Hudum Mongol bichig, was historically prominent, the Cyrillic script gained mainstream usage in 1946.

Here’s a table of the complete Mongolian alphabet with the Mongolian characters and their pronunciation:

Mongolian AlphabetPronunciation
А / аAh
Б / бBeh
В / вVeh
Г / гGeh
Д / дDeh
Е / еYeh (as in “yes”)
Ё / ёYo (as in “yogurt”)
Ж / жZh (as in “treasure”)
З / зZeh
И / иEe
Й / йY (as in “yes”)
К / кKah
Л / лEl
М / мEm
Н / нEn
О / оOh
Ө / өÖ (similar to “u” in “fur”)
П / пPeh
Р / рEr
С / сEs
Т / тTeh
У / уU (as in “blue”)
Ф / фEf
Х / хKh (similar to the German “ch” in “Bach”)
Ц / цTs (similar to “ts” in “cats”)
Ч / чCh (similar to “ch” in “church”)
Ш / шSh (as in “shoe”)
Щ / щShch (similar to “shch” in “fresh cheese”)
Ъ / ъHard Sign (no specific sound)
Ы / ыY (as in “yes”)
Ь / ьSoft Sign (no specific sound)
Э / эE (as in “bed”)
Ю / юYu (as in “yule”)
Я / яYa (as in “yard”)

Simple Mongolian Words To Read

Simple Mongolian Words To Read - people greeting

Greetings And Polite Expressions In The Mongolian Language

Now that the Mongolian alphabet and its pronunciation are no longer unfamiliar, let’s kick it up by learning simple Mongolian phrases! Check these simple greetings and polite expressions:

English TranslationMongolianRomanization
Hello! Сайн уу!Sain uu?
Good morning! Өглөөний мэнд!Öglöönii mend!
Good afternoon! Өдрийн мэнд! Ödriin mend!
Good evening! Оройн мэнд!Oroin mend!
I’m fine, thanks! Би зүгээрээ, баярлалаа!Bi zügeeree, bayarlalaa!
Thank you БаярлалааBayarlalaa
You’re welcome! Та тавтай морил!Ta tavtai moril!
Excuse me Уучлаарай Uuchlaarai
Goodbye! Баяртай!Bayartai!
See you later! Дараа уулзацгаая!Daraa uulzatsgaaya!
Simple Mongolian Words To Read - Photo of hands

Numbers And Counting

Of course, we would never forget about numbers and counting, as this will be very, very useful whenever you are in the country. Imagine this: you are roaming around Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia) and you want something to buy. By learning about counting and numbers in the form of sentences, you can easily determine the price, even verbally! Check the table below:

English TranslationMongolianRomanization
OneНэг Neg
TwoХоёр Khoor
ThreeГурав Gurav
FourДөрөв Döröv
FiveТав Tav
SixЗургаа Zuragaa
SevenДолоо Dooloo
EightНайм Naim
NineЕс Yes
TenАрван Arvan
Eleven Арван нэгArvan neg
Twelve Арван хоёрArvan khoor
Twenty ХоринKhorin
Twenty-One Хорин нэг Khorinneg
ThirtyГучин Guchin
Forty ДөчинDöchin
FiftyТавин Tavin
SixtyЗурган Zurghan
SeventyДолон Dolon
EightyНайман Naiman
NinetyЕсөн Yesön
One Hundred ЗуунZuun

As you can see, our counting stopped at thirty. That is because the same principle from ‘twenty-one’ can be applied to the rest. For example, Гучин нэг (Guchin neg) is thirty-one. We can just add the specific ‘ones’ number alongside the ‘tens’ number.

Simple Mongolian Words To Read - people gathering

Family And Relationships

Families in Mongolia are tightly connected and close! Think of it like a group hug—warming each other with the warmth of love. By learning family and relationship phrases, you can identify your type of relationship in Mongolian script, including friends who will treat you like a family!

English TranslationMongolianRomanization
Mom Ээж ээEej ee
DadАав Aav
Brother АхAkh
SisterЭгчээ Egchee
GrandmotherЭмээ Emee
GrandfatherӨвөө Övöö
SonХүү Khüü
DaughterОхин Okhin
HusbandЭх Ekh
WifeЭхнэр Ekhner
Boyfriend Найз залууNaiz zaluu
Girlfriend Найз охинNaiz okhin
I love you Би чамд хайртайBi chamd khairtai
Family Гэр бүлGer bü
Friends НайзуудNaizuud
Best friend Хамгийн сайн найзKhamgiin sain naiz
RelationshipХарилцаа Khariltsa
MarriedГэрлэсэн Gerlesen
Single Ганц биеGants biye
Parents Эцэг эхчүүдEtseg ekhchüüd
Siblings Ах дүүсAkh düüs
ChildХүүхэд Khüükhed

Common Sentences In The Mongolian Language

Simple Mongolian Words To Read - people crossing the road

Now let us elevate our Mongolian journey by jumping into the pool of simple and common Mongolian sentences. Are you ready? Let’s go!

English TranslationMongolianRomanization
Hi, how are you? Сайн байна уу?Sain baina uu?
What’s your name? Таны нэр юу вэ?Tany ner yu ve?
Nice to meet you! Танилцахад таатай байлаа!Taniltsakhad taatai bailaa!
I’m hungry! би өлсөж байна! bi ölsöjbaina!
Can you help me, please? Та надад туслаач.Ta nadad tuslaach.
How much does it cost? Энэ нь хэдэн мөнгө үнэтэй вэ?Ene n kheden mngi unetei ve?
Where is the bathroom? Угаалгын өрөө хаашаа вэ? Ugaalgyn öröö khaashaa ve?
I love this place! Би энэ газарт дуртай!Bi ene gazart durtai!
This is delicious! Энэ амттай!Ene amttai!
Thank you for your help! Тусалсанд баярлалаа!Tusalsand bayarlalaa!
Have a great day! Өдрийг сайхан өнгөрүүлээрэй!Ödriig saikhan öngörüüleerei!
Goodbye, see you later! Баяртай, дараа уулзая!Bayartai, daraa uulzaya!

Your Mongolian journey will improve with a lot of practice and using these phrases and sentences we’ve tackled. I’m sure that speaking the local language will bring a smile to the native speakers’ faces. Do not forget to accompany it with a flair of expression and tone!

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