15 Easy Mongolian Words For Gardening


Step into the vibrant world of Mongolian words for gardening, where language and nature collide in a harmonious dance beneath the endless blue skies of this extraordinary land. It’s not simply that Mongolia, often known as the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky,” has stunning natural scenery; it’s also a location where the words used to describe gardening take on a life of their own.

Imagine learning words from a vocabulary as extensive and varied as the Mongolian landscape, where each word reveals a tale of adaptability, tenacity, and strong care for the planet!

So, grab your gardening tools and join us on a journey to discover the fascinating world of Mongolian words for gardening, where words bloom just as beautifully as the flowers themselves!


What Is ‘Gardening’ In Mongolia?

In Mongolia, ‘gardening,’ or “Цэцэрлэгжүүлэлт” (Tsetsrelgeljüülelt), is the art of growing some green, green plants! This practice reflects the profound connection between Mongolians and their land, embodying a culture rich in tradition, resilience, and love for the environment!

Picture this: amidst the rolling hills and endless blue skies, nomadic families set up their traditional gers (yurts/tent) and, just a stone’s throw away, their lush, green “цэцэрлэгүүд” (tsetserlegüüd/gardens). These oases of greenery amid the rugged landscape aren’t just sources of fresh vegetables and herbs; they’re vibrant symbols of the resilience of the Mongolian lifestyle throughout history.

So, that said, let us start unearthing the Mongolian words for gardening, where the land meets tradition, and every plant tells a story of survival and a plant-caring culture!


Mongolian Words For Gardening

Now that we know that gardening in Mongolia is a captivating journey through culture, resilience, and the whimsical spirit of the nomads, let us now explore the quirky and enchanting words that Mongolians use to coax life from the soil!

Harvest – Ургац Xураах (Urgats Xuraakh)

Step into a world where Mongolian gardens transform into treasure troves. ‘Ургац xураах’ (Urgats xuraakh) or ‘harvest’ is the magical moment when the sweat and toil of gardening blend with joy and abundance. It’s like opening a chest of nature’s finest rewards, celebrating the flavors and colors after your hard work and patience!

Compost – Бордоо (Bordoo)

Next is ‘compost,’ or ‘Бордоо’ (Bordoo) when translated into the Mongolian language. Think of it as nature’s recycling program, where your kitchen scraps become gold for your garden. In Mongolia, gardeners have a special knack for turning this waste into nutrient-rich soil—the perfect home for plants!

Soil – Хөрс (Khörs)

Following ‘Бордоо’ (compost) is ‘Хөрс’ (soil), which serves as the canvas upon which lush gardens are painted by the hands of gardeners. Picture ‘Хөрс’ as the stage where the remarkable performances of nature’s life take place. It’s the place where seeds sprout, roots delve deep, and plants burst into life. As gardeners across Mongolia take their shovels and tend to their plots, they know that ‘Хөрс’ is the unsung hero, the secret ingredient that transforms barren landscapes into oases of greenery, literally!


Plant – Ургамал (Urgamal)

After soil, we have ‘plant’ (Ургамал)—Mongolia’s natural masterpiece makers! These little green wonders are like the architects of nature’s skyscrapers, reaching for the sky with leaves and stems. Not only that, but they are also the creators of a green paradise that adds zest and color to the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky!

Flower – Цэцэг (Tsetseg)

Imagine ‘Цэцэг’ (Tsetseg/Flower) as Mother Nature’s vibrant fireworks, bursting into the Mongolian landscape with brilliant colors and fragrant aromas. These blossoms are the vibrant painters of the great outdoors, turning meadows into rainbows and deserts into secret gardens!

Vegetables – Хүнсний ногоо (Khünsnii Nogoo)

Vegetables, or ‘xүнсний ногооr’ (Khünsnii Nogoo), are edible gems that add flavor and zest to Mongolian cuisine, turning every meal into a culinary adventure. These vibrant delights are the chefs’ secret ingredients, transforming traditional Mongolian food into a flavorful symphony of tastes and textures.

Tree – Мод (Mod)

One amazing word is ‘Мод’ (tree)— a significant part of Mongolia’s unwavering connection with the natural world. Moreover, these towering giants provide shade, shelter, and a sense of wonder to every garden. They’re like the wise elders, sharing their ancient stories with the soil as their roots grow deeper. Some of them are like the Ents from The Lord of the Rings, because of their mind-boggling life expectancy. Perhaps some have even seen the ancient Mongolian empire!


Seed – Үр (Ür)

Imagine ‘Үр’ (Ür/Seed) as nature’s tiny treasure chests, holding the promise of blooming wonders in every grain. These little gems are the architects of Mongolian gardens, where dreams of lush greenery and bountiful harvests take root.

Watering – Услах (Uslakh)

‘Услах’ (Uslakh) isn’t just watering; it’s also one of the lifelines of Mongolian gardens. This simple act ensures that every plant thrives and every garden blooms. That said, it’s a daily dose of magic that keeps nature lively and flourishing!

Sunlight – Нарны гэрэл (Narny Gerel)

The embrace of the sun that powers Mongolian gardens is none other than ‘Нарны гэрэл’ (Narny Gerelis/Sunlight). It’s the energy source behind thriving plants, turning gardens into lush paradises. Each ray of ‘Нарны гэрэл’ (Sunlight) is like a gardener’s best friend, coaxing greenery to life and ensuring a happy garden!


Gardening Tools – Цэцэрлэгжүүлэлтийн хэрэгсэл (Tsetserlegjüüleltiin Kheregsel)

These trusty companions are the sidekicks of Mongolian gardeners, helping sow the seeds of dreams and nurture the blossoms of tomorrow. ‘Цэцэрлэгжүүлэлтийн хэрэгсэл’ (Tsetserlegjüüleltiin Kheregsel), or gardening tools, aren’t just a mouthful; they’re the secret sauce behind every thriving garden in Mongolia!

That said, let us look at some of the most essential gardening tools below!

English TranslationMongolian Gardening ToolsPronunciation
Shovel ХүрзKhürz
Rake Тармуур Tarmuur
Hoe ХоеKhoye
Pruning Shears Тайрах хайчTairakh khaich
Watering Can Усалгааны савUsalgaany sav

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