6 Best Apps To Learn Mongolian Quickly in 2024

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Want to learn Mongolian? Say less! In this article by the Ling app, you will learn about the best apps to learn Mongolian!

Not only are these applications a great way to get your language learning started, but it is also a great way for you to know the learning style that can help you advance your language skills as a language learner.

Quick Summary:

Our Top Picks for Best Apps to Learn Mongolian
Best For
Ling logo


  • Interactive lessons
  • Native speaker audio
  • Personalized review system
Real Communications
apps to learn Bosnian - A photo of HelloTalk logo


  • Language exchange
  • Voice-to-text and video chat
  • Translator and transliteration tools
Faster Retention
Memrise logo


  • Native speaker videos
  • Chat with Membot
  • Free version available

Why Learn Mongolian?

It is estimated that nearly ten million people in Mongolia, China, and Russia speak Mongolian, the official language of Mongolia. If you want to immerse yourself in its culture and get closer to the locals, learning Mongolian is the best idea. The language of the Mongols is the key to unlocking the mysteries of their culture, history, and society.

And here are all of the popular applications that will assist you in achieving that level of Mongolian proficiency!

What Are The Best Apps To Learn Mongolian?

Whether it is also to learn new words, to speak Mongolian fluently, be able to speak to native speakers, or just study Mongolian as a whole, these applications are made not just to make learning fun. These are also made to practice speaking, build your vocabulary, teach you the proper pronunciation, and so much more.

Although the Mongolian language has limited resources, making it a bit of a challenge to study it, especially if you are just a beginner, it is important to know that even if that is the case, there are definitely platforms that exist that can help you with it.

If you are interested in learning about the Mongolian culture, the Mongolian language, and the Mongolian script, these applications are more than helpful in gearing you and improving what you already know and what you need to know as someone who is learning Mongolian. Read on!

At a glance:
Our Top 6 picks for Best Apps to learn Mongolian
  • Best For Gamified Learning Method: Ling
  • Best For Vocabulary Practice: Memrise
  • Best For One-on-One Lessons: HelloTalk
  • Best For Travel-Friendly Phrases: Simply Learn
  • Best For Personalized Lessons: iTalki
  • Best For Video-Based Lessons: YouTube
Best Apps To Learn Mongolian-ling-app-man with headphone studying01

1. The Ling App: Best For Gamification Learning Methods

The Ling app tops all the best apps to learn Mongalian on this list. If you are looking for an app that makes learning languages easy, this is the perfect application for you.

With fun activities, effective quizzes, specific grammar tips, and a whole lot more, the Ling app is the language learning application that you don’t want to miss. Such application from Simya Solutions redefines language learning and makes it an enjoyable experience for its learners.

Ling App Overview

A comprehensive app that makes learning Mongolian fun and easy in an engaging manner.


  • With over 200 lessons, you can learn a variety of topics.
  • Engage in a conversation with the app’s interactive chatbot.
  • Mini-games that help you enhance your language skills.


  • Free for beginner lessons
  • Monthly subscription: $8.99
  • Yearly subscription: $79.99
  • Lifetime membership: $149.99

Not only that, but as you download the application or access it on its website, you will be able to really have a deeper understanding of the language that you want to learn and, at the same time, immerse yourself in it. This makes the learning process fun, not just easy, and also an experience that you won’t forget through its interactive learning techniques.

2. YouTube: Best For Video-Based Lessons

This list will not be complete without this app. Technically, YouTube isn’t really a language learning application, but there are channels on this platform that are catered to Mongolian language learners.

Having said that, while people who use YouTube as a resource to study Mongolian don’t necessarily have a structured course that they can follow, such an application has a variety of videos that can cater to various questions and lessons. From knowing how to write the Mongolian alphabet, downloading videos that you can play whenever you are free, or building your vocabulary, there are a lot of things that you can do to utilize such free apps.

YouTube Overview

YouTube is one of the biggest online platforms to provide songs, music, movies, videos and tutorials to learn Mongolian.


  • Observing how the language is used in real-world contexts and situations.
  • Listen to different dialects and speaking styles.
  • Discover how the natives utilize slang.


  • Free

Using YouTube is definitely a great way to get started with learning Mongolian. This isn’t just because the lessons and videos are bite-sized, but it is also because you get to learn Mongolian in your own pace without any pressure and time limit.

3. Memrise: Best For Vocabulary Practice

Another beginner-friendly application that can get you started in learning Mongolian is Memrise! This is a language learning application that introduces you to new words from the languages that you want to be familiar with, or you want to be a native speaker in.

This language-learning platform is great, especially if you are starting from the very beginning and you don’t know what to do. This is because such an application introduces you to a variety of Mongolian words, making it easier for you to construct sentences in the future.

Memrise Overview

Memrise is a beginner-friendly language learning application that introduces you to new words in the Mongolian language.


  • Listen to native speakers.
  • Build up your vocabulary skills faster.
  • Practice speaking skills with Membot.


  • Monthly subscription: $14.99
  • Yearly subscription: $89.99
  • Lifetime membership: $199.99

If you are looking for an application that allows you to familiarize yourself with words as well as phrases for free, definitely check out Memrise!

Best Apps To Learn Mongolian-ling-app-man with headphone studying02

4. HelloTalk: Best For One-On-One Lessons

Planning to talk to native Mongolian speakers? This is a great place to get started!

Having conversations, building relationships, and making connections – everything can be found in HelloTalk. If you already have sufficient knowledge of the language that you are learning, this is a great tool for you to practice your speaking skills and meet friends along the way.

HelloTalk Overview

Connects you with native Mongolian speakers for real conversations. It’s like having friends from around the world to practice with.


  • Practice conversational skills with natives.
  • Receive guidance and feedback timely.
  • Improve speaking and listening skills rapidly.


  • Price varies based on the online tutor.

Not only that, but it will also allow you to be introduced to the slang of the language that you are learning and have an overview of how conversations usually work, especially with native speakers. With this, not only will you be able to speak with more ease, but you will also be able to know how to go about it, especially when talking to native speakers. You might even make a Mongolian friend along the way too!

5. iTalki: Best For Personalized Lessons

If you are looking for a teacher who can give you more guidance in learning Mongolian, you might want to check out iTalki. While this application is not completely free, it is actually a good investment for you if you really want to pursue and advance your language skills in Mongolian.

By using iTalki, you will be connected to a native speaker of such language that will serve as your tutor. If you want to learn Mongolian thoroughly and, at the same time, receive guidance from the people who know best, this language-learning platform is great.

iTalki Overview

By using iTalki, you will be connected to a native Mongolian speaker who’ll guide you as your language tutor.


  • Talk to natives to hone your language abilities.
  • Gain prompt direction and evaluation.
  • Quickly enhance your abilities in both speaking and listening.


  • Price varies based on the online tutor.

With classes help virtually, not only can you state what language goals you want to achieve or talk to them with the language that you are learning, but it will also allow you to learn the course more effectively – especially if you are the type of learner that requires guidance and more assistance.

6. Simply Learn Mongolian: Best For Travelers

Simply Learn is the sibling app of Ling. Simply Learn, on the other hand, focuses on travel vocabulary and phrases. As a result, all of the terminology taught in this app will be quite beneficial to those planning a trip to Mongolia. You’ll be able to have basic conversations with natives as soon as you get to the country!

Simply Learn Mongolian Overview

Simply Learn focuses on travel vocabulary and phrases, and is quite beneficial to those planning a trip to Mongolia.


  • Using flashcards to memorize new words quickly.
  • Popular phrases and words used by locals.
  • Topics cover all required travel jargon.


  • Simply Learn Pro: $9.99

Learn And Speak Mongolian With The Ling App!

With just your smartphone or any other gadget available, you can start learning a new language today! Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner because the Ling app tailors its lessons to best fit your needs as a language student to make it a breeze for you.

Not only does this application teach you the basics or introduce you to a new word, but it is also a good tool to accumulate information and knowledge even by just playing the mini-games and their activities.

What are you waiting for? Download Ling from the App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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