Is Kerala Safe To Travel Alone? 4+ Safest Spots!

is kerala safe to travel alone

Is Kerala safe to travel alone? This is something I often ask myself whenever traveling solo to a foreign destination – is it safe to travel alone, or should I look for other places to explore? Blessed with captivating sights, Kerala is a prominent tourist magnet. No wonder why solo female travelers like me are particularly drawn to this Malayalam-speaking Indian state due to its reputation as one of India’s safest destinations. Notably, it recently shared the prestige of the best-governed state with Goa and Tamil Nadu.

Often referred to as “God’s Own Country,” Kerala’s reputation is well-earned. It has consistently topped India’s Human Development Index (HDI) for years, boasting the nation’s highest literacy rate and excelling in education and healthcare. Plus, the warmth and hospitality of the locals are unparalleled. They are accustomed to the presence of tourists, both men and women travelers, and readily extend their assistance even before you ask. If you plan on traveling solo, I’ll give you travel advice based on personal experiences to ensure a great trip when visiting Kerala.

Is Kerala Safe To Travel Alone For Female Solo Travellers?

India has immense diversity and beauty, with countless vacation havens. While there are areas where even a simple stroll can pose risks, there are also regions where women can confidently journey alone. Recent statistics from the Department of Tourism underscore a rise in solo female travelers over the past few years.

Selecting the ideal destinations within Kerala, Goa, Shillong, and other locales can unveil breathtaking sights perfect for solo travelers. So, secure the finest Indian solo travel packages for women and prepare for a splendid journey to your preferred Indian vacation retreat. Also, do check with the tourism office if the travel-package operators are licensed or not. If you can, try to look for credible websites (although they are usually pricey) like Klook and others.

For an enchanting Kerala experience, the monsoon season (June-September) holds a particular charm. The green landscapes, graced by the dance of raindrops, offer a captivating spectacle. The fragrance of the earth, awakened by the first raindrop known as petrichor, is an unmatched delight. Embracing rainy days (under the shelter of a raincoat) is a joy, as is gazing out from your room, savoring nature’s beauty, accompanied by a steaming cup of chaaya (milk tea) you ordered yourself.

on board a boat while cruising a kerala river with many trees on the sides

Recommended Travel Spots For Women In Kerala

Here’s a list of the top tourist attractions and must-visit safe destination spots whether you travel solo or go with tour groups:


Known for its scenic beaches, dramatic cliffs, and charming cafes, Varkala holds appeal both by day and night. The vibrant nightlife, reminiscent of Goa, blends seamlessly with a safe and secure environment.


Alleppey, a prominent jewel among Kerala’s destinations, is popular for its enchanting backwaters. As a solo female traveler, a stay in Alleppey promises an exceptional experience. The renowned houseboats stand as major attractions, offering sightseeing and delightful Kerala cuisine.


Kovalam consistently ranks high among Kerala’s top destinations. Situated in Trivandrum, its famed beaches, welcoming ambiance, and serene atmosphere create an ideal backdrop for solo women travelers.


Solo female travelers find Munnar exceptionally welcoming, providing ample space and security. The absence of unwelcome attention ensures a comfortable exploration, allowing you to enjoy the sights at your leisure.


Tucked away in Kochi, Kumbalangi is a tranquil island village that gained recognition through the acclaimed 2019 Malayalam movie “Kumbalangi Nights.” Its appeal lies in vibrant fishing practices utilizing traditional Chinese fishing nets.


Alappuzha, synonymous with backwaters, presents an intricate network of lakes and canals leading to the Arabian Sea. Solo women travelers can relish ferry rides or opt for houseboat rentals, offering a luxurious stay amid breathtaking surroundings.


A must-include in solo travel packages, Thekkady enchants with its diverse experiences and captivating setting. Engage in activities like boating, rafting, and elephant rides, while also exploring Periyar National Park.

solo female traveler exploring a forest in kerala

Essential Guidelines For Solo Female Travelers In Kerala

Venturing to Kerala as a solo female traveler holds immense excitement. Yet, adhering to a few crucial guidelines can transform your journey from good to truly remarkable. Here are some tips that will ensure you enjoy your trip while staying safe:

Stay Vigilant

While the prospect of your first solo trip might seem daunting, maintaining vigilance can elevate your experience. As you set off on your solo escapade to Kerala, ensure you’re familiar with local helpline numbers. Dial 1090 for the Crime Stoppers Helpline and 1961 for general inquiries, staying prepared for any eventuality.

Also, try to memorize some of these words in case of an emergency.

EnglishMalayalam ScriptMalayalam Pronunciation
Emergencyഅടിയന്തര സന്ദര്ഭംAdiyanthara Sandarbham
First Aidആദ്യ സഹായംAadya Sahaayam

Choose Comfortable Fabrics

Kerala’s climate is characterized by high humidity, whether it’s pouring rain or scorching sun. When packing your wardrobe, opt for natural fabrics like cotton, soft silk, or linen, which provide comfort and ease in the weather.

Check Entry Requirements

Certain places in Kerala may require special permissions for entry. Prior to visiting any destination, conduct thorough research to ascertain if any specific requirements are necessary for your access.

Respect Cultural Norms

To align with local customs, opt for clothing that covers appropriately and showcases respect for local traditions.

Mind Your Steps

While the allure of dense vegetation and forests is undeniable, being cautious about your surroundings is equally important. Be mindful of the potential presence of poisonous snakes and other hazards. Always have a flashlight ready to ensure safe navigation in dimly lit areas.

Learn Malayalam Using Ling

Before packing your bags for your trip, I highly suggest learning the language first or a handful of words or phrases. Attempting to talk using the local language Malayalam will make the locals feel comfortable and pleasantly surprised. It’s easier done these days with a translation app on your phone like Ling. So make sure you already have it installed before visiting Kerala. You can find it on App Store and Play Store.

While reading about women travelling solo, you may also be interested in reading our article about the benefits of learning a new language when traveling. Or, if you plan to go to Greece, you might pick up a handful of Greek travel phrases at this link.

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