Greek Travel Phrases: #1 Accurate Guide

travel phrases in greek

Looking to belt out some useful Greek travel phrases seriously? We cannot blame you since Greece has always been a tourist destination that most of us crave. Before you plan out a tour or move to the country, we highly recommend that you first try to learn the language so that you can navigate the place like a pro, discover the rich history that can be reflected through the everyday words and expressions, and connect with the locals more deeply.

Greece holds a special place in our hearts no matter where we are in the world. Most of us have learned about this country and its history through literature, and we somehow fell in love with gods and their particular stories. In fact, if you will ask anyone if they know any Greek personality, even high school students can list down all the famous names such as Zeus, Aphrodite, Hera, Poseidon, and Athena! If you come across a fan, they might even give you a full-blown explanation of the entire family tree!

But aside from all that, another notable thing about Greece is its distinct natural wonders and dazzling cityscape! Almost anyone can immediately associate it with Greece from the classic pictures of stone houses with white and blue colors. Perhaps, this is the reason why you also landed on this page… you probably want to visit and have a glimpse of this remarkable place!

Basic Greek Travel Phrases

basic greek travel phrases and words

In order to make your trip much more exciting (and survivable), you can never go wrong when you try to learn the basic Greek greetings. The greetings and expressions we have below are perfect to use for casual interactions.

Expression Greek  Pronunciation Guide
How are you? Τι κανείς Ti kaneís
Hello / Goodbye Γειά σου Geiá sou
Nice to meet you!  Χάρηκα πολύ  Chárika polý
Good morning  Καλημέρα Kaliméra
Good afternoon/evening Καλό απόγευμα Kaló apógevma
Goodnight Καληνυχτα Kalinychta
Thank you Ευχαριστώ Efcharistó
You are welcome / please Παρακαλώ  Parakaló
See you Τα λέμε Ta léme
Sorry! / Excuse me! Συγνώμη Sygnómi
I’m doing well, and you? Είμαι καλά, εσύ? Eímai kalá, esý?
Yes Ναί Naí
No Όχι Óchi
I don’t understand Δεν καταλαβαίνω Den katalavaíno

What Are The Most Common Greek Phrases For Travel

greek language script

While it is true that you can speak English, especially if you are visiting tourist destinations in Greece, it is still better if you know how to speak some of the local greek language words, phrases, and expressions. Below is the list of what you can use:

Expression Greek  Pronunciation Guide
How much is…? Πόσο κάνει… Póso kánei…
Where is…? Που είναι… Pou eínai…
When? Πότε Póte
May I please have…? Θα μπορούσα να έχω… Tha boroúsa na écho…
Water Νερό Neró
I don’t eat… Δεν τρώω Den tróo
I’m a vegetarian Είμαι χορτοφάγος Eímai chortofágos
the bill, please Τον λογαριασμό παρακαλώ Ton logariasmó parakaló
Do you speak English? Mιλάτε Αγγλικά; Miláte Angliká?
Cheers Στην υγειά μας Stin ygeiá mas
Left Αριστερά Aristerá
Right Δεξιά Dexiá
Straight ahead Όλο ευθεία Ólo eftheía
Turn left Στρίψτε αριστερά Strípste aristerá
Turn right Στρίψτε δεξιά Strípste dexiá
Bus stop Στάση λεωφορείου Stási leoforeíou
Train station Στάση τρένου Stási trénou
Airport Αεροδρόμιο Aerodrómio
Entrance Είσοδος Eísodos
Exit Έξοδος Éxodos
I love Greece Αγαπώ την Ελλάδα Agapó tin Elláda
Taxi Ταξί Taxí

Basic Emergency Greek Phrases

basic greek  phrases for emergencies

In as much as we want our trip to Athens or Greece, in general, to go according to plan, there are still instances that we might find ourselves having trouble with something. We can usually call 112 (the European emergency phone number) and describe to them what is happening. But, what if you have no one with you who can translate or understand English? To navigate this world like a total pro and not become a “sorry” tourist, take note of the emergency phrases you can use today:

Expression Greek  Pronunciation Guide
Thief κλέφτης kléftis
Help! Βοήθεια Voítheia
I need a doctor Χρειάζομαι ένα γιατρό Chreiázomai éna giatró
I don’t feel well Δεν αισθάνομαι καλά Den aisthánomai kalá
Call the police! Καλέστε την αστυνομία Kaléste tin astynomía
Fire! Φωτιά Fotiá
Police! αστυνομία!  astynomía!
There is an emergency! υπάρχει μια κατάσταση έκτακτης ανάγκης! ypárchei mia katástasi éktaktis anánkis!
Ambulance ασθενοφόρο!  asthenofóro!
Quickly γρήγορα! grígora!
I am sick Είμαι άρρωστος Eímai árrostos
I need help Χρειάζομαι βοήθεια Chreiázomai voítheia
The hospital το νοσοκομείο to nosokomeío
I have a headache Έχω ένα πονοκέφαλο Écho éna ponokéfalo
I have a cold Έχω κρύωμα Écho krýoma
Paracetamol  παρακεταμόλη paraketamóli
Aspirin ασπιρίνη aspiríni
Ibuprofen  ιβουπροφαίνη ivouprofaíni

Greek Travel Phrases – Emergency

As we reach this part of the post, we hope that you were able to get a good grasp of the local language used in Greece through this post. If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to read our previous language tips, like how to say yes in Czech, thank you in Finnish, and Italian love phrases. Also, if you’d like to discover a Greek word translation for something, then you’d better check out our most recommended FREE app you can check today!


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