Give And Ask For Directions In Danish: #1 Easy Guide

You’re in or planning a trip to Denmark! Good choice. Now all you have to do is figure out how to get around because you probably don’t want to get lost. We’ve created this guide to help you ask or give directions in Danish so you can feel more confident traveling through beautiful Denmark.

Now it may be possible to use your own language to get around, especially English, but if you know the Danish word to help communicate, then you’ll be better off and impress the locals.

Let’s go memorize Danish directions!


Why Should I Learn How To Say Directions In Danish?

give directions in Danish

Did you know that in nearby Iceland children are taught Danish in school? This means that you can potentially kill two birds with one stone. By learning directions in Danish, you can use these terms to help get around Iceland as well!

Besides that useful information, knowing how to communicate with the locals will just make your entire trip more pleasant and less stressful. You’ll be able to get to all your dream destinations quicker and more confidently without missing a train, or plane.

Let’s take a look at some famous sites to visit while you’re in Denmark.

Top 5 Sites To Visit In Denmark

  1. Tivoli Gardens, a world-renowned amusement park, and garden in Copenhagen
  2. Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen
  3. Møns Klint Biosphere
  4. Billund (where Lego was invented)
  5. Hike in Bornholm


How To Give Directions In Danish

No matter your reason for traveling, if your next destination is Denmark, then you need to learn the Danish language and essential Danish vocabulary to get around easily.

So if you’re planning on traveling to Denmark, you should familiarize yourself with directions in Danish beforehand. Read on to learn useful phrases, translations, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Danish Directions

ask for directions in Danish

Here is your first Danish lesson. These are some essential Danish directions and words you should know.


English WordDanish WordPronunciation
AcrossEt kors
Nearbyi nærheden
OutsideUden for
Straightlige ud

Prepositional Phrases

Across fromOver for
Across the streetPå tværs af gaden
Around the cornerRundt om hjørnet
Before the…Før…
Down the hallwayNed ad gangen
Far awaylangt væk
In front ofForan
On the…På den…
On top ofPå toppen af
Past the…Forbi…
Straight ahead/Go straightGå lige
Towards the…Mod…
Turn lefttil venstre
Turn rightdrej til højre

Cardinal Directions



Asking For Directions In Danish

get directions in Danish

Here are some useful questions and phrases you can ask the locals to help you get around and avoid getting lost.

English PhraseDanish PhrasePronunciation
I’m lostjeg er faret vild
I don’t come from herejeg kommer ikke herfra
Please show me on the mapVis mig venligst på kortet
Can you help me?kan du hjælpe mig
Can you show me?kan du vise mig
How do I get to…?Hvordan kommer jeg til…?
How do I get there?Hvordan kommer jeg derhen?
How long does it take to get there?Hvor lang tid tager det at komme derhen?
Is it close to here?Er det tæt på her?
Is it far from here?Er det langt herfra?
Where are the stairs?Hvor er trapperne?
Where can I find…?Hvor kan jeg finde…?
Where is…?Hvor er…?
Where is the bathroom?Hvor er toilettet?
Where is the train station?Hvor er togstationen?
Where is the bus station?Hvor er busstationen?
Which direction is it?Hvilken retning er det?
Where are we?Hvor er vi?

What Locals May Say To You

These are some common responses that locals in Denmark may say to you.

English PhraseDanish PhrasePronunciation
It’s very closeDet er meget tæt på
It’s far awaydet er langt væk
It’s over the bridgeDet er over broen
Come with mekom med mig
May I assist (help) you?må jeg hjælpe dig


Useful Apps That Can Help You When You Are Lost!

directions in Danish

Sometimes it’s just easier to use technology, but you won’t learn Danish this way as well. Anyhoo, here are some apps that can help you get around in Denmark.

  1. Rejseplanen – is a great travel app to plan trips especially outside of the city center.
  2. CityMaps2Go – will give you a detailed map of Copenhagen.
  3. Mobilbilletter – is great for getting tickets for public transit, which is a confusing process without an app
  4. Donkey Republic – is a bicycle-sharing app so you can get around by cycling like everyone else!
  5. Waze– operates similarly to Google Maps except will show you where any travel pain points will be or delays that may hinder your travel plans.
  6. Google Maps – is probably the most well-known navigation app, it will be your best friend in finding the places on your travel list


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