Learning A New Language For Travel: 7 Benefits!

I love the phrase ‘another language is a different version of life.’ That’s how I see it. Thinking in a new language, and making bonds with people from other countries with such different cultures, shape our personality and way of life. It means living again. Understanding and seeing the world with different eyes. With eyes that those who only speak their mother tongue will not be able to understand. There are many benefits of learning a new language for travel.

Some people might get too focused on preparing other things before their trips, such as documents, tour planning, and ideal luggage. But what else should you consider too?

Make sure that you can communicate with the locals abroad! The most important benefit is that you can get around easily anywhere you go by connecting with people that come across your path. 

However, language learning also has a deeper meaning for us who love travel. Do you want to know what it is? Continue reading and discover this new perspective on traveling and cultural awareness. 


How Can Learning A New Language For Travel Make Your Experience More Joyful? 

Just think about all those times that you traveled abroad and had to go through language barriers. Those moments are enriching as you learn something new from them and retain it in your memory longer. However, it would be better if you didn’t go through those situations.

As you know, those who learn at least the basic language of the country they visit have even more benefits than those who travel expecting to hear English and be understood everywhere. 

After traveling to some countries, I’ve realized that learning the local language brings a transcendent experience like no other. 

If you are still curious about why you shouldn’t stick only to your native tongue or English to travel, keep reading!

1. You Can Have A Stronger Bond And Connection With The Culture 

learning a new language for travel connect with the culture

Whenever you start learning a new language, you will also get familiar with the culture or cultures of the people who have that language as a mother tongue. 

Having these strong bonds and relationships with people from the country you visit brings you a lot of knowledge of traditions, way of living, food, slang, forms of communication, general interests, and so much more. 

Have you thought about the difference between traveling around a country and seeing its main tourist spots and then going back home and traveling with the sense of being more involved in a culture by attending social events, visiting local homes, doing volunteer work, or simply making friends abroad? 

Which one do you think would be more fulfilling and special for you? Which one will give you more enriching memories to remember and tell later? I would say the latter. Because nothing in this world beats meeting new people abroad, not even being in the most famous place ever. In fact, I would rather make friends with a native person that can go with me to those tourist places and show me their history and life. I would learn so much more about their culture like that than traveling alone. 

Besides, when you are constantly in contact with native speakers, you catch on to everyday vocabulary, slang, and pronunciations that will help you improve your listening skills and practice speaking. 

I remember a time I was asked for directions in South Korea. I was able to answer calmly, or when a group of elderly Korean people asked me to take a photo of them, and as they noticed that I could understand and speak well, they continued talking to me until we engaged in a very pleasant conversation. Those are the experiences that fill my heart and that I will always treasure. 

2. It Makes You Open-Minded 

be open minded and make friends abroad

I haven’t traveled as much as other people have, but I’ve had the opportunity to be to my dream places, Korea and Japan. During and after those experiences, I’ve noticed how I not only became more mature as a person and gained emotional intelligence but also became more open-minded.

I started to understand cultural differences as I lived them firsthand. This makes you a more respectful person. I’ve read many disrespectful comments on the internet regarding other people’s cultures. But I believe those comments come from the perspective of someone ignorant who hasn’t had the opportunity to see the world with wide eyes.

When you are in a different country, you see that your culture and way of life is not the only existing one. And that is a beautiful realization.

3. You Can Get Around With Ease Everywhere You Go

travel around with ease

Even if you travel to rural areas when you are certain that most people will not speak your native language, you will be able to communicate with them easily. Simple daily life tasks such as buying groceries and clothes, looking for transportation, or asking for directions in the street become a piece of cake for you. 

You will see how other foreigners struggle to communicate clearly with the locals, while you will be able to speak as much as you want! It sounds like an ideal trip, doesn’t it?

I believe that one word in a person’s native language can brighten their day even more than most kind acts.

4. Job Opportunities May Appear On Your Way!  

find job opportunities abroad

Imagine you are traveling or living in, for example, South Korea, where speaking the Korean language is absolutely appreciated by Korean people. You happen to speak at least an intermediate level and find a job opportunity in a Korean/foreign hybrid company where a requirement is to speak at least some Korean. You have all the rest of the skills needed, so you take chances and go for it! Don’t you think that it sounds amazing?!

However, if you only speak English in a country like Korea, where the native language is almost indispensable for everyday tasks, you have lower opportunities to find a job. Career opportunities can come when we are less expected, so why not be ready for it all?

When recruiters read applicants’ CVs, they are often fascinated by those who can speak more than two languages. Even more so if they are different languages, for example, you can choose to learn Swiss, but also Mandarin. Imagine how many professional doors can be opened for you.


So, Get Ready And Learn A Foreign Language Today

If you don’t know how to start learning a new language, be assured that the language app, Ling, can guide you through all language lessons in fun ways, offering the most entertaining experience ever. 

You can practice basic phrases with cultural context at no extra cost! Because foreign languages should be accessible to everyone ready to uncover other cultures and make new friends.

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learn languages Ling App

In addition, all the language material is developed by native speakers to offer a trustworthy experience for language learners intending to extend their vocabulary and overall language skills. You will learn the conversational and natural vocabulary and grammar that people use in their everyday activities to sound just like the locals. No more awkward conversations based on learning books! 

Make your days easy, become involved even more in local culture, create meaningful connections, have fun, and enjoy your travel! 

Discover how learning a new language for travel can improve your life.

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