#1 Simple Way How To Say Cheers In Danish

Are you wondering how to say cheers in Danish? If you visit Denmark or have Danish friends, you’ve probably noticed that Danish people have a big drinking tradition. As a matter of fact, Danes are known to be some of the heaviest drinkers in Scandinavia because they have one of the oldest drinking cultures that go back hundreds of years.

Learning Danish and knowing how to say cheers in Danish will help you blend in with the Danes and, not to mention, have a better time!

How To Say Cheers In The Danish Language?

how to say cheers in Danish

Here is how to say cheers in the Danish language:

“Skål” [pronunciation: Skoal] Cheers


  • Drikke en skål for nogen – Drink a toast to somebody

Danes use this word to celebrate an event, person, or thing when making a toast!

Like in many other countries, when drinking with others or during celebrations, such as New Year’s Eve, people get together, raise their glasses, and say “cheers.” In this case, the host, or anyone at the event, will propose a toast, and everyone in the room will raise a glass and say loudly, “Skål.”

There are many stories regarding the origin of the word “Skål,” used as a toast in the Scandinavian tradition for hundreds of years. One story, in particular, narrates that Vikings used to drink out of the skulls of their enemies to celebrate their victory, from which the Danish word is “Skål.”

More recently, this word indicated the wooden bowls filled with beer and passed between people at weddings, community events, or other festivities. This is because in the Danish language, “skål” means bowl. Nowadays, “skål” is now used to make a toast and also means “cheers. “

Danish Etiquette When Toasting

how to say cheers in Danish

Danish etiquette during a toast is very simple. First, you have to lift your glass, look at the person you are making the toast to, and sip a bit of the content of your glass. After that, you should still raise the glass toward the person of celebration, if there is one.

It is customary not to break eye contact during the toast. After you raise the glass for the second time, you can set it down and continue drinking the content of the glass throughout the event.

To make it easy for you, here is the toasting sequence again:

  1. Host says a toast
  2. Everyone lifts the glass toward the person they are making the toast to
  3. Everyone says “Skål”
  4. Everyone takes a sip
  5. Everyone lifts the glass again toward the celebrated person
  6. Now possible to put the glass down
  7. Everyone continues to drink from the glass for the remainder of the event

“Cheers” is a word used worldwide to wish others good health and fortune. It is commonly used at gatherings where drinking is involved. You can hear the word in bars, when you are with a friend having fun, or when others are showing appreciation toward another person.

Danish Drinking Culture

How to Say Cheers In Danish

Skål is the word you will hear the most with Danish people during a party or a dinner when people wish good health and fortune to their friends. Beer has long been part of the Danish culture for 5000 years, which is why Danes are known to be beer lovers and one of the top drinking countries!

Part of the Danish drinking culture is creating the feeling of coziness and warmth. In the Danish language, this feeling translates into the word Hygge. Danish people make such an atmosphere by lighting candles and inviting friends over.

Since Danes love beer and drinking in general, they have some of the most famous brands of beer known worldwide, such as Tuborg and Carlsberg.

Danes used to drink mainly to socialize, get to know other people, and, not to mention, it’s pretty deep-rooted in the country’s culture. Long ago, Vikings brewed wine, ale, and other beverages. During that time, they even had the habit of feeding their babies old bread and beer.

Through the years, alcohol has become part of the country’s traditions. In fact, it is quite common to see adults drinking to the point of getting drunk, knowing that the next day is not a working day and they can stay home with their hangover!

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