39+ Common Animal Names In Danish: Fascinating Vocabulary

Are you interested to find out what the common animal names in Danish are? Danish people are pets lover, and talking about them and animals in general, can be one of the most exciting topics for a conversation with friends.

You can add a few animal words to your vocabulary to avoid being taken aback when you hear them. Or if you have to tell another person about your favorite pet!

Common Animal Names In Danish

Danish people love dogs and cats, but they also like other animals, such as fish, hamsters, and canaries. Denmark’s wildlife is varied since there are a lot of open spaces, countryside, and water, all in the same county. This combination makes it possible for many different species to find shelter and prosper.

It is easy to find mammals such as red deers, squirrels, foxes, frogs, salamanders, and even a few snakes. For this reason, it is good to add to your vocabulary a few Danish animals’ names. Here are the most important to know:

  1. Hund – Dog
  2. Kat – Cat
  3. Bjørn/Bjørne – Bear/Bears
  4. Fugl – Bird
  5. Killing – Chicken
  6. Ko – Cow
  7. Hjort – Deer
  8. And – Duck
  9. Elegant – Elephant
  10. Fisk – Fish
  11. Ræv – Fox
  12. Frø – Frog
  13. Giraf – Giraffe
  14. Ged – Goat
  15. Gås – Goose
  16. Hamster – Hamster
  17. Hest – Horse
  18. insekt/Insekter – Insect/Insects
  19. Lam – Lamb
  20. Løve – Lion
  21. Mulvarp – Mole
  22. Abe – Monkey
  23. Myg – Mosquito
  24. Papegøje – Parrot
  25. Pingvin – Pinguin
  26. Gris – Pig
  27. Kanin – Rabbit
  28. Hane – Rooster
  29. Laks – Salmon
  30. Sæl – Seal
  31. Haj – Shark
  32. Slange – Snake
  33. Edderkop – Spider
  34. Tiger – Tiger
  35. Skildpadde – Turtle
  36. Ulv – Wolf
  37. Sommerfugl/Sommerfugle – Butterfly/Butterflies
  38. Får – Sheep
  39. Bi – Bee
  40. Myre/Myrer – Ant/Ants

Famous Danish Dog Names

Animal Names In Danish

Since Danes love dogs, you will likely find yourself involved in a conversation about a specific pet. But, as a curiosity, you should know that some of the names given to dogs come from Denmark.

For example, the royal family dog was named Grace. Some people named their dog the same way, or they named their dog Frederik based on the crown prince’s name, although this is a prevalent name in Denmark.

But there are other Danish dog names worth knowing. Here are some of them:

  • Viggo (Name of a famous Danish actor)
  • Børge ( Name of a renowned Danish artist)
  • Rasmus ( Name of a famous songwriter)
  • Erik (A common Denish name)
  • Jesper (A common name in Denmark)
  • Ole
  • Ulrich
  • Mikkel
  • Lasse
  • Mads

While the above are male dogs names, there are also interesting female dog names:

  • Connie ( A name of a Danish actor)
  • Ida
  • Sofie
  • Caroline
  • Lotte
  • Freja (One of the most common and cute names in Danish)
  • Karen
  • Agnes
  • Emma (A common name in Denmark but is originally from Germany)
  • Tina
  • Nanna (A name of a famous musician)
  • Lina
  • Kamilla
  • Sara
  • Trine

What Animals Can I Find In Denmark?

Denmark is known worldwide for hosting over 30.000 species of animals and plants. The country’s national animal is the main character in the fairy tale ” The Ugly Duckling,” the mute swan.

Denmark has a lot of space for animals such as deers, roe deers, squirrels, hares, foxes, snakes, frogs, red deers, and many birds. 

In addition, it is possible to find passerines, ducks, and swans among them.

Birds are very populated in Denmark. It is possible to observe starlings in South-Western Denmark, where thousands of birds gather to migrate during spring and autumn. 

This phenomenon is enormous, and it was named the “Black Sun” because there are so many birds that the sun can’t get through. It is a unique event in Europe.

But the country has a lot of lands surrounded by water, and you can assume numerous animals and species are living in the sea or near it. More than 400 lands in Denmark are the habitat of many varieties of fish, seals, otters, whales, and crustaceans.

If you are lucky to walk near the sea, you might see some of them. Denmark is also one of the places on the planet where you can see a stork. 

Storks are widespread birds in the country, and they are linked to the story of how a mother gives birth to a child. The story tells that storks are bringing the children to the parents.

Where To See The Unique Animals Of Denmark?

If you want to experience the unique animals of Denmark, you can visit at least one of the 6 National Parks. There you will be able to observe the life of some amazing animals. Such as artics hares, walruses, polar bears, seals, and even Greenland wolves! 

But it is not all; you can find very uncommon species such as gyrfalcons, snowy owls, barnacle geese, and king eiders. In other words, despite the cold weather for many months of the year, Denmark is full of life between the arable land and the sandy coasts.

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