#1 Easy Guide About Danish Question Words

Want to formulate sentences using Danish question words? Well, you are in luck! We are about to take a look at the popular Danish question words that you have to know if you are traveling to Denmark for vacation, business transactions, or study. Questions are generally a way to find out important information from someone, and asking questions can clarify issues, resolve misunderstandings, and even make our lives easier in various ways.

And if you are traveling to any new country, it is important to know some key things such as how to introduce yourself, basic greetings in Danish, and their popular question words in case you need directions or want to start a meaningful conversation. Besides, the locals may want to find out where you are from or ask other insightful questions. it will be quite unfortunate if you can’t answer them. Therefore, let’s take a look at the popular common phrases and questions you should know in the Danish language.

What To Know About The Danish Language

A quick digression before we go into the popular danish question words. For language learners who are considering learning the Danish language. Here are some important things to know about the Danish Language.

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Danish is easier than you think: To start off, the Danish language is not as hard as you are thinking. This beautiful language, though may have its own set of challenges, is not that hard. No language is easy to learn, and the Danish language is not an exception. However, with the right resources, like the Ling App, learning Danish can be enjoyable.

Danish is spoken by six million people: Being the official language of Denmark, Danish is widely spoken by six million people, and some of its speakers are spread all around the world. With that said, we bet there is a chance that you will find a Danish speaker during your travel!

It has nine vowels: Unlike the English language’s six vowels, Danish has an additional three. It is sometimes difficult for Danish learners to get a hold of this at the initial stage, but with dedication and the right disposition, Danish vowels will soon become a walk in the park.

Danish is a beautiful language: The last point that is often neglected is that Danish is an interesting language to learn. The danish vocabulary, grammatical rules, vowels, and stress are one of the things that makes Danish such a beautiful language.

Danish Interrogative Pronouns

The first thing you need to understand to make Danish Questions easier is the Danish interrogative pronouns. Interrogative pronouns are popularly used in most languages to ask questions. Pronouns like who, how, and when are the basis of most questions, so let’s take a look.

HowhvordanHow much is thisHvor meget koster dette
WhenhvornårWhen can we meetHvor kan vi mødes
WhohvemWho is thisHvem er det
WherehvorWhere do you liveHvor bor du
WhyhvorforWhy is it expensiveHvorfor er det så dyrt
WhathvadWhat is your nameHvad hedder du


Important Danish Question Words To Know

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Now that we’ve understood the Danish words for the popular interrogative pronouns, let’s take a look at some of the important danish question words that you will likely encounter on a daily basis

How are you?Hvordan går det?
Do you speak English?Taler du engelsk?
Where do you work?Hvor arbejder du?
When is your birthday?Hvornår har du fødselsdag?
Where did you learn danish?Hvor har du lært dansk?
What did you say?Hvad sagde du?
Do you love me?Elsker du mig?
Why are you sad?hvorfor er du trist?
Do you know me?kender du mig?
When will i see you again?Hvornår ses vi igen?
Where do you come from?Hvor kommer du fra?
When can we meet?Hvor kan vi mødes?
Can you speak slowly?Kan du tale langsomt?
How much is thisHvor meget koster dette?
How difficult is it?Hvor svært er det?
What time is it?Hvad er klokken?
Can I help you?Kan jeg hjælpe dig?
What is this?Hvad er dette?
Where are you going to?Hvor går du hen?
What is your name?Hvad hedder du
Where is the toilet?Hvor er toilettet?
Can you help me?Kan du hjælpe mig?
What should I say?Hvad burde jeg sige?
How old are you?Hvor gammel er du?
What is your phone number?Hvad er dit nummer?
Can I have the bill, please?Kan jeh få regningen tak?
How do you want to pay?hvordan vil du betale?
What is that called in Danish?Hvad hedder det på dansk?
What are you doing?hvad laver du?
Do you understand?Forstår du?

Ready To Ask Questions In Danish?

Yayy! We’ve explored the some important danish question words and I hope you were able to learn one or two new question words that you can use and also understand. Mange Tak (thanks a lot) for reading. Danish is a beautiful language with a lot of allowance for creativity.

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