30+ Simple Lithuanian Words For Beginners Plus Tips

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Getting the gist of how different languages work is such a rewarding experience, right? If you’re feeling a little adventurous, learning Eastern Baltic languages like Lithuanian is a great idea. But the Lithuanian language isn’t the easiest one to master; you’ll definitely need to exert some effort to fully learn it.

When introducing a new language, you always start with the basics. Similarly to cooking, you familiarize yourself with the utensils and equipment you will use. In this case, you expose yourself to common words that are typically used in the language, and that’s why we’ve got some tips and simple Lithuanian words you’ll want to learn in your first lesson.

Simple Lithuanian Words: Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

What made you want to learn Lithuanian? Learners may answer this question in different ways; maybe they found beauty in the fascinating history of this country, or perhaps enjoyed the warmth of Lithuanian people. Others may simply say that they find challenging languages to be great energizers. As Lithuanian sayings go, “Be vargo nepramuši ir nepralaimėji,” or “Without effort, you won’t break through or lose.”

So, if you’re still up for some brain-crunchers, start reading!

Simple Lithuanian words- Ling App
EnglishLithuanian Translation
Thank youAčiū
Good morningLabas rytas
Good eveningLabas vakaras
Excuse me / I’m sorryAtsiprašau
Cheers (used when toasting)Į sveikatą
My name is…Mano vardas yra…
You (informal)Tu
You (formal or plural)Jūs
Color Spalva

Tips To Learn Lithuanian Words And Phrases Easily

As proud language enthusiasts, we all have one goal in common: we want to sound like a native speaker. As non-natives, we might have a hard time pronouncing words and understanding how grammar rules work in different contexts. So here are some tips that you might need in your journey:

1. Use Language Learning Apps

Feeling overwhelmed with language books? Or do you have the attention span of a goldfish? If you’re really into learning the Lithuanian language, try using language apps like the Ling app to help you focus. These apps will be your ride-or-die as you go through a sequence of fun and exciting milestones when mastering the language!

2. Check Some Online Resources

Can you believe that you can learn a language in the comfort of your couch? As an introverted couch potato, you’ll probably prefer reading or watching online tutorials on YouTube, or listening to podcasts. Luckily, there are people all around the world who teach the Lithuanian language on these platforms. So, you can continue expanding your knowledge by just checking online resources!

Simple Lithuanian Words (Flashcards)- Ling App

3. Flashcards

One thing that most language-learning apps use is flashcards; these virtual cards allow you to reinforce your memory when discovering new words and phrases. However, if you’re feeling a little extra, and you find hand-made flashcards more effective, making them with craft items works great too!

4. Learn Common Phrases

Learning to step up your game is one of the best qualities language learners hold, so if you’re feeling a little more confident, try getting out of your comfort zone. Instead of continuously learning single words, practice common Lithuanian phrases that are used in daily conversations. Mastering them helps you connect easily with locals; little by little, you’ll eventually find it comfortable to chat with others!

5. Communicate With Native Speakers

Learning with native speakers is such an extroverted move. So, if your social battery is still at a hundred, don’t hesitate to strike up conversations with native Lithuanian speakers! With them, you can easily grasp phrases that help you sound more like a local. Plus, connecting with natives makes your journey feel a little more authentic and enjoyable. Well, that’s if you’re a social butterfly!

6. Try Reading Simple Texts

To get the hang of it, begin by delving into straightforward Lithuanian texts like children’s books or basic news articles. This step can work wonders for improving your reading comprehension, making the learning process much more manageable and enjoyable. It’s like taking small, reassuring steps towards mastering the language.

Simple Lithuanian Words (Reading)- Ling App

7. Make A Vocabulary Notebook

As kids, we often loved the idea of keeping sparkly journals or diaries. Now that you’re an adult, you can still continue this hobby, but this time start making a vocabulary notebook! It’s like a personalized dictionary, where you’ll fill the pages with the new words you learn. However, remember that you should review and expand it regularly for more promising results.

8. Set Goals

Setting goals is such a useful yet difficult-to-fulfill task. Just like your New Year’s resolution from years ago, you probably have goals that have been long forgotten. Luckily, some language apps understand your forgetful nature, as you can set goals with them when trying to master a new language. You may start with learning 20 words per day or practicing for 30 minutes daily. These simple objectives can make a huge difference when improving your skills and knowledge in Lithuanian.

Excited To Discover More About This Wonderful Country?

Lithuania looks like it’s straight out of a storybook, don’t you think? Once you check out images of it on Pinterest, you’ll surely have your mouth wide open because it’s like a magical place that you read about in your favorite novels. If you want to visit this place to live your fairy tale, you’ll probably need to learn some basic phrases first because, trust me, Lithuanian people are as amazing as their country!

So, if you’re enticed by the beauty of their language as well, don’t hesitate to start your journey with Ling today! The Ling app’s got you covered with its gamified exercises and tests. You won’t need to worry about your pronunciation skills either, because the app can analyze how fluent you sound!

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