20+ Easy Common Slovak Slang Words

Slovak Slang Words

Interested to learn what Slovak slang words exist today? Impress the locals with your skills by belting out the words and phrases we have for you today.

After all, what better way to fit in with the crowd than through its language, right? Learning Slovak slang words will make you appreciate where it came from! So, if you want to master Slovak, then let the learning begin!

Common Slovak Slang Words

Common Slovak Slang Words

Planning on visiting Slovakia? If you are truly interested in connecting with the Slovak people and appreciating the beautiful language and culture in Slovakia, then learning about the common slang will help you out. Before we proceed, allow me first to give you a fair warning: not all slang is polite-sounding and is appropriate for foreigners.

Others might easily get offended if you make use of it in an incorrect manner which is why our focus on this post is only on those that are guaranteed to sit well among the Slovaks.

Ready for it? There are a number of words in Slovak that you will want to memorize now. So, below are some of the Slovak Slang words and phrases that you can use when visiting and talking to the locals of Slovakia. The words are written on how you pronounce them.

Si Zabel Brate (Zi-Zabru-Bra-Te)

Direct translation: That’s cool or You Kill it!

 You can use this when you want to express a strong emotion of astonishment because of a surprising or unbelievable event.

Haluz (Ha-Luz)

Direct Translation: Weird

This word is synonymous with the English word “funny.”

Checkovat (Che-Ko-Vach)

Direct Translation: Check it out!

This word also came from the English word “Check it out,” so you can use this word as an expression when taking a closer look at something.

Opica (O-Pi-Ka)

Direct Translation: Hangover

In the formal language of Slovak, this word literally means ‘monkey,’ but the meaning may differ depending on the context of where you will use it.

Tycka (Tich-Ka)

Direct Translation: Vomit (noun)

Basically, this is an informal language, and it is related to the slang word ‘Opica’ or having a hangover.

Sewas (Se-Was)

Direct Translation: Hi

 In fact, this term is commonly used in Gangsta greeting whenever you want to greet a fellow in a friendly way.

Braho (Bra-Ho)    

Direct Translation: Bro

This means brother or bro. You can use this term together with the Slovak Slang word “Sewas.” For example, “Sewas, Braho!” which means, “Hi, Brother!”

Kolotocar (Ko-Lo-To-Char)

Direct Definition: A person who loves to dance

This word is synonymous with ‘Disco Maniac.’ You can use this term in Slovakia whenever you see a person who really gets hyped when he/she hears party music.

Kilo (Ki-Lo)

Direct Definition: One Hundred

Instead of saying the word ‘one hundred,’ they use the slang word ‘Kilo’ in terms of money.

Liter (Li-ter)

Direct Translation: One Thousand

Like the word ‘Kilo,’ you can use ‘Liter’ instead of saying ‘one thousand.’

Ty Kokso (Ti-Kok-So)

Direct Translation: Geez!/Holy Smoke!/Oh crap!

Informal language is used to express a strong impression of surprise.

Jedno pivo, prosim! (Yed-No-Pi-Vo-Pro-Sim)

Direct Translation: One beer, please!

You can use this phrase when ordering a beer in Slovakia, but make sure that you also know the size of the beer when ordering.

Fakt (Fakt)

Direct Translation: Really?!/ Are you serious?!

You may think that this is a curse or swear word if you say or hear this but in Slovak language, this really means ‘really’ in a shocking expression or in disbelief.

V Pohode (F-Po-Ho-Je) 

Direct Translation: It’s okay

You can use this word when you want to say something is cool or fine.

Na zdravie (Naz-Dra-Vi-Ye)

Direct Translation: Cheers!

This word is commonly heard whenever you’re drinking with your Slovak friends. So when you want to have a glass of wine or beer, use this friendly term.

Co Hori? (Cho-Ho-Ri)

Direct Translation: What? Is something on fire?

A Slovak slang term that can be used when someone is bothering you, but you don’t believe that it’s that urgent because it’s not that bad. In short, you’re not that concerned about acting upon that unsure situation.

Chapem (Sha-Pem)

Direct Translation: I understand

You can use this term whenever you understand someone who’s talking to you.

Hlupak (Hlu-Bak)

Direct Translation: Fool

This Slovak slang can be referred to as fool, stupid, or idiot.

Nastvany (Nasht-Va-Ni)

Direct Translation: Pissed off

You can use this term when you want to say that you are feeling annoyed or irritated with someone or something.

Slovak Slang Words Robis si srandu

Robis si srandu? (Ro-Bish-Shis-Ran-Du) 

Direct Translation: Are you kidding me?

This slang word can be used in a serious way when you want to confirm or ask something.

To Je Otrasne (To-He-O-Tras-Nye)

Direct Translation: That’s Horrible

You can use this word to express disturbance or fear.

Zblaznit sa (Iz-Blaz-Nit-Sa)

Direct Translation: Go crazy 

You can say this to your Slovakian friend when you want to go out of one’s mind (do crazy or silly things).

Sklamany (Skla-ma-nee)

Direct Translation: Disappointed

You can use this word to express frustration

Neviem (Nib-Yem)

Direct Translation: I do not know

You can say this to your Slovakian friend when you do not know when he/she asked you something.

Zosmiesnit (Zos-Mi-Yes-Nyit)

Direct Translation: Make fun of

If you want to mock someone, you can use this slang word to initiate mockery.

Slovak Internet Slang Words

Now that you are familiar with some of the common Slang words from Slovakia, here are a few of the following Slovak Slang Words that are commonly used on the social media platform:

Selfichko (Sel-Fich-Ko)From the English slang word ‘selfie’, this term is widely used in Slovakia when taking self-portrait pictures
Surfovatch (Sur-Fo-Vatch)From the English word ‘surf’, this also means browsing or surfing the internet.
Mriezka (Mir-Yesh-Ka)This is a Slovac term for the English word ‘hashtag’.
Typek (Ti-Pek)From the English word ‘type’, this also means ‘to produce a copy of words’ using your cellphone or keyboard

Why Learn Slang Words?

Communication is very important in our lives because by this, we can connect to each other’s lives, and we can understand all of the misinterpretations. If we are not familiar with using other countries’ language, either by their non-verbal or verbal expressions, formal and informal communication, as well as slang words, a language barrier may occur. In addition, learning their language is also learning the culture and traditions of a country. Therefore, it’s not only about how we are fluent in using or pronouncing their language but about how we understand the deeper meaning behind that word.

Each country’s language is mainly based on its context, and culture, and even arises based on the current situation in that country. Therefore, if the language of a certain country is evolving, we as language learners should discover and must not be surprised to encounter a new word, most especially to know their slang words. I know, you are very familiar with the phrase ‘ako sa máš?’, which means ‘How are you?’ in Slovakia, and ‘Dobru chut’, which translates to ‘Enjoy your meal’, so let’s add a little spice and everything nice in your Slovak language.

Ready To Master The Slovak Language?

Overall, learning Slovak is not that easy yet not that difficult. Always remember that if we really understand the usage and meaning behind a certain word, particularly its slang words, we can easily use it as if we are local. The way we cope, adjust and understand each other’s language, we can also appreciate each other’s culture and the little things in one’s country.

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