20 Love Words And Phrases In Slovak

Love Words And Phrases In Slovak

Have you ever liked Slovakia and want to learn more about its culture, language, and its people? If you love Slovakia, you should know which words to say when you appreciate someone or something.

In this blog post, I will try to teach you ‘love words and phrases in Slovak‘ and express other beautiful feelings to the important persons in your life. Also, you will find here useful dating and wedding vocabulary. We can’t wait to see you have fun so let’s learn love words and phrases in Slovak with Ling!

What Is The Slovak Language? 

Slovak is the official language of just one small country in Central Europe and has a total of around six million speakers. It is an interesting language that is similar to Czech, as they both evolved from the Western division of the ancient Proto-Slavic language. Although it’s not necessary to speak Slovak to get by while visiting Bratislava or other cool places in Slovakia, knowing some of these beautiful words could help you to win favor (read heart) with the locals.

How To Say Love Words And Phrases In Slovak

Try to remember these phrases because they can mean the world to someone.

English TranslationSlovak
a loveláska
I love you.Ľúbim ťa.
I love you.Milujem ťa.
I love you too.Milujem ťa, príliš.Ja ťa tiež milujem.
I adore you.Zbožňujem ťa.
I like you.Mám ťa rád.
I like you very much.Mám ťa veľmi rád.
very muchveľmi
I can´t live without you.Nemôžem bez teba žiť.
You make me happy.Robíš ma šťastným.
You mean the world to me.Znamenáš pre mňa celý svet.
You mean everything to me.Znamenáš pre mňa všetko.
I am into you.Som do teba.
She is beautiful.Ona je krásna.
A very pretty girl.Veľmi pekná holka.
He is a real charmer.On je šarmantný.
A very handsome guy.Veľmi pekný chlap.
I miss you.Chýbaš mi.
I want you.Chcem ťa.

Did you notice that in the Slovak language, there are two versions of “I love you” – “Ľúbim ťa” a “Milujem ťa“? They are not the same. Slovaks use “Milujem ťa” only if it’s very serious and you want to express the strongest love.

Love Words And Phrases In Slovak Cute Names

Cute Names You Can Call Your Significant Other In Slovak

If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend from Slovakia, you should know love words and phrases in Slovak. Also, it can be good for you to learn what cute name you can call her/him. Here are some samples of “lovers” nicknames you use while the two of you are talking sweet.

English TranslationSlovak
a princessprincezná
a sweetheartzlatko
an angelanjel
a darlingmiláčik
a lovebugchrobáčik
my lovemoja láska

Dating And Wedding Vocabulary In Slovakian

Try to remember these words and phrases, and your date with someone from Slovakia or wedding attending will go fine. 

English TranslationSlovak
a girlfriendpriateľka
a boyfriendpriateľ
a daterande
Shall we go out together?Pôjdeme spolu von?
Do you want to date me?Chceš so mnou chodiť?
Are you dating anyone now?Teraz s niekým chodíte?
Do you have a partner?Máte partnera?
Are you seducing me?Ste zvádza ma?
a broke-uprozchod
Can I hold your hand?Môžem držať za ruku?
Kiss me.Pobozkaj ma.
a kissbozk
Hug me.Mňa objať.
That’s a nice dress.To je pekné šaty.
a husbandmanžel
a wifemanželka
a fiancésnúbenec
a fiancéesnúbenica
Will you marry me?Vydáš sa za mňa?
a weddingsvatba
a divorcerozvod
Nice Love Words And Phrases In Slovak When Do We Use Them

Nice Words In Slovak: When Do We Use Them?

Krásny (kraz-nee) / Lovely

Krásny is a significant and frequently used word that describes something or someone who is nice, lovely, beautiful, wonderful, or exquisite. 

Example: Peter will have a krásny experience when he goes skiing all day with his best friends at a mountain resort in the Tatra mountain range.

–ko or –ka (-koh or -kah) / My dearest

This is a diminutive suffix that you can use as a term of endearment and. It’s often attached to the end of a name. It is similar to calling someone “my dear.” Someone with a friend named Ján might call him Jánko. A woman named Katarína might have friends and family who use the –ka ending and call her Katarínka.

Láska (lah-ska) / Love

As we already said, Láska is the Slovak word for love. So, the endearing term moja láska, or “my love,” is also frequently said in Slovakia. This word is used in many song lyrics, from Slovak pop songs to traditional folk choruses.

Milujem ťa (meel-u-yem ta) / Adoration

You can feel love for someone. However, you can also feel a higher level of love, and that feeling we can describe as close to adoration. “Milujem ťa” you can use to describe your romantic love for a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend or a husband or wife.

Miláčik (mill-ak-zik) / Darling

Slovak parents often call their children miláčik. Also, people often call each other miláčik… husband to wife in most cases. Fun fact: In 2008, a Slovak sitcom called Ano, miláčik (Yes, darling) premiered during mid-week primetime. Sadly, the funny show lasted only one season, but the phrase is still as alive and popular as ever.

Example Of Love Words And Phrases In Slovak

Example Dialog Of Love Words And Phrases In Slovak

Let’s exercise these love words we learned in the example dialog below!

  • Martin: Ahoj, zlatko. Si krásna. (Hi, sweetheart. You are beautiful.)
  • Zuzana: Ahoj, miláčik. Ďakujem. Robíš ma šťastnou. (Hi, darling. You make me happy.)
  • Martin: Mám ťa veľmi rád. Chceš so mnou chodiť? (I like you very much. Do you want to date me?)
  • Zuzana: Áno. Som do teba a myslím, že ťa ľúbim! (Yes. I am into you and I think I love you!)

Love Words And Phrases In Slovak Summary

There are two ways to say this in Slovak that have a slight intensity difference in meaning. I am a native Slovak speaker so that I can discern them quite well, but it might be difficult for a foreigner that doesn’t have these distinctions in their language. One that comes to mind that has it is Spanish, with the te quiero/te amo distinction. The Slovak one is pretty much equivalent to this. You could say “Ľúbim ťa” as an equivalent to “te quiero” in Spanish, or a less intense, not so lasting perhaps, feeling, and “Milujem ťa” to signify something like “te amo,” an expression which implies strong, lasting, committed love. Hope that helped.

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