40+ Georgian Phrases For Emergency To Keep You Safe

Georgian phrases for emergency

Emergencies can strike at any time and in any place, regardless of where you are in the world, and if you are living or traveling in Georgia, it is essential you have a few Georgian phrases for emergency under your belt. Being prepared for potential emergencies becomes even more important when you are away from home and the usual familiar safety nets.

Whether it’s a medical situation, a natural disaster, or any other unforeseen event, grasping basic phrases in the Georgian language can make all the difference. This time, we’ll explore essential Georgian vocabulary and common phrases for emergencies to help you confidently navigate unexpected situations in your new language.

Georgian Phrases For Emergency

One may face any kind of emergency when traveling to a new or foreign land. This could be a fire emergency or a natural disaster, a medical emergency or losing your way back to your hotel. As a tourist or a travel, one needs to be well-equipped to handle such situations amidst all the panic and language-barriers. Going through the following phrases is going to empower you with all the necessary linguistic you’ll be needing to handle similar situations.

Getting Help And Alerting Authorities

In emergencies, reaching out for help is the first step. These phrases will help you convey your situation to local authorities and passersby who may only speak Georgian.

Call the police!მოხვედით წყალში!Mokhvedit tsqalshi!
Call an ambulance!მოიძიეთ მოკვლა!moizie’t mokvla!
Call the emergency servicesმოგეგმებით საშინაო სამინისტროსmoegemebit sashinao saministro’s
South Emergency Services (dial 112)სამხრეთი სამხრეთოSamkhreti Samkhret’o
medical emergency_ Georgian phrases for emergency

Medical Emergencies

During medical emergencies, clear communication is crucial. These phrases will help you explain your condition and seek the necessary medical attention.

Can you call a doctor?მხედარი შემიძლია?Mkhedari shemizlia?
I need an ambulanceმე ვიყავი კაცისთვისMe viqavi katsistvis
Is there a hospital nearby?საავადმყოფო?Saaavadmokhop’o?
I don’t feel wellჩემი ჯანმრთელობა არ არის კარგადChem-i janhmrteloba ar aris kargad
I need a doctorმალავანი მიხედვითMalavani mikhe’dvitet
I am in painმალავანი ძილით ვიყავMalavani dzilit vyk’av
I feel dizzyმალავანი შიმშილში ვარMalavani shims’hilshi var
Allergic reactionგამომავალი ავედრიელებაGamomavali avedrieleba

Fire And Safety

When encountering fire or safety-related issues, use these phrases to communicate effectively to save yourself and alert others. A few basic words in a fire situation could literally mean the difference between life and death.

Fire!ცხელი წყალი!Tskheli tsqali!
Emergency Services!სასწრაფო დახმარება!Samkhreti Samkhret’o!
Do not cross the line!წინაშე არ შეასრულოს!Tsina-she ar sheasrulosa!
It’s not allowed!დაუშვებელიაAr sheidzleba!

Natural Disasters

Georgia is prone to certain natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. It is useful to learn a few words and phrases and the Georgian script for these words and phrases of warnings might appear on signs in urban and rural areas. Here’s how to express your concerns and seek help along with helpful natural disaster vocabulary in the Georgian script.

Look, an earthquake!მიხედე, რისხვას!Mikhide, rishkhvas!
Evacuate for flood safety!გადამეხუმეთ, წყალის გასაღებისთვის!Gadamekhumet, tsqalis gasaghebistvis!
Beware, a tornado is forming ahead!მოგვიანება, გაიხსნება წინა წარსაფერი!Mogvianeba, gaikhsneba tsina tsarsap’eri!
Floodწყლის წვერიTsqlis tsveri
Volcanic Eruptionვულკანიური გამოშვებაVulkaniuri gamoshveba
Landslideსახმიანი ნაკვეთიSakhmiani nakveti
Sign board_Georgian phrases for emergency

Lost And In Need Of Directions

Emergencies can also include situations where you’re lost or need directions urgently. These phrases will help you seek assistance.

Where am I?სად ვარ?sad var?
Can you help me find my way?შეიძლება შემიძლია გეგმებით მიწარმოების წინ?sheidzleba shezmidlia gegmebit tsarmoebis tsin?
I’m lostწარმოვებული ვარtsarmoebuli var
How do I get to [place]?როგორ შემოვიდან [place]-ში?rogor shemovidan [place]-shi?
Excuse me, can you give me directions to [location]?შემიძლება დაგეგმოთ [location]-ის წინ?sheidzleba dagegmot [location]-is tsin?
Is this the right way to [place]?ეს სწორი გზაა [place]-ში?es stsori gzaa [place]-shi?
I’m looking for [place]მე ვეძებ [place]-სme vedzeb [place]-s
Can you show me on the map?შეიძლება შემიძლია როგორც გვერდით მოვიშოროთ?sheidzleba shezmidlia rogor tsverdit movishorot?
Good morningდილა მშვიდობისაdila mshvidobisa
Good afternoonსაღამო მშვიდობისაsaghamo mshvidobisa
Good eveningსაღამოსა მშვიდობისაsaghamosa mshvidobisa
Good nightღამე მშვიდობისაghame mshvidobisa
How much is this?რა ღირს?ra ghirs?
Is this seat taken?რა ღირს ერთი ღამე?ra ghirs erti ghame?
Please, guide me to the frontმოითხოვეთ წინაშე მიდითMoit’khovet tsina-she midit
Where is the bank?სად არის ბანკი?Sad aris banki?
Excuse me, please write down this address for meმოგიხმეთ, გთხოვ, დამიწერეთ ეს მისამართიMogikhet, gt’khov, damits’ereet es misamarthi

No one ever plans to be caught in an emergency, but having a basic understanding of the most common phrases in a foreign country like Georgia can greatly improve your ability to respond effectively and get the help you need. Remember, staying calm and clear in your communication is key in any emergency situation. This guide should equip you with some essential Georgian phrases to navigate various unexpected scenarios, from medical emergencies to natural disasters. Whether you’re a traveler or a resident, taking the time to learn these phrases can make a significant difference in your safety and well-being.

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