Accommodation In Georgia: #1 Awesome Guide

If you’re planning on traveling to Georgia, wouldn’t it be best to know some of the vocabulary relating to accommodation in Georgia? This fantastic guide will help you learn Georgian accommodation vocabulary for visiting the country!

After you’ve selected where to go and how to get there, you’ll need to find a place to stay in Georgia. The sort of lodging you select can make or break your overall trip experience. That is why, when looking for accommodations in Georgia, you should master these Georgian terms and terminology.

Let’s get started!

Accommodations In The Georgian Country

Georgia has every type of accommodation, but there is one that is both universal and dependable for a wonderful stay: family rooms in guesthouses. These are usually a decent price per night and make traveling convenient and easy! Not to mention, Georgian guesthouses will make your journey more delightful and unforgettable thanks to the family’s kindness and generosity.

However, if staying in a guest house doesn’t sound appealing to you, there are plenty of other options. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for the perfect location, we’ve got some of the best recommendations for accommodation in Georgia!


Accommodation In Georgia; Hostels

Travelers prefer hostels, or “ჰოსტელი” (host’eli), because they are affordable and perfect for short getaways. Hostels in Tbilisi, Georgia range in price from 3€ to 9€ per night. Private rooms range in price from 12€ to 42€ per night.

The typical check-in time is 3:00 pm and check-out time is anytime before 11:00 am. In most cases, hostels will store your belongings if you come early or depart late. But, make sure to look at whether luggage storage is free or if you’ll be charged a fee.

Modern hostels in Georgia should have free wifi, options for double rooms and family rooms, air conditioning, laundry facilities, and free parking!

Hotels And Resorts

Hotels in Georgia, or “სასტუმრო და კურორტი” (sast’umro da k’urort’i), can range, with some gorgeous five-star hotels overlooking the beach or mountains. However, even the lower end hotels and resorts still have air conditioners and a free breakfast.

Top hotels in the cities usually have warm water, reliable wifi, a terrace, shared bathroom, and a hotel restaurant. Notable hotels and resorts owned by foreign accommodation providers, on the other hand, will always have spacious rooms, an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, buffets, and a perfect location for seeing the country’s mountains.


There are numerous cabins, or “კაბინა” (k’abina), in Georgia since the country is located in the mountains. This is another popular type of accomodation for travelers in Georgia.

Some of the most popular cabins in the country are Kazbegi cabins and Bude Mestia cottages.

Guest Houses

Accommodation In Georgia; Guest Houses

The traditional family rooms make guest houses, or “სასტუმრო სახლები” (sast’umro sakhlebi), popular for people visiting the country. As previously mentioned, staying in a family-run guest house allows you to experience the culture and generosity of Georgia families!

A few of the most popular guest houses in the country with gardens, terraces, and free parking include GG Guesthouse in Old Tbilisi, Friendship House, and Guesthouse Different on Rustaveli Avenue.


Apartments, or “ბინები” (binebi), are privately owned in Georgia’s main cities and rural areas. Keep in mind that apartments tend to book up for longer stays.

Most apartments are located in the city center and have a pool, bus station, garden, spa, gym, playground, and other lifestyle facilities!

Georgian Accommodation Vocabulary

Georgian WordPronunciationEnglish Translation
ჰაერის კონდიცირებაhaeris k’onditsirebaair conditioning
ქალაქის ცენტრიkalakis tsent’ricity center
შემოწმებაshemots’mebacheck in
უფასო პარკინგიupaso p’ark’ingifree parking
შიდა აუზიshida auziindoor pool
გასაღები ბარათიgasaghebi baratikey card
გარე აუზიgare auzioutdoor pool
თითოეულ დღესtitoeul dghesper day
ღამეშიghameshiper night
საზოგადოებრივი ტრანსპორტიsazogadoebrivi t’ransp’ort’ipublic transport
ოთახის მომსახურებაotakhis momsakhurebaroom service
უფასო გაუქმებაupaso gaukmebafree cancellation

Other Related Georgian Phrases

Georgian PhrasesPronunciationEnglish Translation
გაქვთ რაიმე ოთახი ხელმისაწვდომი?Gakvt raime otakhi khelmisats’vdomi?Do you have any rooms available?
არის უფასო პარკინგი?Aris upaso p’ark’ingi?Is there free parking?
არის უფასო გაუქმების რეზერვი?Aris upaso gaukmebis rezervi?Is there a free cancellation policy for reserved rooms?
შეგიძლიათ მირჩიოთ რაიმე ლამაზი სასტუმრო საქართველოში?Shegidzliat mirchiot raime lamazi sast’umro sakartveloshi?Can you recommend any nice hotels in Georgia?
შეგიძლიათ მირჩიოთ რაიმე ლამაზი სასტუმრო საქართველოში?Shegidzliat mirchiot raime lamazi sast’umro sakartveloshi?How much is the room per night?
რა ღირს დაჯავშნა სტუმრის ოთახზე?Ra ghirs dajavshna st’umris otakhze?How much does the booking cost per guest room?
შეიძლება ჯერ ოთახი ვნახო?Sheidzleba jer otakhi vnakho?May I see the room first?
რა არის თითოეული კაბინის ფასი?Ra aris titoeuli k’abinis pasi?What are the prices of each cabin?
რომელ საათზეა გასვლა?Romel saatzea gasvla?What time is check-out?
რომელ საათზეა რეგისტრაცია?Romel saatzea regist’ratsia?What time is check-in?
არის აქ Wi-Fi?Aris ak Wi-Fi?Is there wifi?

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Accommodation In Georgian

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