17+ Exciting Ways To Say Congratulations In Dutch

Knowing how to say congratulations is crucial for beginners. Why? Because you can say it to anyone, even strangers and make an impact.

Even if you’re going to be a tourist in The Netherlands, there will be opportunities to wish people congratulations. You may happen to be at a restaurant for someone’s birthday. What a great time to wish them congratulations!

There are of course other ways to wish someone felicitations such as offering a heartfelt congratulations and many more!

Let’s take away your need to search for ways to congratulate someone in Dutch by bookmarking this article. It’s time to dive in and learn Dutch.

How To Say Congratulations In Dutch

“Congratulations” in Dutch is Gefeliciteerd

Here is a list of the different verb forms of congratulations to make learning Dutch easier for you!

  • Congratulate (Feliciteren)
  • Congratulated (gefeliciteerd)
  • To congratulate (Feliciteren)
  • Congratulating (feliciteren)

Especially if you have just begun learning the Dutch language, words like congratulations will become an asset for you. First, it will help you start conversations in different contexts and allow you to communicate more freely with the Dutch people. Second, it will allow you to practice speaking Dutch better and get you a bit more in touch with the culture.

General Ways To Congratulate In Dutch

You don’t always have to say congratulations. That gets a bit boring, doesn’t it? So here we will go through some general phrases that can also be used to congratulate someone in a friendly and professional manner.

After this, we’ll look at some more fun alternatives and ways of giving praise.

1. Congratulations on your success! (Gefeliciteerd met je succes! )

This phrase can be used to praise anyone in any formal or informal setting. It’s great to use when you see new friends or even strangers win something.

2. Congrats. You did an excellent job! (Gefeliciteerd. Je hebt uitstekend werk geleverd! )

Why not use this as an opportunity to complement someone. If you’re working in The Netherlands, you can use this phrase to praise colleagues. It can also be used when speaking to children to tell them they’ve done well.

3. Keep it up (Ga zo door )

Speaking of children, this is a simple phrase you can use when congratulating your friend’s child or someone who is much younger than you. It will encourage them to keep going or working hard.

4. Proud of you! (Trots op jou! )

Who doesn’t like to hear that someone is proud of you? Spread the love with this powerful phrase in Dutch. It will mean so much to those near and dear to you, but will also have an impact in the professional world as well.

5. Good going! (Gaat goed! )

This is a rather casual way to show your support and recognize someone’s success. Make sure to use it with friends and family though as strangers may find it a bit rude.

Other Congratulatory Phrases In Dutch

These are some other simple ways to offer congratulations in Dutch in informal situations.

  • Nicely done (Keurig gedaan )
  • You did it! (Je hebt het gedaan! )
  • Hats off to you (Petje af voor jou )
  • Here’s to you (Hier is voor jou )

Congratulation Wishes In Dutch For Different Occasions

Here are different lists of wishes that you can use according to the occasion.

Dutch Congratulation Phrases For Weddings Or Engagements

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
Congratulations on your engagement!Gefeliciteerd met jullie verloving!
Happy engagementBlije verloving
Cheers to your wedding!Proost op je bruiloft!
Cheers to the new coupleProost op het nieuwe koppel
Welcome to a new life!Welkom in een nieuw leven!
Congratulations to the future coupleProficiat aan het toekomstige koppel

Dutch Congratulation Wishes For Job Success

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
You did a great jobJe hebt het geweldig gedaan
Congratulations on your promotionGefeliciteerd met jouw promotie
Cheers to your new work lifeProost op je nieuwe werkleven
Good luck with your new jobVeel succes met je nieuwe baan
Congrats! You got the dream jobGefeliciteerd! Jij hebt de droombaan
You deserve this promotionJe verdient deze promotie

Dutch Congratulations For Graduation

Congratulations in Dutch
EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
Congratulations on graduatingGefeliciteerd met het behalen van je diploma
Congrats to the new graduateGefeliciteerd met de nieuwe afgestudeerde
You did it! Congrats!Je hebt het gedaan! Gefeliciteerd!
You deserve the praiseJe verdient de lof
All the best to your futureAlle goeds voor je toekomst
You worked hard. Congratulations!Jij werkte hard. Gefeliciteerd!

Congratulation Wishes For Motherhood In Dutch

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
Welcome to motherhoodWelkom bij het moederschap
Congratulations on becoming parentsGefeliciteerd met het worden van ouders
Wishing your family all the bestIk wens je familie het allerbeste
Congrats on your new babyGefeliciteerd met je nieuwe baby

You Made It! (Je hebt het gehaald!)

With a quick study of this article, you now know some of the best ways to congratulate someone in Dutch. There is of course more to learn about the Dutch language related to this topic such as:

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