14 Easy Ways To Say Yes In Dutch! Plus No, Ok!

Yes, no, and OK are three of the most simple yet most powerful words in any language. They allow us to say so much with just a single word. As with other languages, to say yes in Dutch can be as simple as saying yes (ja). Still, you can also answer in various exciting ways such as, ‘I’d love to,’ or, ‘Absolutely!’ Dutch translations also offer fun ways to say yes, which we’ll show you below.

What about saying no in Dutch? The Dutch translation for no is nee, and Dutch offers creative ways to say no just like English does with phrases such as, ‘No, I’d rather die!’ or, ‘No way.’

This article will also cover how to say OK in Dutch and give you lots of phrases for yes, no, and OK to practice.


Say Yes In Dutch

Say Yes in Dutch

Affirmative answers are required so many times throughout the day that it wouldn’t be impossible to get by without knowing how to say yes in Dutch. Let’s look at a few questions you may be asked where you may respond yes:

  • Would you like…? (zou je willen)
  • Do you know where…? (Weet je waar)
  • Do you like…? (Vind je leuk)
  • Is this correct? (Is dit correct?)

Most foreigners believe that ja is how to say yes in Dutch. However, the most common way to say yes is JawelThis translates to surely yes. Most Dutch speakers use jawel for daily use as it’s appropriate for any situation, formal or informal.

While still widely used, Ja is more informal and used among friends and family, for example, when you might say, ja, ja, ja (yees, yes yes).

Here Are Popular Words And Phrases For Yes In Dutch:

Jawel!Surely yes
Nou en of!Absolutely
Heel erg!Very much yes!
Ja, hartstikke!Yes, very much!
Natuurlijk wel!Of course, yes!
Ja, alstublieft.Yes, please!
Ja. Dat is juist.Yes. That’s right.
Dat klopt, ja.That’s right, yes.
Ja, ik begrijp. Dank u zeer.Yes, I understand. Thanks a lot
Ja, graag.Yes, with pleasure.
Ja. Nee. Misschien. Ik weet het niet.Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know.
Ja natuurlijkYes, of course


Say No In Dutch

Say No in Dutch

No is another fundamental affirmative answer to know in Dutch. You may sometimes like to offer no in Dutch in response to questions like,

  • Can we meet at…? (Kunnen we afspreken om…?)
  • Are you free this weekend? (Ben je dit weekend vrij?)
  • Do you want to…? (Wil je…?)
  • Would you like to go out? (Wil je uitgaan?)

Here Are Popular Words And Phrases For No In Dutch:

Nee, nee en nogmaals nee!No, no, and furthermore, no!
Je kan niet “nee” zeggen.You can’t say no.
Nee… Ik bedoel, ja.No… I mean, yes.
Nee, bedankt.No thanks.
Ja. Nee. Misschien. Ik weet het nietYes. No. Maybe. I don’t know.
Nee. Ik moet helaas weer vroeg terug.No. I’m sorry, I’ve got to go back early.
Wat als ik “nee” zou zeggen?What if I say “no”?
Ik zei nee!Look, I said no!
Helemaal niet!Not at all!
Absoluut niet!Absolutely not!
Totaal niet!Totally not!


Say OK In Dutch

Say OK in Dutch

Well, OK is a borrowed term from English, so you can usually just say ‘OK’ in Dutch too! Here are some questions and answers you can use in Dutch that don’t always use OK, but the intention is the same.

Is alles in orde?Is everything OK?
Vind jij dit goed?Is this OK with you?
Is het goed als ik hier zit?Is it OK if I sit here?
Komt alles goed met je?Are you going to be OK?
Is alles in orde hier?Is everything OK here?
Ik denk dat het klopt.I think it’s OK.
Zijn jullie het ermee eens?Do you agree? Are you OK with this?
Met mij is alles kits.With me everything is OK.
Alles komt in orde.Everything’s going to be OK.
Gaat het? Wat…? Ja, het is niets.You OK? Wha-… Yes, it’s nothing.
Het is waarschijnlijk in orde.It’s probably OK.
Doe rustig aan, en alles komt wel weer in orde.Calm down, and everything will be OK in the end


You’re All Set!

Now that you’re familiar with how to say yes, no, and OK in Dutch, you can feel more confident going out into the Netherlands (or other regions that speak Dutch). Practice listening to conversations where people respond in affirmative choices, so you know when to answer yes, no, or OK.

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