20+ Shopping Vocabulary In French For Travelers

Ooh la la! It’s no surprise that you feel the urge to learn shopping vocabulary in French … down every French street, the locals are dressed in a classy, sophisticated style that every foreigner wishes to replicate.
Shopping vocabulary in French will get you far in French stores, flea markets, thrift shops, and boutiques.

We all know how much the French people love their own language. So, speaking a bit of French will impress the shopkeepers, helping you get the best price while scoring some beautiful, exclusively French pieces.

From casual, everyday street wear to unique art pieces, keep reading if you wish to talk, dress, and shop like an iconic Frenchmen or Frenchwoman.

History Of French Fashion

Elegant. Innovative. Classic. France’s trademark is fashion at its most refined. The opulent fashion sense dates back to King Louis XIV, who famously built the lavish, gold-plated Palace of Versailles in the late 1600s. 

A few hundred years later, 19th Century Paris is the birthplace of ‘haute couture,’ which translates into ‘high dressmaking.’ Famous French designers like Dior and Chanel took inspiration from King Louis’ rich tastes and established the reputation & couture of French fashion in the 1900s. Even today, their namesake brands continue to dominate the luxury fashion industry.

French fashion is symbolic as a status of wealth, elegance, and refined taste. Whenever travelers explore France, it is no wonder they wish to replicate that sense of magic that is French fashion and influence.

French shopping is an event all on its own, and you must go in prepared and inspired to find your own chic, unique style. Keep reading to learn the basics of French shopping vocabulary, and you could come out of your shopping experience a much more stylish, cultured person. 

French woman shopping

Most Important Shopping Phrases In French

So you’ve already studied French vocabulary for transportation & family, but now you want to learn shopping words and phrases! Not to fear, these five French phrases will take you far on your shopping spree.

How Much Is This? – Combien ça coûte?

Simply asking ‘Combien ça coûte?’ is a fantastic way to interact with locals (and perhaps even get the local price!) 

It’s Too Big / Small – C’est trop grand / petit

Perhaps the piece is too big ‘trop grand’ or too small ‘trop petit.’ These two adjectives are quite similar to English, so they should be easy to remember. 

I’m Just Looking Around, Thanks – Je regarde juste autour de moi, merci.

If you really want to impress the shopkeeper with your French, try out this phrase, ‘Je regarde juste autour de moi, merci.’ It’s a polite way of saying, ‘please, don’t bother me!’ 

I Would Like … Please – Je voudrais … s’il vous plaît

Simple, yet effective, ‘je voudrais,’ is an easy way to say “I would like …” 

This phrase will come in handy whether you’re looking for a silver necklace, ‘collier en argent,‘ lavender scented soap, ‘savon parfumé à la lavande,’ or anything in between. 

French flag

Common Shopping Vocabulary In French

Memorize these words to whip out when shopping with French friends or explain what you’re specifically looking for to a shop clerk. Knowing a few of these words before going into a store could save you translation confusion or an awkward encounter! Always be prepared.

ShopBoutique, magasin 
CheapBon marché 
Good qualityBonne qualité 
shopping vocabulary in French

Other Useful Shopping Phrases In French

The following words and phrases are to give you that extra push if you want to really practice your French in a live setting.

I need …J’ai besoin … 
I want …Je veux … 
I’m looking for …Je cherche … 
Can I have …?Puis-je avoir …? 
Okay, I’ll buy it.D’accord, je vais l’achète. 
Is it on sale?C’est en solde? 
Do you accept cash?Acceptez-vous l’argent liquide? 
Do you accept credit cards?Acceptez-vous les cartes de crédit? 
Do you have this in another color?L’avez-vous dans une autre couleur? 
Can I see this?Puis-je voir ça? 
Can I try this on?Je peux l’essayer? 
I’m going shopping.Je vais faire du shopping. 
What size are you?Quelle taille faites vous? 
Where are the changing rooms?Où sont les vestiaires? 
No thanks, I’m only looking.Non merci, je ne fais que regarder. 
This color doesn’t suit me.Cette couleur ne me va pas très bien. 
Can I have a bag?Est-ce que je peux avoir un sac? 
This is good value for your money!Bon rapport qualité prix. 
I want a reimbursement.Je veux un remboursement. 
Where is the cash register?Où est la caisse enregistreuse? 

You’re Now Ready To Shop Until You Drop 

Onward! Now that you have the necessary French vocabulary and expressions, off you go on to explore opulent shops in the beautiful country of France.

Because you’re bound to go shopping in France (it’s inevitable!), this comprehensive list of French shopping vocabulary applies to real-life scenarios. Be brave and use your French skills in person – you’ll feel accomplished afterwards!

I’m sure you will find unique pieces and even a little bit of that sophisticated French style to take back with you to your native country. Au Revoir!

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