An Easy 2021 Guide To Irish Greetings

June 9, 2021

On the search for different Irish greetings? In today's post, we will walk you through some of the best ways to say hello and strike a conversation with an Irish local. We will also touch on critical concepts related to greetings and the famous English greetings you can use since most of the locals from the city prefer to use them in their everyday life. Ready to say dia dhuit (helloto someone? Read on below.

Ireland has always been part of the top tourist destinations due to its wide breadth of castles and medieval sites, lush greenery, and stunning natural landscapes. It's a dreamy place that certainly looks like it came right out of a fairytale book which is why a number of films were shot from this place. Some of the popular shows and movies that used the Republic of Ireland as a backdrop are the historical franchises, including Game of Thrones, Vikings, Harry Potter, and the Tudors!

Aside from the glorious look, Ireland is also popular since this is the only place where you can find some of the endangered plant species from across the world. Since the country has only a few native plants, Ireland is going the extra mile to protect it all by having the seeds stored in freezers so that they can be planted again in the next century. Want to see the plants in action when you visit? Just go to the National Botanic Gardens for free and roam around its exquisite show of nature's true beauty.

However, before you book your ticket and pack up your luggage for the adventure of a lifetime, we highly recommend that you pay close attention to the cultural etiquette and languages used in the country. You see, every country has a different culture, belief, and interpretation for certain instances. You do not want to be branded as "that traveler" who has not prepared well or researched the common etiquette of the locals.


Ireland: Cultural Etiquette

Traveling is not just about visiting a place or trying out for the first time a native dish. It allows you to widen your social circle and become connected on a personal level with the locals. However, you might not be able to fully form an authentic and positive connection if you do not know a thing about their etiquette. To give you an overview, read our tips below on how you can establish a relationship without breaking any of the common meeting etiquettes and customs in Ireland.

  • It is important in Irish culture to show respect by shaking hands with another person, even if you are speaking with an older kid.
  • For business contexts, it is customary to address someone of higher status with their titles and last names when greeting.
  • If you are greeting close friends or family members, you can kiss on the cheeks and hug. Do note that females usually kiss both female and male friends, while males only kiss females.
  • It is okay to address a friend or a family member using their first name.
  • In the countryside in Ireland, Irish people usually greet each other even if they are total strangers.
  • Irish people do not really greet total strangers in the city, but they might do so if they think you are a tourist.
  • Meeting someone for the first time? It is important that you follow the customs, which means that you need to shake hands no matter the other person's age.
  • Eye contact is often regarded as an essential part of greeting someone as it denotes trust and respect.
  • For business meetings, remember to shake hands with everyone before and after.
  • Do not be offended if someone introduces himself to you but will not offer you a business card.

Now that we have said everything there is to know about the Irish customs, it's not time that we go through the most common expressions in the Irish language and English.


Common Irish Greetings

Common Irish Greetings
Common Irish Greetings

Below are the best ways by which you can greet someone in the most native-sounding phrases. However, please note that the Irish people mainly use English when speaking, so please don't get disheartened if your newfound Irish friend will just speak to you in English.

English Translation Irish
Good day Bail ó Dhia ort
Good morning Dee-ah dhuit ar maidin
Good afternoon/evening Tráthnóna maith
Good night Oíche mhaith agat
Goodbye (to someone leaving) Slá leat / Slán
Goodbye (when you are leaving) Slán agat
See you Slán go fóill
Stay safe, take care Tabhair aire
Hello Dia dhuit
Hello (as a response) Dia is Muire dhuit
How are you? Conas atá tú?
Morrow to you Mora duit


How To Say Hello In Ireland Using English

Looking for better ways to say hello and greet like a total local? Level up your greeting game by reviewing our online list below. You see, you can get to impress your Irish friends by using their common slang. This is because about 99% of Irish people utilize English, and only a tiny minority actually speak Gaelic.

Prepare to belt out the phrases below, and you can surely see how much it will make them happy to know that you are trying to learn their real expressions.

English Translation Irish
What's up? What's the craic?
How are you? Howya?
How are you doing? How goes the battle?
What's up? (Asking with concern) How in the name of Jesus are you?
Good morning Top of the morning to you
Hey Hiya / Hi
How have things been? Story? / All well? / You been well?
Bye Have a good one / See ya 
Take care Look after yerself
I'm okay I’m grand / Fair to middling

So, which of these are you probably going to use with your Irish friends or colleagues? All the different expressions above are often used in both the urban and rural areas, so if you plan to use them during your travel, you will not encounter misinterpretations with the locals.

Did you enjoy the short read? If you did, then we highly recommend that you also check out our previous articles where you may answer some of your top questions like how to express phrases related to transportationcolors, and how to say I love you! Also, you may share this post with other interested people so that they can learn more about the Irish language.

Got something to ask or clarify? Sure we can help you out! Feel free to comment down below on this site, and we'd definitely get back to you in an instant. For the latest news on our language offerings, remember to connect with us on our social media page 🙂


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