30+ Easy French Vocabulary For Family That You Must Know

Are you curious to know the French vocabulary for family? It’s handy to know what French words are used for family members. For example, it is common that during a conversation, you or the other person have to explain how many brothers and sisters you have or describe your family.

This article covers the easy French vocabulary for family and all the related words and expressions you might need to know.

Most Common French Vocabulary For Immediate Family

When learning French, one of the easiest things your can learn is the French vocabulary for family. They are fast to memorize, and you will discover that you will use them quite often. It can be part of the greetings introducing family members or telling others about yourself and your family.

Here are the most common French family vocabulary:

  • Le frère – Brother
  • Un père – Father
  • Un fils – Son
  • Un mari – Husband
  • Un oncle – Uncle
  • Un neveu – Nephew
  • Le cousinCousin (male)
  • La cousine – Cousin (female)
  • Cadet – Younger brother
  • La mère – Mother
  • Demi-frère – Half brother
  • Demi soeur – Half sister
  • Le père – Father
  • Membres de la famille immédiate – Immediate family members
  • Sœur cadette – Younger sister
  • La sœur – Sister

Most Common French Vocabulary For The Rest Of The Family

Bigger families can have additional members, and it would be useful to know additional terms.

Here they are:

  • Belle-fille – Daughter in law
  • Le beau fils – The son-in-law
  • Le grand père – Grand father
  • Le beau père – Step-father
  • Belle-famille – Stepfamily
  • Beau-frère – Brother in law
  • Beau-père – Father in law
  • Père adoptif – Foster father
  • Fils adoptif – Adopted son
  • Fille adoptive – Adopted daughter
  • Beau-frère – Step brother
  • Mère biologique – Biological mother
  • La belle mère – Mother-in-law
  • Belle-soeur – Sister in law
  • Belle-mère – Mother in law
  • La grand mère – Grandmother
  • Les grands parents – Grand parents
  • La tante – Aunt
  • Le grand-oncle – Great-uncle
  • La grand-tante– Great-aunt

Most Common French Vocabulary Related To Family

Easy French Vocabulary For Family That You Must Know

During a conversation with French people, you could hear other words related to a family. So it is beneficial to know them too.

Here they are:

  • Les parents – Parents
  • La famille – Family
  • La belle fille – The beautiful girl
  • Un époux – Spouse
  • Famille élargie – Extended family
  • Les proches – Relatives
  • Membre de la famille – Family member
  • La fille – The girl
  • Le parrain – Godfather
  • La marraine  – Godmother
  • Le filleul – Godson
  • La filleule  – Gooddoughter

Common French Expressions Used By Families

You might want to learn how to say or understand the most common expressions used in a typical family.

Here are some examples:

  • Allez vous laver les dents – Go to wash your teeth
  • Il est temps d’aller dormir – It is time to go to sleep
  • Le dîner est prêt – Dinner is ready
  • Range ta chamber – Clean your room
  • Aide ta mère à faire la vaisselle – Help your mother to wash the dishes
  • Faites vos devoirs avant le dîner – Do your homework before dinner
  • Arrête de jouer aux jeux vidéo et va au lit – Stop playing video games and go to bed
  • Aide ta sœur à s’habiller – Help your sister to dress
  • Ton père est en retard – Your father is late
  • C’est ma soeur – This is my sister
  • Mes parents sont au travail – My parents are at work
  • Sortir le chien en promenade – Take the dog out for a walk
  • Je vais rendre visite à mes grands-parents cet été – I go visit my grandparents this summer
  • Ma famille compte 9 members – My family have 9 members

How To Introduce Family Members

Easy French Vocabulary For Family That You Must Know

Learning to introduce family in french can be really useful if you meet other people. When you want to introduce someone, you can say:

  • Je vous présente ….. – I present you …. (formal or used with several people)
  • Je te présente …… – I present you (informal)

Here are the most common ways to introduce family members:

  • Je vous présente mon soeur – I present to you my sister
  • Je te présente ma fille – I present to you my daughter
  • Je te présente mon père – I present to you my father

Other Related Terms To Family In French

To further expand your vocabulary, you can learn other words related to family. Even if some words are not so used, it might be worth knowing them:

Here are some related words:

  • La généalogie – Genealogy
  • Un arbre généalogique – Family tree
  • L’ascendance – Lineage
  • Une génération – Generation
  • Les ancêtres -The ancestors
  • Cousin germain – First cousin
  • Deuxième cousin– Second cousin
  • La famille d’accueil – Foster family
  • Ménage – Household
  • Les gosses – Kids

French Idioms Related To Family

It is also common to hear French people use idioms with family words. Here are some of the most common:

  • Je suis le parent pauvre – I am the poor parent

It means to be forgotten because of no money. Other family members do not care about you because you are poor and can’t help them with money

  • Vous devriez laver votre linge sale en famille – You should wash your dirty laundry in the family

It means that you should not share with others personal information about the family and should not ask others to help you resolve family matters. This is because all problems related to the family members are meant to be resolved within the family.

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