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Many people who venture into Europe list countries such as France, Italy, and Austria as their top choices to visit. But have you ever considered traveling in Estonia? This small country in Northern Europe is loaded with charm. It would be hard not to remain enchanted by what it has to offer.

Moreover, this Baltic country is quite underrated, so you wouldn’t have to elbow your way through hoards of tourists when visiting Estonia. Make sure you visit soon, and study the basics of the Estonian language before you go. This article will brief you on why you must visit this hidden gem of a country when you go to Northern Europe.

Is Estonia Good For Tourists?

Estonia is a relatively safe country for tourists, with rare occurrences of violent crime. However, petty crimes sometimes happen. Like other countries in Eastern Europe and Western Europe, there are cases of bag snatching and pickpockets in Estonia as well. So, is Estonia safe to travel alone? It is best to always secure your valuables, especially when using public transportation.

At the time of taking photos in its major cities, including Tallinn, ask people their permission if you can take pictures of them. Moreover, while you can use drones for recreational purpose, you must read the local laws or Estonia travel guide about flying drones before you do. Apart from that, Estonia has the strictest laws on drugs and alcohol. Drug trafficking and the use and possession of drugs can put you behind bars for more than ten years. You can also get penalized and jailed for drunk driving.

traveling in Estonia

What Is The Best Way To Travel Around Estonia?

Estonia is a tiny country with a properly developed infrastructure. So you won’t have any problem commuting around via domestic flights on a plane or through transportation in Estonia using train, car, ferry, bike, bus, or walking. It’s okay if you don’t have a rented car. Taxi apps like Uber and Bolt are quite popular in Estonia. Or, you can hail a local cab if you find yourself stuck in Tallinn, smaller towns, other larger cities, or anywhere unfamiliar.

Do They Speak English In Estonia?

Estonian is a language with many similarities to Finnish. It belongs to the Finno-Ugric family and is spoken by around 1.1 million people. It is referred to as an “elven” language, which many foreigners find melodic in nature. It sounds music to the ears when you hear the locals talking in their native language at the Christmas markets, its capital city of Tallinn, the town’s medieval castle, and other sites.

Though learning Estonian before heading to the country is best, you won’t have any problem finding locals who speak English. Most of them speak not only English but other foreign languages as well, including Finnish and Russian.

Here are some of the most useful Estonian words and phrases that may come in handy when you’re trying to impress the locals with your skills

Thank youAitäh
Excuse meVabandage
Good morningTere hommikust
Good afternoonTere päevast
Good eveningTere õhtust
How are you?Kuidas sul läheb?

Top Tips To Remember When Traveling In Estonia

Here are some tips and reasons why you must start adding Estonia to your travel bucket list:

Unlimited Internet Access

You’ll have internet access regardless of where in Estonia you are. It holds the title of being the most advanced digital place worldwide. This is why travel bloggers and digital nomads consider the place a haven. The country provides free Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere. It’s no surprise that this is where Hotmail and Skype originated.

Abundance Of Healthy Food

You won’t run out of clean and organic food choices, even in the forests, when you visit Estonia. However, it’s rare to find restaurants that serve traditional Estonian food. If you want to try some, you may want to join a food tour. Some of the best Estonian flavors and foods you must try in this country include “Mulgipuder” porridge, a bowl of buckwheat with vegetables, and wild boar steak. For desserts, try the “Kirju Koer” – a dish made of chocolate marmalade and cookies, a sweet bun called “Vastlakukkel”, and “Kama” flour mixture with kefir or buttermilk.

Best Value For Your Money

Prices of all commodities in the beautiful country of Estonia, including travel and food, are way lower than in the other parts of Europe. This means you can do and explore more without breaking the bank quickly. You can also travel to its cities and towns through public transport since it’s a small country.

Rich Forests In A Soviet Union Country

Once you have seen the lush green forests in Estonia, you will understand why it is among the top-ranked greenest countries in the world. Almost half of it is covered in green, so expect clean air and beautiful Estonian scenery. While here, check out its national parks, such as Sooma National Park, Laheema National Park, and Matsalu National Park.

traveling in Estonia

Bring Your Whole Family To Visit Estonia

The whole family, young and old, will find something to enjoy when traveling in Estonia. You can visit castles or historical sites, visit the islands, go hiking, explore the forests, and eat wild berries. You’ll have a great night in Estonia just by sleeping in this peaceful and breathtaking country.

Must Try Estonia’s Craft Beer

Estonian Craft Beer is a must-try for beer enthusiasts. You can find many variations of this beer in Tallinn and nearby cities and towns. If you aren’t a beer person, the next best drink is the mixture of apple juice and lemonade called “Valge Klaar”.

Check Out The Top Travel Spots in Estonia

When you visit Estonia, first, you must visit Tallinn, the country’s historic capital city. In Tallinn, you can check the best-preserved medieval cities with cobblestone streets that existed long before the Russian occupation. Also include in your journey the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Old Town in Vanalinn. The Old Town is an interesting place where you can take stunning photos.

Make time for the beaten path in Pärnu, stroll in the Lahemaa National Park, another popular destination in Estonia, and unwind on the beaches of the Saaremaa island. The island is among the top destinations in Estonia, even after the summer months.

Practice Estonian With Ling

Enjoy your travel in this small yet delightful country by possessing a loaded Estonian vocabulary. Practice the language using Ling, a language-learning app you can download at the Play Store and App Store.

With Ling, language learning becomes fun and interesting. How? Because of its gamified approach that focuses on interactive exercises and fun quizzes. The scoreboard keeps you motivated while the AI-powered chatbot helps you chat up in your target language.

So, try Ling today and learn a lot of Estonian words in no time!

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