9 Easy Basic Cantonese Words For Office Equipment

Cantonese Words For Office Equipment

Ever dreamed of experiencing office life like Michael Scott from the series “The Office”? Then come and join us as this article will dive into the exciting world of Cantonese and discover the secret language of office gear! Picture yourself strolling through Hong Kong‘s lively markets or wowing your coworkers with some Cantonese words for office equipment. From “din6 nou5” (computers) to “jan6 biu2 gei1” (printers) and all the cool gadgets in between, it’s your ticket to smoother conversations and cultural immersion.

Ready to embark on this epic linguistic quest? Cantonese is calling, and your adventure starts now!

Office Equipment In Cantonese

Office equipment or “辦公室設備” (baan6 gung1 sat1 cit3 bei1) is the beating heart of workplace efficiency. From trusty desktop computers to lightning-fast printers, these tools power modern business operations. They fuel communication, simplify admin work, and supercharge productivity. Imagine an office without essentials like computers, phones, copiers, and comfy ergonomic chairs—it’d be at a standstill. These tools empower precision in tasks and turbocharge a company’s success and competitiveness. Think of office equipment as the secret sauce, keeping the wheels of your office turning smoothly, propelling productivity, and ensuring seamless business execution.

A woman working on computer in office

Common Cantonese Words For Office Equipment

In a nutshell, mastering these office words isn’t just a language quest; it’s your passport to a cooler, more inclusive workspace. So make sure to pay attention to the words we prepared below:

Computer – 電腦 (din6 nou5)

A computer is the dynamic brainpower behind modern workplaces. It’s the wizard that effortlessly juggles spreadsheets, crafts compelling presentations, and connects us to the digital universe with a click.

Printer scanner laser copy machine supplies in office

Printer – 打印機 (daa2 jan6 gei1)

Using a printer, one can create hard copies of digital files or photographs. It copies the data held on a computer or other electronic device by transferring ink or toner onto paper or other print media. Office printers are crucial pieces of equipment for creating physical copies of reports, presentations, and other documents, which helps with efficient record-keeping and communication.

Printer scanner laser copy machine supplies in office

Scanner – 掃描器 (sou2 miu4 hei3)

Using a scanner, one can turn tangible things, photos, or documents into digital versions. It functions by taking a photo of the original thing and preserving it as a digital file that may be altered, stored, or shared electronically. Modern offices rely heavily on scanners to digitize paper files, store them, and enable effective document management and teamwork.

Male Notary Public Speaking by Telephone in Office

Telephone – 電話 (din6 waa2)

A telephone is a tool for voice communication that connects people in various places. It normally comprises a handset or headset attached to a base unit or desk phone. Telephones are crucial workplace equipment for supporting real-time communication, both internally with coworkers and outside with clients, partners, or suppliers, fostering effective business operations and collaboration.

Fax machine – 傳真機 (cyun4 zan1 gei1)

An electronic tool called a fax machine is used to send papers and pictures via phone lines. It takes a physical document, scans it, turns it into electronic signals, and sends those signals to a different fax machine at a different location so that it can be printed or displayed.

Copier – 影印機 (jing2 jan2 gei1)

The purpose of a copier is to duplicate printed or handwritten documents. The process involves scanning the original document to create one or more copies on white sheets of paper. Copiers are essential in office environments for swiftly and effectively duplicating documents, enabling the transfer of key information to several recipients without the need for human transcription or printing.

Bussinesswoman using copier machine to copy heap of paperwork in office

File cabinet – 文件櫃 (man4 gei6 gwai2)

A file cabinet is a sturdy piece of office equipment designed to store and manage documents. With its drawers and folders, it transforms chaos into order, making it effortless to locate crucial files when needed. This trusty companion keeps the office landscape clutter-free, ensuring essential documents are just a drawer pull away.

Projector – 投影機 (tau4 jing2 gei1)

The projector, an illuminating powerhouse in office gear, brings presentations to life with vivid clarity. It casts a spotlight on ideas, turning any surface into a dynamic canvas for sharing information and insights.

Paper shredder – 剪紙機 (zin2 zi2 gei1)

A paper shredder is a necessary workplace gadget that shreds sensitive documents into tiny bits, destroying them and protecting private information from theft or unauthorized access. In the corporate setting, it offers comfort and complies with data protection laws.

Paper shredder

Office-Related Words In Cantonese

Mastering office lingo in Cantonese isn’t just about business; it’s your ticket to smoother teamwork and high-fives with your Cantonese-speaking coworkers! So get ready to learn words related to office, which includes commonly used words and stationery items!

EnglishCantonese TranslationCantonese Pronunciation
Stapler釘書機 ding1 syu1 gei1
Tape dispenser膠帶分配器 gaau1 daai3 fan1 bei6 hei3
Calculator計算機 gai3 syun3 gei1
Office辦公室 baan6 gung1 sat1
Computer電腦 din6 nou5
Meeting會議 wui6 ji5
Conference room會議室wui6 ji5 sat1
File cabinet文件櫃 man4 gei6 gwai6
Pen原子筆 jyun4 zi2 bat1
Notebook筆記簿 bat1 gei3 bou6
Calendar日曆 yat6 lik6
Office supplies辦公用品 baan6 gung1 jung6 ban2
Workstation工作站 gung1 zok3 zaam6
Copier影印機 jing2 jan2 gei1
Reception接待處 zip3 doi6 cyu3
Desk organizer書檯整理架 syu1 toi4 zing2 lei5 gaa3
Filing system檔案系統 dong6 on3 hai6 gei6 syu3
Office manager辦公室經理 baan6 gung1 sat1 ging1 lei5
Desk書桌 syu1 zoek3
Office chair辦公椅 baan6 gung1 ji1

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