Is Estonia Safe To Travel Alone: #1 Best Guide

is estonia safe to travel alone

Is Estonia safe to travel alone? Based on personal experience, it is, but you must still carry precautions, and it also pays to know the basics of the Estonian language. While many locals can speak many languages, including English, it’s best to be prepared all the time as you explore the nation’s rich visual and cultural offerings.

Let me brief you about what you need to know to stay safe while traveling to Estonia, especially for solo female travelers. The country is generally safe for solo travelers, even if this will be your first solo trip. This Baltic country is a safe country, to say the least.

Making The Most Of Your Experience As A Solo Female Traveler

Often referred to as “The Finland of Eastern countries,” Estonia’s identity is a harmonious blend of various cultural threads. With just three decades of independence under its belt, Estonia’s citizens are fervently engaged in cultivating their distinctive cultural heritage. Here are some important notes that can be handy for solo male and solo female travelers:


Estonia boasts one of Europe’s lower crime rates, offering peace of mind to solo travelers. However, it pays to be vigilant, specifically on the following sites:

  • Former industrial hubs like Narva at the Russian border require circumspection
  • Railway stations

A solo traveler doesn’t need to feel unsafe in Estonia, although unwelcome comments from men remain an unfortunate universal occurrence. However, solo travelers do not need to worry about strolling its streets alone.

Additionally, remember that for stays under 90 days, many nationalities can enter Estonia without a visa. Should your stay exceed this duration, securing a visa might be necessary, or else you’ll be detained! Ensure your passport remains valid for at least six months beyond your intended return date.


Culinary exploration ranks high on my travel agenda, and Estonian dishes delivered a delightful journey. Drawing parallels to Russian cuisine, I indulged in delectable dishes such as Seljanka soup and Pelmeni. Tallinn beckons with its morning markets at Telliskivi creative city and Jaama Turg, while eclectic food trucks offer a global culinary adventure.


Estonia’s well-connected transportation network accommodates various modes of travel, from boats to planes, trams to buses, and trains. Car rental is advisable for exploring the countryside and natural parks.

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Is Estonia Safe To Travel Alone?

Estonia is widely regarded as a safe destination for solo travelers. With its relatively low crime rates and friendly locals, many visitors enjoy hassle-free journeys. While it’s always advisable to exercise standard travel precautions, such as watching over personal belongings in crowded places, Estonia’s reputation as a secure and welcoming country makes it a favored choice for those traveling alone.

However, as in any capital city, Tallinn can present some safety concerns. The prevalence of alcohol at notably low prices can lead to encounters with intoxicated groups, sometimes leading to altercations and verbal confrontations. Particular caution should be exercised around the strip clubs on Viru Street and certain local bars, which may be linked to organized crime. Unscrupulous establishments might attempt to overcharge tourists, emphasizing the importance of vigilance.

So before traveling to Estonia or any destination, it’s wise to be well-prepared to ensure a safer experience. Compile a list of essential contact numbers, including that of your accommodation, the nearest police station, local emergency services, and perhaps the embassy or consulate of your home country in Estonia. Having this list readily accessible, either in printed form or saved on your phone, can provide invaluable assistance in unexpected situations. Additionally, informing a trusted individual of your travel itinerary and checking in regularly can be an added layer of security during your journey.

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Estonian Words For Emergency

When traveling in Estonia, it’s beneficial to know some essential Estonian words and phrases related to emergencies. This can help you communicate more effectively in unexpected situations:

  1. Emergency: Hädaolukord
  2. Help!: Abi!
  3. Police: Politsei
  4. Ambulance: Kiirabi
  5. Fire: Tulekahju
  6. Hospital: Haigla
  7. Doctor: Arst
  8. Accident: Õnnetus
  9. I’m lost: Ma olen eksinud
  10. Danger: Oht
  11. Emergency phone number: Hädaabi telefoninumber

While Estonia is a relatively safe country and many people speak English, especially in urban areas, knowing these words can come in handy and provide an extra layer of confidence while navigating unfamiliar surroundings.

Estonian Expressions For Emergency

In case of unexpected situations while traveling in Estonia, knowing some key expressions can facilitate quicker assistance and understanding. Here are some emergency-related phrases in Estonian:

  1. I need help: Mul on abi vaja.
  2. Can you help me?: Kas saate mind aidata?
  3. Call the police!: Helistage politseisse!
  4. I am injured: Ma olen vigastatud.
  5. Is there a doctor here?: Kas siin on arst?
  6. I feel sick: Mul on paha.
  7. I’ve lost my passport: Ma kaotasin oma passi.
  8. Where is the nearest hospital?: Kus on lähim haigla?
  9. There’s been an accident: Toimus õnnetus.
  10. Be careful!: Olge ettevaatlik!
  11. I’m in danger: Ma olen ohus.

Even though many Estonians, especially in the cities, can communicate in English, these expressions can be crucial in emergencies when time is of the essence, and clear communication is paramount.

Learn Estonian Using Ling

Estonia houses many party venues, where it pays to know the local language, so you can use common sense when a fight breeds. If you don’t want to get into any partying or night scenes, research places to stay that do not cater to such accommodations.

Meanwhile, to help you learn the basics of the language, you can use language-learning apps like Ling. Download it on your phone via the App Store or Play Store. It offers excellent guides and lessons in learning Estonian and other foreign languages, such as Russian, Hungarian, Albanian, Norwegian, and a whole lot more.

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