The Capital Of Estonia: Top 5 Important Facts

Capital of Estonia

What is the capital of Estonia? Among the many wonders hidden in this small but beautiful country in Northern Europe is Tallinn. Aside from being the largest city, Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. The town is a mix of old and new, medieval charm and modern life, and home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Now, if you wish to visit Tallinn and the neighboring tourist spots in the Baltic region, wouldn’t it be a great idea to surprise the locals with your spoken Estonian? However, you must also prepare yourself to be surprised and awed by everything the city capital of Tallinn has to offer. I’ll give you a rundown on what to expect in this city near the Baltic Sea. Let’s begin!

An Overview Of The Capital Of Estonia

Estonia showcases the best preserved medieval towns and the best preserved medieval cities to its tourists. The capital city of Tallinn was established at the beginning of the medieval era. Every structure is well-preserved, hence the city’s perfect presentation of the fusion of old and new. The town is filled with lush greens, perfect for strolls and a weekend getaway.

Tallinn boasts a picturesque coastline, with sandy beaches you can check out during summer or even after since they provide amazing sights. Aside from the top tourist destinations in Tallinn, it’s also used as a gateway for travelers who want to explore Estonia. Tallinn city center is close to major entry points, whether you arrive by plane, car, ferry, or train.

capital of Estonia

Exploring The City Of Tallinn

Here are the places you shouldn’t miss while in Tallinn, Estonia:

Tallinn’s Old Town

Talk about gems among European countries and cities and Tallinn’s Old Town will hold the top spot. This place deserves to be called the diamond of Estonia, with its captivating architecture, sea fortress, well-maintained cobblestone streets, and Gothic spires. The Old Town was home to rich merchants from many parts of Europe. However, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is now open to everyone, tourists and locals, and it’s brimming with life, arts, and history.

A day spent exploring the Old Town will make you realize how fascinating the ancient time was with its rich history and city’s historical heritage. Despite the innovations and progress, its streets are still lined with antique warehouses, merchant houses, and barns. It makes the perfect holiday destination when exploring this European capital.


Known as both a commercial and cultural center of Kalamaja, Telliskivi is a global city loaded with establishments, performance venues for cultural events, and an art museum. It’s a nice place to go after spending time in Central Europe, Western Europe, the Southern Coast, and the Northern Coast. Telliskivi Creative City showcases the remarkable transformation of Northern Tallinn’s industrial buildings. What used to be factory medieval architecture and structures during the Soviet occupation have evolved into venues for alternative theaters, vintage shops, restaurants, bars, art exhibits, and a rich cultural scene.

It makes the perfect meet-up place if you want to talk about World War, World War II, the Russian Empire, or the European Union. You may also feel good reminiscing about the old Estonia while embracing the modern world and everything this city of Estonia has to offer.

Kadriorg Park capital of Estonia


It’s a romantic place in Tallinn, where you will find a popular tourist destination called Kadriorg Park. Here, you can explore its art museums and a palace. The park was developed by Tsar Peter the Great out of love. It is reflected in the sceneries, including streams, fountains, and lush greens.


It would be hard to guess for first-time visitors that this place, brimming with restaurants, cultural venues, shops, and apartments, used to be a submarine factory. The place’s seafront quarter was built by the largest fuel tycoon in Europe, Emanuel Nobel, and a machine maker, Arthur Lassner – the combination of their surnames explains the place’s name.


This is the more hip side of Tallinn, situated between the Old Town and Tallinn coast. While it still has the historical wooden house district, it has adapted to the times and put up bars, cafes, and galleries. If you love history, the place has preserved part of the old industrial infrastructure in Kalamaja. It is best to book a guided tour to explore its surroundings and understand the rich stories behind every structure’s beginnings.

capital of Estonia

Other Must-Do When In Tallinn

Aside from going from one place to another, including other popular spots, such as Tallinn TV tower, Estonian Academy, and the Kumu Art Museum, here are other facts about Tallinn that will make you look forward to getting there.

It’s The Silicon Valley Of Europe

Tallinn is a tech hub showcasing Estonia’s innovative digital governance and entrepreneurship approach. This is why it is a preferred spot for tech enthusiasts and startups.

Offers Divers Culinary Experience

If you are craving a blend of authentic Estonian flavors and international cuisines, you will find them in Tallinn. The city is filled with gastronomic delights, from hearty dishes like herring and black bread to trendy fusion restaurants.

Top Destination For Nature Lovers

If you want to experience nature, Tallinn is surely worth visiting. The twon houses the Kadriorg Park, an oasis with stunning gardens, and the impressive Kadriorg Palace. For seaside lovers, the Pirita offers breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea.

Local Culture and Festivals

Immerse yourself in Tallinn’s vibrant culture by attending local festivals and events. Don’t miss the Tallinn Music Week or the Medieval Days festival for an authentic experience.

Learn The Official Language Of Estonia Before Going To Tallinn

Tallinn offers the right blend of history, culture, and modernity. While many of the locals speak English, you may want to bring with you words or phrases you can use while exploring the city:

Hello/ HiTere
Good morningTere hommikust
Good dayTere päevast
Good eveningTere õhtust
Good nightHead ööd
How are you?Kuidas sul läheb?
WelcomeTere tulemast
See you laterNägemiseni

Learn More Estonian Words With Ling

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All in all, the Ling app makes learning a new language more fun! Not only that, it also offers a wide range of options for languages to learn, such as Albanian, Norwegian, Hungarian, Spanish, Cantonese, and more.

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