15-Minute Program Makes Learning Cantonese Child’s Play

learning cantonese with ling

This startup is making it easier – and more fun – for foreigners to learn Cantonese than ever before.

Thousands of foreigners in Hong Kong wish they spoke the local language, but most shy away from the costs and time involved. Now the language experts at Ling have developed a learning program that teaches you a new language in just 15 minutes a day – from the comfort of your own home. Our editorial team got to the bottom of it and tested Ling for you.

The Results Surprised Us

Our tests spent the last 3 weeks using the Ling language learning app to improve their Cantonese, and the results were amazing! After only a few weeks, they mastered the basics (knowing nothing before) and could hold simple conversations with our colleagues in Kowloon.

Why Is Ling So Successful?

Ling offers an ingenious online language course that makes learning more convenient than ever before. Study for just 15 minutes daily on your phone, and you’ll learn Cantonese in no time – no matter where you are!

Fun fact: Language learning is not only a personal journey, but also a great way to strengthen your memory and keep your brain fit!

What you can do now:

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