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Many languages often come up with unique terms that aren’t commonly used in daily life. Can you imagine saying “GTG” (Got to Go) when you’re verbally speaking with someone? It’s absurd to use these slang words during actual conversations. However, they do come in handy when using social media platforms like Facebook. Here is a list of fun Urdu slang for Facebook that you shouldn’t miss!

Interesting Urdu Slang For Facebook To Learn Today

We often come up with new terms that aren’t really found in dictionaries, don’t we? As we said, some words won’t make sense if you use them in verbal conversations, but once you utilize them on social media sites, things just click instantly! That’s why we’ve collected some Urdu slang for Facebook that you’ll find useful when talking to your online friends.

1. FB – Facebook

You probably know this already if you’ve been on social media for a while. It’s pretty basic since it’s an acronym of the word.

Urdu Slang For Facebook- Ling App

2. Fraandship – Friendship

So, we all know that Facebook loves to show you ads. From left to right, your fingers would probably immediately tap on a newly released makeup product or bag. But, based on the recent activities of your Facebook account, they don’t just advertise items. You may often get suggestions of friends you can add.

In Urdu, they call this “Fraandship,” a humorous way to say “Friendship.” It is frequently used when people ask you online if you would like to be friends with them.

3. DP- Display Picture

It’s hard to find the perfect profile picture and background image. But this term is quite self-explanatory since the word is derived from the English word “Display Picture” and shortened to the first letter of each word.

Urdu Slang For Facebook (Timeline)- Ling App

4. Timeline

There are different ways you can control your timeline without sweating. With your engagement and use of optional cookies, you get control over your timeline’s content. And you won’t need to scavenge the internet just to find the slang term for this, since Urdu speakers use the same word for “Timeline.”

Urdu Slang For Facebook (Inbox Me)- Ling App

5. Inbox Karo – Message Me

Do you know how Urdu speakers say ‘DM me’ or ‘Shoot me a message’ in their native language? Well, in Urdu slang, people say, ‘Inbox karo.’ ‘Inbox’ is pretty much the same as in English, referring to private messaging on social platforms. And ‘karo‘? It’s like saying ‘do it’. So, ‘Inbox Karo’ is just a cool way of telling someone to drop you a private message.

6. Online Hona – To Be Online

When someone says “Online hona” in Urdu, they’re basically saying “being online.” Think of it like when we ask our friends if they’re active on social media or a messaging app. That’s the vibe the Urdu speakers are going for when they use that phrase.

7. Offline Hona – To Be Offline

On the other hand, you know how we sometimes say, “I’m offline” or “I’m signing off”? In Urdu, there’s this phrase, “Offline hona,” that pretty much means the same. It’s their way of saying they’re not around online. Kinda cool, right?

8. Seen Zoned

You know how we say ‘seen zoned’ when someone reads our message but doesn’t reply? Well, Urdu-speaking folks get that, too, especially the ones who are always on social media. But funny enough, a lot of them just use the term ‘seen zoned’ as it is, thanks to the global online culture.

9. Tag Karo – Tag Someone

We casually say ‘tag me’ when we see a cool photo or post, right? Urdu speakers have their own spin on it: ‘Tag karo.’ As we mentioned above, ‘karo’ is like ‘do it,’ so they’re pretty much saying, ‘Go on, tag me!’ It’s cool seeing those universal ideas with a touch of local flavor, isn’t it?

10. Share Karo – To Share

Remember when your friends share funny memes or jokes they find on the internet? In the Urdu language, if you want someone to send you something they came across on different websites, you can simply say, “Share karo.” It means “To share” in English. The magic of social media is that it allows you to encounter shareable and likable things that you can enjoy with people who are close to you.

Urdu Slang For Facebook (Group)- Ling App

11. Group Join Karo – Join A Group

Group chats have a way of bringing people together. If a friend ever tells you to “Group join karo,” they’re simply asking you to join the group. It’s a fun way to connect with your friends and easily share information.

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