15+ Best And Epic Urdu Slang Words And Phrases

Amazingly, Urdu slang words and phrases improve communication with Pakistani people, which allows you to say more with fewer words. While some are harsh and disparaging, we will focus on the lighter side of Pakistani slang terms and phrases today.

You can find Urdu slang words and phrases in everyday conversations and text messaging. They should not be used in formal materials like official papers or applications. Explore the Ling app to learn about various regularly used Urdu slang words and phrases and their definitions. Let’s check out what the Urdu language has in store!

Urdu Slang Words 

Slang is the language of the streets or the common language we all speak. These words and phrases are usually connected with the subversion of a traditional variety, and listeners are likely to understand them as conveying specific views on the speaker’s side.

If you wish to learn the art of speaking Urdu, try using some common slang terms in everyday conversation. However, some of them are insulting and quite offensive.

PronunciationUrduLiteral meaningDescription
Kalla/KalluکللوBlackThis word means a person with a dim or dark complexion
DhakanڈھکنLidTo describe an idiot or slow person
DheelaڈھیلاlooseA thin or lanky person who acts idiotically foolishly
KhatmalکھٹملBed bugIt is an insulting word for Shia Muslims
Chamaarچمارlower classes occupationIt is a derogatory term for the people who belong to lower classes
AkhrotاخروٹWalnutAn offensive word for Pashtuns as mindless people 
Paindu پینڈوBelongs to a pind (village)The most common insult used by Pakistani people they consider inferior or lower to them.
Chill pillچل پلRelaxThis word is used to say to relax or not to take tension
ChamchaچمچہSpoonWhen a person is too fond of the other person, call him a “chamcha” of the other person. For females, it is “chamchi”
Dasti Karoدستی کروImmediatelyIf you want another person to do something swiftly, you can say, ‘Dasti Karo.’
Urdu Slangs – commonly used slang words

Famous Urdu Slang Words And Phrases That People Of Pakistan Use

Slang is a term for a trendy but unauthorized word, phrase, or way of communication among youngsters. Slang is the popular online or street language, to put it simply. Here, we list 13 of the most common and well-known Urdu slang words and phrases that Urdu speakers use daily.

1. Scene On Hai (سین اون ہے)

This famous phrase is an ultimate statement of pleasure or excitement.

It works for two purposes. Mainly, it is used among friends when a ‘meet-up plan‘ is settled. It is like you are agreeing on something or saying, ‘It’s party time.’ Also, it can be used when a person is in a romantic relationship.

2. Chill Karo ( چل کرو)

It is one of the Urdu slang words for “take a chill pill.” This phrase is used when someone is irritated or stressed, and you want to calm them down.

3. Meter Ghoom Jana (میٹر گھوم جانا)

This phrase is used to express the act of immense temper and rage.

4. Miss Hona (مس ہونا)

You can say this expression to show dissatisfaction. Further, it may be used regarding a person or a product.

5. Screw Dheela Hona (سکرو ڈھیلا ہونا)

It is one of the common slangs that is used to signify a person who is dumb.

6. Mummy Daddy/ Burger Bacha (ممی ڈیڈی/ برگر بچہ)

This interesting expression is mainly used to relate to people who are not into traditional or desi stuff. It is an Urdu version of ‘wannabes.’

7. Jugaarh Lagana (جگا ڑ لگانا)

It is one of the famous Urdu slang words used in situations where a person looks for a solution for his problems by hook or crook.

8. Chuss Maarna (چس مارنا)

This funny expression is said in response to something juvenile or silly said by someone. Mainly, this Urdu slang phrase is used among friends.

9. Miss/Ditch Karana (مس کرنا ڈچ کرنا)

This useful expression shows a lack of concern or interest in some activity and then the cancellation of a plan regarding it.

10. Khopri Main Ghusalou ( کھوپڑی میں گھسالو)

This Urdu phrase is expressed when you want someone to keep a piece of important information in your mind, like how to learn Urdu fast, and remember it.

11. Syaapa Pae Gaya (سیاپا پاۓ گا)

When a few family members or friends complicate things that cause trouble, Pakistanis, especially Punjabis, say ‘Syaapa Pae Gaya.’ It means things are getting out of hand, and a mess is created.’

12. Patli Gali Se Niklo (پتلی گلی سے نکلو)

Gali means street, and Patli means thin. Therefore, in total, it means, to stay out of trouble, take the next thin street!

13. Anni Machadi (اننی مچانا)

Anni Machadi is one of the epic Urdu slang words or phrases. If someone or something is too brilliant or extraordinary, “Anni Machadi” is the right Urdu slang at that time to use.

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