17+ Easy Greek Slang You Should Use Today!

Easy Greek Slang

No matter what language you are speaking, we cannot deny that they all have particular slang. If you are looking for the most interesting Greek slang or αργκό (pronounced as arnkó) to use among your friends and the locals of Greece, we highly recommend that you check out this post. Here, we will cover all the most valuable expressions that will help you fit right into the people. Also, we will describe everything in detail to avoid miscommunication. Ready to learn more easy Greek slang? Keep reading below!

While many are interested in traveling to Greece, tourists often have to think twice because of the language barrier. After all, learning Greek can indeed be overwhelming. One reason behind that is because of its script and pronunciation rules. If you genuinely want to speak with native speakers, we urge you to at least try out these simple slang words and expressions we have today. If you are lucky, the locals might be surprised and will teach you more about their language. With that said, let’s get started!

Greek Slang To Help You Fit In Like A Local

Greeks mainly use slang with friends, but some slang words are accepted in the workplace. You must be aware of the slang you choose and check whether it is appropriate as we do not want to rub it off the wrong way.

Absent-mindedαλλού γιάλλούAlloú alloú
All too soonκαλά καλάKalá kalá
Barelyίσα ίσαIsa isa
BroΠαιδι μουPaidi mou
Carefullyσιγά σιγάSigá sigá
Dude (archaic)ρε-φεελε-Rehfeeleh
Dude / ManΑλανιαAlania
HowdyΓεια χαράYia khará
In a confused stateόπως όπωςópos ópos
Relax / Chill-αλαραHalara

Isn’t learning Greek slang words fun? These words may seem simple, but they can undoubtedly elevate your linguistic skills in no time! If you want to learn more about words and expressions, check out this amazing guide.

What Are Some Basic Greek Phrases?

Learning Greek slang words can help improve your skills. However, we want you to get the most out of your interactions with native speakers which is why we also have here a section for common phrases. When it comes to phrases, context is very important. For this reason, we added a note to help you understand when these are appropriate to use.

Doing nothingβαράει μύγεςVarái míyesAnyone can use it
How are you?υια σουYia souAnyone can use it
How’s it going?Τι λέειTi léiAnyone can use it
I do not careχέστηκαHestikaMay sound rude
I do not careστα αρχίδια μουsta arxidia mouMay sound rude
Long time no seeΧρόνια και ζαμάνιαKhrónia kai zamániaAnyone can use it
See you laterτα λέμεTa lemeAnyone can use it
So coolκαι γαμώKai yamoAnyone can use it
The place is crowdedγίνετε της πουτάναςYinete tis poutanasMay sound rude
What are you up to?Που είσαιPoeeisaiAnyone can use it
Why Learn Easy Greek Slang

Why Should You Learn Easy Greek Slang?

While slang words and expressions have a very informal nature, we cannot deny that they are useful in today’s world. For instance, some of the words we covered above may not sound new to you as you probably encountered them on social media. The truth is simple. These words are instrumental in giving a lot of meaning despite being short. That is the beauty of language. It is so alive and ever-changing!

If you are still on the rocks about whether you should learn easy Greek slang, then check out our reasons that will convince you:

  • It will allow you to blend in easily and build relationships with the Greek crowd.
  • You can express yourself better while ensuring that you sound like a native speaker.
  • It will help you understand what the Greek people are saying around you!
  • It can make the process of learning a new language fun and exciting

And there we have our top reasons why you should learn slang! As a note, please do remember to never use these when speaking with people of authority and those who are older than you. The Greek culture is based on respect which is why you must only use these when speaking with really close friends.

Want to learn more about the Greek language and its culture? We’ve got a resource that will make learning a fun endeavor! Check out the details about it in the next section!

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