Is Greek Hard To Learn? 3 Truths You Should Know!

Got some free time? Make the most of your every minute by learning a language. While there are various languages to choose from, we bet that you landed on this post to answer one basic question… is Greek hard to learn, or could it be the easiest language to take on for a total beginner? Let’s find out the answer to that in this post!

The Greek language is one of the oldest languages out there, yet it remains to enjoy popularity like no other. To this day, there are about 12 million native speakers, and the number of those wanting to become proficient in it is steadily increasing. One of the reasons behind this is because of Greek mythology. For literary enthusiasts, they consider learning the language as a major step to appreciating better the stories and living out their fantasy of joining the ancient time.

And since you landed on this post, perhaps you are also wondering if the language is worth the effort, right? Well, to put your mind to peace, we decided to create a comprehensive review that will answer your burning questions. If you are ready for that, keep reading below!

What Makes The Greek Language?

Is Greek Hard To Learn

Have you ever wondered what makes Greek interesting? Despite being a hard language to learn given its unique set of alphabet, curious minds are still wondering why people are willing to sacrifice time with the goal of mastering this language. Well, allow us to walk you through this in the sections below!

It Is One Of The Oldest Indo European Languages

Because of its long history,the Greek language reflects changes that have happened over the years. Somewhere along the line, certain words and spellings have mutated into something totally new and undistinguishable from the original. So if you are a history buff, you can discover not just the language but also the events in history that influenced the changes.

Some English Words Actually Came From Greek!

Because of its relationship with other languages, it has influenced a handful of words in the English language! Words such as academy (Ακαδημία, Akademia), democracy (Δημοκρατία (Deemokrateea), and fantasy (Φαντασία (Fantasia) are just some which has Greek roots. With that, learning Greek is surely interesting, not just fun!

Is Greek Language Hard?

Is Greek Hard To Learn

According to FSI’s language difficulty ranking, you will need 44 weeks of consistent training to gain proficiency in this language. This means that you have to set aside over 1000 hours before you grasp the critical linguistic concepts related to it. Perhaps, one way by which you can make the language learning progress faster is by focusing the alphabet and spelling converntions first. Once those are already put into mind, you can start structuring your own sentences. Let’s get to know more about this in the sections below.

It Has Cyrillic And Latin Alphabet Influences

When it comes to Greek letters, you should know that these are influenced by Latin and Cyrillic scripts. That said, though it might seem a bit strange at first to not know such foreign alphabet, don’t be too intimidated!

Despite having several influences when it comes to how their words and phrases are written, you can definitely master it easily. Because Greek is a pretty straight forward language, you can master it as long as you dedicate a few hours of your time in a day to practice it. By mastering the Greek alphabet, it will be easier for you to read, write, and even pronounce the language’s words and sentences.

Modern Greek And Ancient Greek Are Actually Different!

Yup, you read that right. There are two variations in the Greek language. Typically, the people from Greece use Modern Greek and some even consider Ancient Greek to be a foreign language for them. Don’t get confused though! While these two have slight variations from one another, you can still talk to Greek speakers easily because of how Modern Greek is derived from Ancient Greek.

Greek Grammar Can Be Very Complex

Grammar is pretty tricky no matter what language you are learning. However, Greek grammar is on a totally whole new level of “hard.” For this reason, it is recommended that you learn it with a professional tutor than just learning it on your own. You should save yourself from the hassle of translating every grammar point by looking for the best tutor or joining a language class.

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