18+ Amazing Food Ingredients In Urdu You Should Know About

If you are a lover of food and engrossed in cooking, then this article will provide you with details about the basic food ingredients in Urdu. I am a spice lover and this hankering compelled me to search for Urdu recipes on youtube. I grasped all the intricacies necessary for Pakistani food recipes and I started experimenting at home and luckily succeeded. 

18 Food Ingredients In Urdu 

Following are the essential food ingredients that we use almost in all the delicious recipes to enhance every important occasion

Red Chilli (لال مرچ

Red Chilli is the basic ingredient used in every Pakistani food recipe. It is very effective for weight loss. Kashmiri chilies are the most hunted red chilies worldwide and hence loved everywhere. 

Salt (نمک)

The most common and popular ingredient is used in every food even in sweets and helps you to stop dehydration and enhances others flavors. Not enough salt in your blood results in muscle cramps and dizziness.

Sugar (چینی)  

In Pakistan, sugar grains are numerous and colorless/milky candy-like cubes used in everyday life. Another name for sugar is monosaccharides. They contain glucose and galactose. Too much sugar can cause health issues like diabetes, heart problems, etc. 

Pakistani people love sugar so much that even their greetings sound sweet.

Ginger And Garlic (لہسن اور ادرک) 

Every Pakistani family is fond of Ginger and Garlic (لہسن اور ادرک). Ginger and garlic are the obligatory ingredients used in Pakistani recipes like chicken ( مرغی کا گوشت), rice (چاول), pulses (دالیں) etc. They are known to counter chronic inflammation.

Cardamom (الائچی)، Aniseed (سونف) ، And Cinnamon (دار چینی) 

Tea is one of the most luxurious drinks in Pakistan. Cardamom (الائچی)، Aniseed (سونف) ،Cinnamon (دار چینی) are essential for luscious tea. 

Tomato (ٹماٹر) And Onion (پیاز) 

The starters of every meal. Onions Tomato (ٹماٹر) and Onion (پیاز) are the most versatile ingredients and are also used in making salads (سلاد), sandwiches (سینڈوچ ), pasta (پاستا), meat (گوشت ), rice (چاول ) and numerous other dishes eaten throughout the day.

Pickle (آچار) And Tamarind (آملی) 

The most liked of the tangy ingredients. It multiplies the flavor of any meal. It is often combined with tea during breakfast in Pakistan. It is enriched with magnesium that supports blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 

Turmeric Powder (ہلدی پاؤڈر) 

Turmeric powder (ہلدی پاوڈر) is one of the fundamental ingredients used in Pakistani food recipes. It is consumed in less quantity but gives maximum benefits for health, particularly for skin problems. It ameliorates heart health and puts a stop to tumors. 

 Coriander Powder (دھنیا پاؤڈر) 

It originates from the kernel of coriander (دھنیا) plants and is stocked in every home’s spices rack. It is a good supplement for hair and skin and is advantageous for bone health. It also plays a vital role in healing mouth ulcers.

Jaggery (گڑ) 

Jaggery (گڑ) is a substitute for sugar (چینی). Its color varies from golden brown to dark brown. It assists in depression and cures lung and bronchial septicemia. It is also used as a sweet after a meal. 

Vinegar (سرکہ) 

Vinegar (سرکہ) is a molten suspension of acetic acid. It is also used in many tasty recipes like soup ( سوپ) ،vegetable pasta (سبزیوں والا پاسا) etc. It lessens cholesterol and ameliorates skin health and blood pressure. The use of apple cider vinegar in the morning could help with weight loss.

Saffron (زعفران) 

It is a precious ingredient used in eastern, middle eastern, and European platters. It is also known as autumn crocus. It is a very influential anti-oxidant. It refines our mood and also treats depression. It is expensive but can be grown in your home garden. 

Garam Masala Powder (گرم مصالحہ پاؤڈر) 

 A combination or mixture of the following spices: cinnamon (دار چینی)، peppercorns (ثابت کالی مرچ), cardamom (الائچی) cloves (لونگ), nutmeg (جائفل ), coriander seeds (ثابت دھنیا), mustard seeds (سرسوں کے بیج). They are ground together, and this powdered combination is called Garam masala powder (گرم مصالحہ پاؤڈر). 

It is used both in the powdered and ground form generally known as ‘Pisa garam masala (پسا گرم مصالحہ)’ and ‘Sabut garam masala (ثابت گرم مصالحہ)’ respectively. Garam masala powder (گرم مصالحہ پاؤڈر) is used as it gives an earthy flavor to the cuisines. Sprinkling Garam masala powder (گرم مصالحہ پاؤڈر) on the different dishes helps in garnishing as well. 

More Vocabulary

پھل (Phal)

پھل (Phal) is a word for fruits in Urdu. Here is an easy list of fruits for you to check out!

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Armenian
Dragon fruitڈریگن فروٹDregan froot
Durianڈورین فروٹDuren froot
Grapefruitگریپ فروٹGrayp froot

سبزیاں (Sabziyaan)

Food ingredients in Urdu

Here is a list of all the essential سبزیاں (Sabziyaan) meaning vegetables that add to the color of Pakistani food.

English WordsArmenian WordsRomanized Armenian
Beans And Peasپھلیاں اور مٹرPhaliaan or matar
Bulb Vegetablesبلب سبزیاںBalb sabziyan
Dark-Green Vegetablesگہرے سبز سبزیاںGehry sabz sabziyan
Flower Vegetablesپھول سبزیاںPhool sabziyan
Fruit Vegetablesپھل سبزیاںPhal sabziyan
Leafy Vegetablesپتوں والی سبزیاںPaton wali sabziaan
Pod And Seed Vegetablesپھلی اور بیج والی سبزیاںPhalli or beej wali sabziaan
Red And Orange Vegetablesسرخ اور نارنجی سبزیاںSurkh or naranji sabziyan
Root Vegetablesجڑ والی سبزیاںJarh wali sabziyan
Starchy Vegetablesنشاستہ دار سبزیاںNishasta dar sabziyan
Stem Vegetablesتنوں کی سبزیاںTanon wali sabziyan
Tuber Vegetablesٹبر سبزیاںTabar sabziyan

Root And Stem Vegetables

Here are the top 8 roots and stem vegetables used highly in Pakistani food:

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Armenian
Asparagusموصلی سفیدMusli sufaid
Sweet Potatoشکر قندیShakar qandi

Leafy Greens

Now that you have learned about other types of vegetables, you might as well learn about the leafy ones too

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Armenian

Fruits And Squash

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Armenian
Butternut Squashبٹرنٹ اسکواشButternut iskwash
Pepperکالی مرچKali mirch 


Finally, we get to the last category of vegetables that you might not get a lot in Pakistan but you will definitely need to talk about!

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Armenian
Beech Mushroomبیچ مشرومBeech mushroom 
Black Trumpet Mushroomبلیک ٹرمپیٹ مشرومBlack trumpet mushroom
Enoki Mushroomاینوکی مشرومEnoki mushroom
Hedgehog Mushroomہیج ہاگ مشرومHeejhaag mushroom 
King Trumpet Mushroomکنگ ٹرمپیٹ مشرومKing trumpet mushroom 
Morel Mushroomموریل مشرومMorel mushroom 
Porcino Mushroomپورسینو مشرومPorcino mushroom 
Portabello Mushroomپورٹابیلو مشرومPortobello mushroom 
White Button Mushroomسفید بٹن مشرومSufaid Button mushroom 

گوشت (gosht)

Food ingredients in Urdu

Pakistanis are huge fans of گوشت (gosht) i.e meat and consume it in their everyday life. Let’s learn some useful words.

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Armenian
Beefگائے کا گوشتGaye ka gosht
Chicken Liverچکن لیورChicken lever 
Chicken Stockچکن اسٹاکChicken istak
Free Range Chickenفری رینج چکنFree range chicken 
Grass Fed Chickenگراس فیڈ چکنGrass Fed chicken 
Kidney Meatگردے کا گوشتGurdy ka gosht
Lamb Meatبھیڑ کا گوشتBhair  ka gosht
Meat Stockگوشت کا ذخیرہGosht ka zakheera
Mutton Liverمٹن لیورMutton lever 
Organic Chickenآرگینک چکنAargang chicken 
Porkسور کا گوشتSuor ka gosht 
Skinned Chickenچمڑے والا چکنChamry wala chicken 

سمندری غذا (Samundari Ghaza)

Not many people fancy eating seafood but if you want to make friends with the elite people then it might be a nice idea to learn some vocab about seafood.

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Armenian
Codمیثاق جمہوریتMeesaq e jamhuriat
Crayfishکری فشCurry fish 
Cuttlefishکٹل فشCuttlefish
Land snailsزمینی گھونگے۔Zameni ghoongy

مصالحہ جات (Masala Jaat)

Food ingredients in Urdu

Pakistani food is nothing without its condiments which provide excellent flavor. Let’s learn about these!

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Armenian
Bay Leavesخلیج کے پتےKhaleej k paty
Cayenneلال مرچLaal mirch 
Chili Powderمرچ پاؤڈرMirch powder 
Cinnamonدار چینیDaar cheeni
Curry Powderکری پاؤڈرCurry powder 
Fennel Seedسونف کا بیجSaunf ka beej
Garlic Powderلہسن پاؤڈرLehsan powder 
Ground Cardamomپسی ہوئی الائچیPisi hui elaichi
Ground Gingerزمین ادرکZameen adrak
Ground Mustardپسی ہوئی سرسوںPisi hui sarson
Onion Powderپیاز پاؤڈرPayaz powder 
RosemaryروزمیریRoz merry 
Smoked Paprikaتمباکو نوشی پاپریکاTambaku noshi paprika 

Healthy Sauces

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Armenian
Apple cider vinegarسیب کا سرکہSaib ka sirka
Balsamic vinegarبالسامک سرکہBalsamik sirka
Grass-fed butterگھاس کھلایا مکھنGhass khilaya makhan
Lemon juiceلیموں کا رسLemon ka ras
Nut butterنٹ مکھنNut makhan
Nutritional yeastغذائی خمیرGhazai khameer
Olive oilزیتون کا تیلZaitoon ka tail
Plain Greek yogurtسادہ یونانی دہیSada younani dahi
Raw honeyخالص شہدKhalis shehad
Red hot sauceسرخ گرم چٹنی۔Surkh garam chatni
Toasted sesame oilتل کا تیلTil ka tail

Limited Sauces

These are some limited sauces with sweet and savory condiment flavors.

English WordsUrdu WordsRomanized Armenian
Artificial sweetenersمصنوعی مٹھاسMasnoi mithas
Barbecue sauceباربیکیو ساسBarbecue sauce 
Fat-free salad dressingچربی سے پاک سلاد ڈریسنگCharbi se paak salad dressing 
Pancake syrup.پینکیک کا شربت۔Pancake ka sharbat

Pakistani cuisine is being recognized worldwide because of the contribution of Pakistani chefs in different countries like the USA and foreign guests who visit Pakistan. The restaurants in major cities like Lahore, Peshawar, and Karachi are very well known as they not only retain the national flavor and food character in the cuisine but also keep the recipes updated according to the tastes of the people.


Food ingredients in Urdu

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