3+ Easy Croatian Christmas Greetings To Say Today

red christmas baubles with glittering tree decorations and learn how to say croatian christmas greetings

Ready to rock the Christmas season? You are in the right place! Because we know the struggle of wanting to give our loved ones a more special and personalized greeting, especially when they speak a different language like Croatian. This post will cover the basic Croatian Christmas greetings you can use during the yuletide season.

Common Croatian Christmas Greetings

The Christmas season is a wonderful time to celebrate with the special people in our lives. Whether you are simply looking to elevate your greetings or want to spend the event in Zagreb Advent, using the greetings we will cover in the table below can certainly help you out. If you are ready to spread some cheer, keep reading below!

Happy Christmas season to you. You are loved!Sretan vam Božić, voljeni ste!
I’m happy to celebrate Christmas with you!Sretan sam što ću s vama slaviti Božić!
Happy holidays! May all of your wishes come true!Sretni blagdani! Neka vam se sve želje ostvare!
In this season of joy and love, may you be filled with true happiness and genuine peace. Happy holidays!U ovom razdoblju radosti i ljubavi, neka budete ispunjeni istinskom srećom i pravim mirom. Sretni blagdani!
I wish you a very jolly and merry Christmas!Želim vam vrlo veseo i sretan Božić!
May your heart’s desire be granted. Merry Christmas to you, and happy New Year’s Day too!Neka ti se ispuni želja srca, sretan ti Božić i Nova godina također!
Merry Christmas and an advanced Happy New Year to you!Sretan Božić i uspješnu Novu godinu!
With pure joy and love, happy holidays to you and your family!S čistom radošću i ljubavlju, sretni blagdani vama i vašoj obitelji!
Wishing you happy holidays and a joyous New Year!Želimo vam sretne praznike i sretnu Novu godinu!
Meat on a decorated Christmas table which is a must try christmas dish in Croatia

Croatian Christmas Meals That You Don’t Want To Miss!

A happy Christmas in Croatia will definitely not be complete if you don’t have the traditional dishes on your Christmas table. That said, we made the best list of which Croatian dishes you should try during the season of love and joy!


If you are a fan of pastries, this holiday staple from Croatia might just be the answer to all of your cravings. Because they resemble little doughnuts, you can definitely munch on these the whole time or eat them with your family and friends while opening gifts! This also pairs well with some hot cocoa! If you are invited to a Croatian Christmas dinner, this is definitely something that you should be on the lookout for!


Known as winter biscuits to some, this is actually the Croatian version of gingerbread cookies! Though this dessert is a bit interesting because the main ingredient is black pepper, it will surely be something that you always go back to because it just tastes so good. If you visit Croatia during the holidays, make sure you eat this to complete the Croatian Christmas celebration!


Because this is a part of Croatia’s traditional meals, these stuffed cabbage rolls will always be present on a Croatian Christmas table. If you are a fan of anything that is hearty and savory, this is the perfect dish for you. Aside from how this is definitely mouthwatering in appearance, it also tastes amazing and is perfect for cold days!

City Panorama of the winter festival in the oldtown of Dubrovnik in Croatia

More Christmas-Related Words That You Might Want To Know!

Want to further expand your vocabulary related to this holiday? Keep an eye out for the basic translations we prepared for you below. Hopefully, you can find or hear these words during your celebration.

Christmas bellsBožićna zvona
Christmas treeBožićno drvce
Christmas wreathBožićni vijenac
Gift/GiftsDar/Darovi /
Gingerbread houseKuća od medenjaka
Happy New YearSretna nova godina
Merry ChristmasSretan Božić
Santa ClausDjed Mraz
SnowballGruda snijega

These are just some of the ways in which you can say Merry Christmas in Croatian. Whether you learn a word or two, these may help you achieve the Croatian Christmas you will never forget. If this just made you fall in love with the Croatian language, you should definitely learn more about this epic language with the Ling App! Discover why it is our most recommended app below!

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