30+ Urdu Vocabulary For Family: An Easy Guide

Do you wish to know more about familial ties in the Urdu culture? Then, you came to the right place. Here you will learn Urdu vocabulary for family. It’s clear that for the majority of us, family is our first point of contact and belonging. A family bond or Khandaan (خاندان) is no different.

Though Urdu is the official language of Pakistan, it is also recognized in some Indian states. When you look up the meanings of the terms spoken, you will fall in love with Urdu. Each word is interwoven with so much poetry that it will make you smile.

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Basic Words Of Urdu Vocabulary For Family

The family is the most important influence in someone’s life. It is because, from the time kids are born, they rely on their parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. Primary caregivers, which typically include parents and family members, are a child’s first relationships.

Thus, they are a child’s first teachers and role models, showing them how to act and interact with the world around them. Let’s start with the fundamentals of Urdu vocabulary for family first. You won’t be able to describe any member of your family without this collection of words.

English WordsUrduPronunciation
Siblingsبہن بھائیBehn Bhai
Stepmotherسوتیلی ماںSouteli Maa
Stepfatherسوتیلا باپSoutela Baap
Stepsisterسوتیلی بہنSouteli Behn
Stepbrotherسوتیلا بھائیSoutela Bhai
Step sonسوتیلا بیٹاSoutela Beta
Step daughterسوتیلی بیٹیSouteli Beti
Brother in lawسالہ، جیٹھ، دیور ، بہنوئSala (Wife’s brother) Jaith (Husband’s elder brother) Dewar (Husband’s younger brother) Behnoi (Sister’s husband)
Sister in lawسالی، نندSaali (Wife’s sister) Nand (Husband’s sister)
Mother in lawساسSaas
Father in lawسسرSasur
Elder brotherبڑا بھائیBara Bhai
Younger brotherچھوٹا بھائیChota Bhai

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Other Important Words Used For Relations In Extended Family

After immediate family relations, including parents, there are numerous other relations in society. After all, this is how communities form. We have many things in common simply because we are human.

In this way, we are wired to link with one another and belong to a group. It is critical to our well-being and survival. Let us have a look at other relations with whom we are connected to feel physically and mentally healthy.

English WordsUrduPronunciation
Maternal auntخالہKhala
Maternal uncleماموںMamu
Paternal auntپھپوPhuppo
Paternal uncleچچا تایاChacha (Father’s younger brother) Taya (Father’s elder brother)
Brother’s wifeبھابیBhabhi
Paternal grandfatherداداDada
Paternal grandmotherدادیDadi
Maternal grandfatherناناNana
Maternal grandmotherنانیNani
Nephewبھتیجے بھانجاBhateeje (brother’s son) Bhanja (sister’s son)
Bhateeji (brother’s daughter) Bhanji (sister’s daughter)

Common Urdu Sentences Using Family Member Terms

Urdu has a long history of prose and poetry. Because of this, everyone wishes to learn this rich language. Thus, in order to complete your wish, we are providing a few sentences with Urdu vocabulary for the family below.

English SentencesPronunciationUrdu Sentences
My father is a teacher.میرے والد استاد ہيں۔Mere walid ustad hain.
My grandparents are old.میرے دادا دادی بوڑھے ہیںMeray dada dadi boorhay hain.
My niece is small.میری بھتیجی چھوٹی ہے۔Meri bhateeji chhoti hai.
I do not have a grandchild.میرا پوتا نہیں ہےMera pota nhi hai.
I do not have a husband.ميرا شوہرنہيں ہے۔Mera shauhar nhi hai.
My aunt is a nurse.میری خالہ نرس ہیں ۔Meri khala nurse hain.
My sister is younger than me.ميری بہن مجھ سے چھوٹی ہے ۔Meri behen mujh say chhoti hai.
My daughter is older.میری بیٹی بڑی ہے۔Meri beti badi hai.
My brother is older than me.ميرا بھائی مجھ سے بڑا ہے۔Mera bhai mujh say bada hai.
I have two parents.میرے پاس دونوں والدین ہیں۔Meray pas dono waldain hain.

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