30+ Names Of Vegetables In Urdu: Easy Guide

Why do you think you need to learn vegetables in Urdu? During your visit to Pakistan, what if you are offered “channa puri” or “aaloo paratha” for breakfast (vegetable dishes). In Pakistan, there are many vegetarian-friendly dishes to choose from. Traditional spices and flavoring agents such as chilies, turmeric, garlic, ginger, etc., are frequently used in their preparation.

Further, there are many seasonal vegetables (سبزیاں -sabziya) that are cooked into delectable and spicy curries. Then, they are served for lunch or dinner. Hence, we don’t want to see your mouth empty due to your limited knowledge of Urdu vocabulary.Why not check out Ling App? Ling brings you easy lessons to improve your Language skills along with your Urdu vocabulary.


Names Of Vegetables In Urdu

According to recent research, Pakistan is the world’s second-fastest-growing vegetarian country. For a variety of reasons, many individuals in Pakistan are switching to a vegetarian diet. The most cited is that veggies are an important part of a healthy diet.

Many restaurants have had to adjust their menus as a result of the shifts in eating habits. As a result, Pakistan’s meat intake has decreased dramatically and has already hit a new low.

Below is the list of vegetable names in Urdu:

English WordsUrdu WordsPronunciation
Lettuceسلاد پتا۔Salad patta
Cauliflowerپھول گوبھیPhool gobhi
Cabbageبند گوبھیBand gobhi
Eggplant بینگنBaingan
Beet rootچقندرChaqandar
Bell pepperشملہ مرچShimla mirch
Bitter gourdکریلاKarela
Red chiliesلال مرچLal mirch
Celery اجمودAjmaud
Ash gourdپیٹھاPaitha
Swiss chardسفیدچقندرSafaid chaqanar
Asparagusموصلی سفیدMausli safaid
Sweet potatoشکر قندیShakkar qandi
Bok choyچینی پالکChinese palak
Green beans سبز پھلی۔Sabz phali
Luffaگھیا توری۔Ghaiya tori
Bottle gourdلوکیLoki
Apple gourdٹنڈاTindae
Carrotگا جرGajar


Use Of Names Of Vegetables In Urdu In Common Sentences

To enhance your vocabulary further, consider below the names of vegetables in Urdu used in sentences.

English SentencesUrdu Sentences Pronunciation
Is lemon fruit or vegetable?لیموں پھل ہے یا سبزی؟Leemu phal hai ya sabzi?
He is interested in the cultivation of potatoes.وہ آلو کی کاشت میں دلچسپیرکھتا ہے

Woh aaloo ki kasht mein dilchaspi rakhta hai.
We have a cauliflower stir-fry for supper tonight.ہم آج رات کے کھانے میں گوبی سٹر فراۓ کھائیں گےHam aaj raat key khaney main gobhi stir fry khayein gey
Cook carrots separately from bell pepper until just tender.
گاجر کو شملہ مرچ سے الگ کرکے پکائیں جب تک کہ وہ نرم نہ ہوں
Gajar ko shimla mirch se alag ker key pakayein jab tak key wo naram na hou jaye.
Cheese can be sprinkled on vegetable dishes.پنیر کو سبز یوں پر چھڑکا جا سکتا ہےPaneer ko sabziyoun par chirka jasakta hai
I will eat cucumber salad only.
میں صرف کھیرے کا سلاد کھاؤں گا۔
Mein sirf kheerae ka salaad khaun ga.
The main course was the pumpkin soup.
مین کورس کدو کا سوپ تھا۔
Main course kaddu ka soup tha.
We planned to visit a bean garden.ہم نے پھلیئوں کے باغ کا چکر لگانے کا فیصلہ کیاHam ne phlyioun key bagh ka chakr laganey ka iraada kiya
Onion price changes according to the season.
پیاز کی قیمت موسم کے مطابق بدلتی رہتی ہے۔
Pyaz ki qeemat mausam key mutabiq badalti rehti hai.
I am going to cook a tomato soup.
میں ٹماٹر کا سوپ بنانے جا رہا ہوں۔
Mein tamatar ka soup bana ne ja raha hun.
Please comment on this vegetable salad.آپ کو یہ سبزی کا سلاد کیسا لگاAapko ye sabzi ka salaad kaisa laga
Okra is my favorite among all vegetables.مجھے ساری سبزیوں میں بھنڈی پسند ہےMujhe saari sabziyoun main bhindi pasand hai
Am I the only one who likes bitter gourd?کیا صرف مجھے کریلا پسند ہے؟Kiya sirf mujhe karela pasand hai?
Which vegetable are you cooking today?
آج آپ کون سی سبزی پکا رہے ہیں؟
Aj aap kaun se sabzi paka rahae hain.
Can you tell me vegetable names in Urdu?
کیا آپ مجھے سبزیوں کے نام اردو میں بتا سکتے ہیں؟
Kia ap mujhae sabziyoun key naam urdu mein bata sakte hain?
Do you like fruits or vegetables?کیا آپ کو پھل پسند ہے یا سبزی؟Kiya aap ko phal pasand hai ya sabzi?
I will comment on this vegetable soup.میں آپ کو بتاؤں گا کہ مجھے سبزی کا سوپ کیسا لگاMain aapko bataounga key mujhe sabzi ka soup kaisa laga.


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