20+ Unique Accommodation Vocabulary In Ukrainian

Planning your Ukrainian holiday? We made the best guide just for you! Aside from how it is nice and convenient to know a couple of phrases about the place you are going to, being able to hold a conversation when it comes to accommodation can surely help you too! That said, with this accommodation vocabulary in Ukrainian, we hope that your next vacation to Ukraine will not just be very easy for you, but will be a vacation that you will not forget either!

With this awesome guide, we also have included phrases that can sharpen your Ukrainian vocabulary and even tourist spots that should certainly be on your list too! Ready? Because we are! Here is the only guide you will need to the accommodation vocabulary in Ukrainian!

Accommodation Vocabulary In Ukrainian? This Is The Only Guide You’ll Need!

With the most common words associated with accommodation and checking in, you will certainly be a master speaker of the Ukrainian language in no time!

Accommodation Vocabulary In Ukrainian

Aside from that, your stay in hotels and even talking to the locals will definitely not be as hard as you think it will be. Interested? Then continue reading down below because we have a lot in store for you when it comes to the accommodation vocabulary in Ukrainian!

AccommodationПроживання (Prozhyvannya)
BedЛіжко (Lizhko)
Bed sheetsПростирадла (Prostyradla)
Check inПеревірь (Perevirʹ)
Check outПеревірити (Pereviryty)
GuestroomВітальня (Vitalʹnya)
HostelХостел (Khostel)
HotelГотель (Hotelʹ)
Hotel managerАдміністратор готелю (Administrator hotelyu)
Hotel roomКімната в готелі (Kimnata v hoteli)
ReceptionРецепція (Retseptsiya)
ReceptionistПортьє (Portʹye)
RoomКімната (Kimnata)
Room reservationБронювання номера (Bronyuvannya nomera)
Room serviceОбслуговування номерів (Obsluhovuvannya nomeriv)
SuiteЛюкс (Lyuks)

More Phrases And Sentences About Accommodation That Might Just Come In Handy For You!

Your easiest Ukrainian lessons do not stop there because we have a lot of phrases that can help you speak and be acquainted with the language the easy way! May these Ukrainian phrases help you navigate your way in the beautiful land of Ukraine and in your accommodation there!

Can I check in early?Чи можу я заселитися раніше? (Chy mozhu ya zaselytysya ranishe?)
Can I check out early?Чи можу я виїхати раніше? (Chy mozhu ya vyyikhaty ranishe?)
Can I review my reservation?Чи можу я переглянути своє бронювання? (Chy mozhu ya perehlyanuty svoye bronyuvannya?)
Can I rebook this hotel room?Чи можу я повторно забронювати цей готельний номер? (Chy mozhu ya povtorno zabronyuvaty tsey hotelʹnyy nomer?)
Can I upgrade the rooms?Чи можу я покращити кімнати? (Chy mozhu ya pokrashchyty kimnaty?)
I have a hotel reservation for todayУ мене є бронь готелю на сьогодні (U mene ye bronʹ hotelyu na sʹohodni)
I need assistanceМені потрібна допомога (Meni potribna dopomoha)
I would like to cancel my bookingЯ хотів би скасувати своє бронювання (YA khotiv by skasuvaty svoye bronyuvannya)
May I please talk to the hotel manager?Чи можу я поговорити з менеджером готелю? (Chy mozhu ya pohovoryty z menedzherom hotelyu?)
The shower is not working, can you please check?Душ не працює, перевірте, будь ласка? (Dush ne pratsyuye, perevirte, budʹ laska?)

Tourist Spots In Ukraine That Might Really Don’t Want To Miss!

Planning to spice up your trip? Aside from the accommodation vocabulary in Ukrainian, we have the best and the most amazing tourist spots that will surely make your trip a trip to remember! Even if you are going to Ukraine with friends or just by yourself, visiting these amazing sites will surely allow you to get to know the amazing country of Ukraine in the best way possible! Are you ready for the trip of your life? Check out these tourist spots and make sure that you also pay them a visit!

St. Sophia’s Cathedral

If you are a lover of architecture and culture, visiting this cathedral is definitely a must for you!

Accommodation Vocabulary In Ukrainian

Aside from how this place can give you a glimpse of Ukraine’s interesting culture and heritage, this is definitely the perfect spot to visit if you also want to know more about the country’s architecture. Know to be the country’s first heritage site, this is surely one of the landmarks you should go to in case you find yourself visiting the wonderful country of Ukraine!


Fan of skiing? Bukovel is the place to be for you and your family! Situated in Ukraine, the largest ski resort in Eastern Europe should definitely be a part of the places that you should be paying a visit when you go to Ukraine!

Accommodation Vocabulary In Ukrainian

Aside from how this place is filled with a lot of very fun activities that will surely keep you active and entertained, this is also a great way for you to explore the wonderful sites of the country. Definitely a must-visit!


If you are someone that loves to look back on history and go to places that displays it, you should certainly go to Chernobyl.

Accommodation Vocabulary In Ukrainian

Not familiar with it? This place is known for the nuclear accident that happened last 1986! That said, if you are the type that enjoys places like these and would really want to get to know the place through its somehow ‘dark’ history, you should definitely include this in your list!

To wrap things up, may you have learned a thing or two with this guide that we have made for you! From the translation down to the examples given, along with the tourist spot that you should certainly go to, may the accommodation vocabulary in Ukrainian make your holiday to Ukraine something that you will never forget!

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