Finnish Names: 30+Best Helpful List Of Names For Babies

Congratulations parents! Is your family looking for a beautiful and lovely name for your child? You can let these lists inspire you; it features the most famous Finnish Names. Here are the lists of names for girls, boys, and unisex in Finland that have been gaining popularity in recent years.


Finnish Names For Boys And Girls

Finnish Names For Boys

Finnish Names for boys

If you are looking for a nice name that also sounds gracious for your new baby boy or baby girl, please read our extensive list of Finnish names. Male and female names from Finland are also becoming more and more popular elsewhere.

Finnish Names For Boys With Meanings
Aepeli: The version of Abel, this Finnish boy’s name means ‘breath.’
Aato: This name translates as ‘evening.’
Aimo: The Finnish name means ‘thorough’ or ‘proper.’
 Aleksanteri:  It is a Finnish version of Alexander that means ‘defender of man.’
Antti: It is one of the popular Finnish names for boys (version of the Greek name Andreas), which means ‘manly.’
Eino: It is a Finnish version of Henry; it means ‘eternal ruler.’
Esa: The Finnish form of Isaiah, meaning of this name is ‘God is my salvation.
Kalle: The Finnish form of the name Karl, which means ‘strong.’
Kenai: This strong Finnish name for boys means ‘flatlands’.
Kasper: We love the cute Finnish twist on Casper, which means ‘treasure.’
Kauko: This means ‘far.’
 Janne: The Finnish and Swedish form of John means ‘God is merciful.’
Jari: This famous Finnish baby boy’s first name translates as ‘God will raise.
Jere: The Finnish version of ‘Jeremiah,’ this strong name means ‘exalted of the Lord’.
Jensynn: son of Johannes or Junior Johannes (God is gracious)
Joona: It is a Finnish form of Jonah, which means ‘pigeon’ or ‘dove.’
Miika: This Finnish name is derived from Hebrew, it means ‘who is like God’
Ove: This Nordic name typically means ‘active at work’ and is another Finnish classic.
Santeri: A Finnish spin on ‘Alexander.’ It means ‘defender of man.’
Tapio: This Finnish male name means ‘leader of the forest or wood,’ and it is the best choice who love nature.
Tauno: This Finnish name (old-style) means ‘modest and peaceful.’
Finnish Names

Famous Finnish Names For Girl

Names for girls

There are many beautiful Finnish names for baby girls. Here are some of the best for you to pick!

Popular Finnish Names For Girls With Meanings
Aada: This popular Finnish name is similar to Ada’s famous English name, which means “noble or kind.”
Aino: This beautiful name means ‘the only name, and it is intrinsically Finnish.’ Ainu originated as a character in the famous 19th-century Finnish poem Kalevala, drawn from folk stories and legends.
Ana or Anna: This Scandinavian name is strongly preferred in Finland. This favorite Finnish language translates to “service” or “blessing.”
Ansa: This timeless Finnish name for young girls means “virtue.”
Eevi: Eevi or Evie have emerged as famous names in the UK for a while but try this alternative if you are looking for a Finnish course. The name comes from the Latin word meaning “living.”
Elea: This means “mysterious” or “strange” and was the most popular name for a girl in 2019 in Finland, which made it a real Finnish hit.
Emilia: The feminine Finnish version of Emil, this name means ‘to excel.’
Erika: This Finnish form of Erica means ‘the ruler.’
Eveliina: This Finnish wonderful name means ‘life.’
Fredrica: This means ‘peaceful ruler.’ Its origin is from Germany, but it is the version of Finland.
Helka: The name of the Nordic is derived from the Old Norse word “Helgi,” meaning “holy” or “blessed.” If you are looking for something sturdy that looks Finnish for a baby girl, this is perfect.
Helmi: If you are looking for a cool Nordic baby girl, this Finnish name might be perfect. It is derived from the words “bead or pearl,” and its origin is “amber.” It is also the Finnish version of Wilhelmina.
Hulta: This old Norse name means ‘gracious’ and ‘devoted.’ 
Kaarina: The Finnish version of the name Katherine, which means ‘pure.’
Kaija: It is another Finnish spin on the name Katherine
Katja: The Finnish form of Katya, this sweet name means ‘pure.’
Leah: This Hebrew name meaning ‘a a wild cow.’ It is famous as a Finnish girl’s name in the land of the midnight sun.
Lilja: This Finnish and Swedish name means lily in both French and Swedish. Also, it is one of the Finnish surnames you may know.
Mari: It is a Scandinavian name, means ‘berry’, and is a form of Mary in Finland.
Maria: It is a familiar girl’s name that is extremely popular with Finnish families, and the other name means ‘berry.’
Warrior: A famous warrior woman 
Milla: This Finnish girl’s name means ‘noble.’
Hulta: This old Norse name means ‘gracious’ and ‘devoted.’ 
Finnish Names


Unisex Popular Finnish Names For Babies

Unisex Finnish Names Names in Finland

In Finland, we cannot give a female name to a boy or a male name to a girl. However, some unisex names are suitable for both genders. Take a look at our list of inspirations from Finland, and see if you can find something that looks just right for your new bundle of joy.

Famous Unisex Finnish NamesMeanings
Akiheavenly one
Lennibrave lion
Lumi (lovely name)snow
prinsi prinsessaprince princess
Finnish Names


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