11 Best Ways To Say Hello In Finnish

Hello In Finnish

If you have a friend from Finland or are planning to visit this beautiful country, ask yourself a question. How are you going to talk to any native there when you need to? You can talk to them in the English language as well, but it would be best if you spoke to them in their local language. So, first of all, learn to say Hello in Finnish.

Nothing feels better than receiving greetings from a loved one! It sounds refreshing to greet you with a hello after a busy day at work. How nice would it feel if strangers greeted you with the same warmness? So, it is vital to learn how to greet native people before you set to travel. Learning to say “hello” in Finnish is just as important as learning to say “thanks,” as you will have to say it to everyone you meet there. Here are a few phrases and words for a Finnish greeting to make a good impression and bring a smile to the natives’ faces. Let’s learn how to say Hello in Finnish with some other essential phrases.

Say Hello In Finnish And Learn Other Finnish Greetings

Hi/Hello (Hello in Finnish)

Finnish: Hei/Moi (Hello in Finnish)

Whenever you meet someone, the first thing that you expectedly say is that you greet them with a Hello/Hi. Say hello in Finnish to your friend from Finland in their language to surprise them. In Finnish, you say Hei/Moi in place of Hello/Hi. 


Finnish: terveisiä

Most often, you greet people by just saying “Greetings.” If you want to greet the same way in Finnish as well, say “terveisiä.”

Do You Speak Finnish?

Finnish: Puhutko suomea

The next thing you could say to someone after hello is about the language. So, if you want to confirm whether they speak Finnish or not, say “Puhutko suomea.”


Finnish: Kiitos

How can you interact with someone and not need to thank them occasionally? So, you say thanks in the Finnish language as “Kiitos.”

You Are Welcome!

Finnish: Olet tervetullut!

You typically respond to someone’s thank you with a “welcome.” But, in Finnish, you say “Olet tervetullut!” if you want to say to someone that “You are welcome.”

It Was Nice Meeting You!

Finnish: oli mukava tavata

When you are pleased to meet someone, what else do you say except “It was nice meeting you”? So, in Finnish, you express the pleasure of meeting someone as “oli mukava tavata.”

Long Time No See!

Finnish: pitkästä aikaa

When you meet someone after a long time, the first thing you might say to them is “long time no see!”. So, if you want to say this phrase to someone in the Finnish language, say “pitkästä aikaa.”

Good Morning

Finnish: SayHyvää huomenta

When you meet someone at the beginning of the day, you greet them with “good morning.” In Finnish, you say Good morning “Hyvää huomenta .”

Good Evening

Finnish: Hyvää iltaa

Saying good evening when you meet someone at the end of the day is also a mandatory ritual. Thus, evening greetings in Finnish are “Hyvää iltaa.”

Good Night

Finnish: hyvää yötä

Informal night greetings are “Good night” in every language. So, in Finnish, you say good night as “hyvää yötä.”


Finnish: Hyvästi

“Goodbye” is the most common and informal greeting that you use at departing from someone. In Finnish, you say “goodbye” as “Hyvästi.”

Hello in Finnish common vocabulary greetings
Hello In Finnish And Other Greetings

Some Common Vocabulary Used In Finnish Greetings

Apart from the above-mentioned basic greetings and hello in Finnish, there are many other formal and informal Finnish phrases. We have enlisted them down so that you can quickly learn them to add to your Finish vocabulary.

Greetings In EnglishFinnish Translation
Good day!Hyvää päivää!
I enjoyed myself very muchNautin todella paljon
See you soon!Nähdään pian!
Make yourself at homeole kuin kotonasi
Can I have your phone number?Voinko saada puhelinnumerosi?
What do you do for a living?Mitä teet elääksesi
Get well soon!Parane pian
Happy Birthday!hyvää syntymäpäivää!
Are you married?Oletko naimisissa?
Long time no see!pitkän ajan jälkeen!
You have a beautiful name!sinulla on kaunis nimi!
Would you like to go for a walk?Tahtoisitko lähteä kävelylle?
I will be right back!Tulen kohta takaisin!
I am always hereOlen aina täällä
Where do you live?Missä sinä asut?
Can you speak Finnish?Voitko puhua suomea?
I will try my bestOlen aina täällä
Do you love travelling?rakastatko matkustamista?
What time is it?paljonko kello on?

These were some common Finnish phrases to add to your vocabulary and converse when you have to. However, if you want to learn the language thoroughly, you can learn with the Ling app.

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Learn Hello In Finnish And Other Languages On A Right Platform

So, there are many ways to greet people and say hello in the Finnish language. As courtesy is the root of Finnish culture, you will have to greet them quite often. If you are looking for the right platform to learn Hello in Finnish and all the Finnish language’s polite greetings and essential phrases, install the Ling app right now. In this learning process, you will learn all the grammatical rules and the elemental composition of the language. With the Ling app, you can learn the Finnish language to speak flawlessly!

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If you have any questions about the learning process, you can read “Frequently Asked Questions” with a single click. Join us, and be an avid learner. Hyvää päivää (Good Day)!

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