8 Best Turkish Language Podcasts From Beginner To Advanced

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If you are learning Turkish and you are an auditory learner, podcasts can be an ideal learning tool for you. And you will find the best Turkish language podcasts listed in this blog post!

Listening to Turkish language podcasts can help you pick up new Turkish vocabulary and improve your listening comprehension skills. Also, they’re a great complement to any Turkish course, whether you’re taking Turkish lessons from a tutor or self-learning using language-learning apps like Ling.

Lucky you, I’ve made a list of the best Turkish language podcasts for both beginner and intermediate learners. As a native Turkish speaker and a language teacher, I’ve checked the quality of each podcast in this roundup so you can comfortably incorporate them into your language learning plan!

Turkish Language Podcasts For Beginners

Are you a beginner in Turkish but still want to learn through podcasts? No problem! You don’t have to understand all Turkish words to benefit from a language-learning podcast. Here are a few Turkish podcasts made specifically for beginners:

1. TurkishClass101 – Best Comprehensive Podcast

The TurkishClass101 podcast is one of the most popular and comprehensive Turkish learning resources on the internet. In addition to its podcast lessons, the website offers other learning resources, such as videos and PDF materials. All learning episodes are uploaded regularly and classified based on difficulty, from beginner to advanced.

If you are a beginner, you will especially like this podcast because it is comprehensive, teaches new concepts, and makes topics interesting by including culture-related content in each episode.


  • Audio and video Turkish lessons featuring native speakers.
  • Offline mode is available.
  • Ability to slow down audio.


  • Basic Plan: $1.96/month
  • Premium: $4.90/month
  • Premium Plus: $11.21/month

2. Let’s Learn Turkish – Best Entertaining Podcast

Let’s Learn Turkish podcast is literally made by love because it started when the host’s Spanish partner wanted to learn Turkish. After some time, the host had the idea to create a series of podcast episodes to help other foreigners learn Turkish more easily and get through the difficult beginner process.

Each episode of Let’s Learn Turkish is around 10 to 15 minutes long. It is a fun podcast that covers topics like verbal nouns, example dialogues, practical questions, verb tenses, and more.


  • The podcast is about a Turkish woman teaching Turkish to her Spanish partner.
  • Real-life dialogues and conversations.
  • Discussions about Turkish culture, traditions, and customs.


  • iTunes or Spotify membership is needed.
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3. Fluent In Turkish – Best Concise Podcast

Fluent In Turkish doesn’t have as many episodes as other podcasts, but it still has valuable content if you are looking for additional support for your formal Turkish language course. There are only seven episodes in total, most of which are around 10 minutes long, and they cover topics like grammar, basic vocabulary, greetings, numbers, and essential Turkish phrases you may need when traveling in Turkey.


  • Beginner-friendly podcasts.
  • Real-life conversations and a fun learning experience.
  • Episodes cover grammar, vocabulary, and language skills development.


  • Podcasts are free of charge.
  • $10/hour for live Turkish lessons with teachers.

4. Learn Modern Turkish – Best Free Podcast

The podcast “Learn Modern Turkish” has a limited number of episodes available, but it’s still a useful complement if you are learning basic Turkish on your own. This podcast covers essential Turkish grammar and etymology and then touches upon other interesting topics such as Turkish history, culture, and common Turkish phrases.


  • It’s a free podcast.
  • Discussions about contemporary Turkish culture, lifestyle, and society.
  • Explanations of Turkish grammar rules and pronunciation tips.


  • Free

5. Learn Turkish With Lingua Boost – Best Engaging Podcast

The Learn Turkish with Lingua Boost podcast consists of two separate volumes for a total of 50 episodes, each lasting around 10 minutes. These episodes focus on listening and trying to make you speak in Turkish as much as possible. Additionally, there are review episodes at the end of every five episodes, so you can reinforce what you learned previously. 

Unfortunately, the podcast is not fully available for free, so you need to pay a course fee on the Lingua Boost website. Still, there are 5 free episodes for newcomers so that you can try out the podcast and decide if it is worth spending money on.


  • Episodes are organized into structured lessons covering various aspects of the Turkish language.
  • Engaging exercises and activities to reinforce learning.
  • Basic Turkish vocabulary featuring common words, phrases, and expressions used in everyday Turkish.


  • Turkish Vol 1 and Vol 2: $11.97 (together).
  • Each costs $7.47 (separately).

Turkish Language Podcasts For Intermediate And Advanced Learners

If you already know the basics of the Turkish language and have good comprehension and speaking skills, then you are ready to get to the next level! Here are some intermediate Turkish podcasts for you:

Man in a podcast session

6. Learn Turkish With Turkish Coffee – Best Cultural Podcast

The podcast Learn Turkish With Turkish Coffee is completely in Turkish, but don’t be scared now! In the podcast, the narrators talk about the Turkish language and culture and speak Turkish very slowly, using basic words and sentence structures in Turkish. In addition, there are written transcripts and translations for each episode so that you can follow along as you listen.

In summary, it’s a great podcast for intermediate Turkish learners like you to help you improve your listening skills.


  • Discussions about Turkish culture, history, and traditions while enjoying Turkish coffee.
  • Interviews with native Turkish speakers and language experts, sharing insights into Turkish culture and language.
  • Written transcripts are available.


  • Free

7. Turkish Tea Time – Best Structured Podcast

Turkish Tea Time is a podcast hosted by Turkish learners, teachers, and native speakers. All of them fully grasp and master the Turkish language, and they know how difficult it can be for all Turkish learners, no matter what level they are at. The episodes of Turkish Tea Time have different difficulty levels, but in general, they speak to intermediate-level learners. Each episode emphasizes a single language topic with a dialogue (annotations, vocabulary sheets, quizzes, and other educational resources are available online).

Though the podcast is not updated anymore, there are more than 100 episodes available, which are around 20 minutes long.


  • There are more than 100 episodes accessible, many of which are about 20 minutes long.
  • A warm and inviting podcast environment that mirrors the cozy and sociable atmosphere.
  • Interviews with native Turkish speakers, language experts, and individuals sharing insights into Turkish culture and language learning experiences.


  • iTunes membership is needed to get access to this podcast.

8. Easy Turkish Podcast – Best Casual Podcast

I think the Easy Turkish Podcast is the most authentic podcast for learning Turkish. It is created by the same team behind the Easy Turkish YouTube channel. Listening to everyday conversations and street interviews in Turkish can improve your Turkish comprehension skills. 

In each episode, the podcast’s hosts come up with a new topic to discuss. It could be anything like Istanbul city, learning languages, or the summer holidays. They are kind of unpredictable and spontaneous!

Since the hosts speak only casually in Turkish, their podcast is a great resource for learning about informal and conversational Turkish. Each episode also comes with a transcription of the podcast and a vocabulary list to help you pick up new Turkish vocabulary. 


  • Teaching casual Turkish in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Each podcast episode includes a transcription and a vocabulary list related to that episode.
  • Dialogues and conversations in Turkish that simulate real-life situations.


Both free and paid membership via Patreon is available.

  • Learner Tier: €5/month
  • Podcast Tier: €8/month
  • Audio and Video Tier: €12/month

Here are the most popular Turkish podcasts on Spotify with the highest number of listeners in Turkey:

1. Ortamlarda Satılacak Bilgi: This Podcast series is about everything. Yes, everything! From culture and art to philosophy and personal development!

    2. Psikopatika: This podcast is all about authenticity, and self-discovery, plus they also give book and movie recommendations from time to time.

    3. Meksika Açmazı: This is a comedy podcast about how people overcome problems and difficult situations in everyday life.

    4. Kendine İyi Davran: The title of this podcast translates to “Take Care of Yourself.” The host gives advice and tips to listeners for living a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

    Woman on a Turkish Language Podcast

    Why Learn Turkish Through Podcasts?

    I know that every learner is unique and learns in different ways. However, one of the best-proven methods of learning a foreign language is to mimic native speakers of that language.

    This is what makes Turkish language podcasts a good resource for learners. Your pronunciation, vocabulary knowledge, comprehension, and speaking skills will improve thanks to listening to podcasts.

    In addition to that, listening to podcasts can also give you insights into the use of various grammar rules and everyday spoken language.

    Tips For Listening To Turkish Podcasts

    Here are a few tips to get the best out of using Turkish language podcasts as a part of your language-learning study program:

    • Be consistent and make podcast listening a part of your daily routine.
    • Pause the podcast and repeat sentences by mimicking the host.
    • Listen at a slower speed if you need to.
    • Try to guess what new Turkish words may mean based on the context and then check their dictionary definitions.

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    Final Words

    In summary, Turkish language podcasts are a useful tool for learning and improving your Turkish, no matter what your level is. They cover everything from basics for beginners to more advanced topics for learners further along in their Turkish journey. Plus, they’re not just about language – you’ll also get insights into Turkish culture and traditions, and spoken Turkish in daily life. So, whether you’re just starting out or already feeling confident, give these podcasts a listen.

    Since you read this blog post, you may also be interested in the best apps to learn Turkish as well!

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