Top 10 Useful Tips For Traveling In Turkey From A Local

Tips For Traveling In Turkey-Ling

Did you know that two of the top ten most visited cities in 2023 (Istanbul and Antalya) are located in Turkey? And it seems like the country will attract even more tourists in 2024 with the lifting of visa requirements! That’s why, in this blog post, I’ll share useful tips for traveling in Turkey.

There are a lot of reasons for visiting Turkey. It’s a dream destination with plenty of natural beauty, historical sites, and amazing beaches. It has one of the best cuisines in the world. Not only that, but it’s a budget-friendly country with a unique culture and very hospitable people.

Here, you’ll learn what you should do and what you should avoid in the country. So, if it’s going to be your first time in Turkey, you don’t want to miss these Turkey travel tips!

Tips For Traveling In Turkey

As a traveler visiting a foreign country, you should learn a little about the culture and customs of that country. This will help you prevent culture shocks, understand the local people better, and earn their approval. That’s why I’ve shared the best Turkey travel tips below!

1. Plan Your Turkey Itinerary Wisely

Turkey is a huge and beautiful country. You should stay at least two weeks to discover all the beauty in it. Therefore, it’s better to plan day trips to as many cities as possible. The top tourist places in Turkey are Istanbul, Nevşehir (Cappadocia), Antalya, and Muğla.

If you won’t be able to stay that long, choose the city you want to see the most. Then plan day trips to different areas each day. Try to see many places close to the same area.

2. Check The Weather In Turkey When Packing

Check the weather forecasts for the time of your trip. Turkey is a four-season country, and winters can be freezing while summers can be scorching, depending on the month. So make sure you pack weather-appropriate clothes before coming to Turkey.

3. Learn Basic Turkish Phrases

Although the English-speaking rate of Turkish people is not as high as that of European countries, you won’t have problems in major tourist places in Istanbul. Also, the younger population is more likely to speak English, but some of them may not feel confident about it.

Therefore, I recommend you learn at least some basic phrases in the Turkish language, just in case. Also, local people love it when tourists try to speak their native language.

If you want to learn conversational Turkish to get by in Turkey, the Ling app can help you with that! It’s available on the App Store and Play Store.

Inside Hagia Sophia-Tips For Traveling In Turkey-Ling

4. Respect Turkish Culture And Religion

The most important Turkey travel advice that I can give you is to respect Turkish culture. By respecting the culture, I don’t mean covering your body and wearing modest clothes. That’s not even a problem in modern Turkish life, although you should still cover your head and wear modest clothes when entering mosques.

What I mean is that you should avoid any anti-Turkish or anti-Islam acts. Because Turkish people will probably not be happy about it and not tolerate it.

5. Do Not Talk About Politics

Another thing you should avoid is talking politics (especially about the president) with the Turkish people. It’s always a hot topic for local people, and some of them take it really seriously. Of course, not all people like that, but since it’s a sensitive topic in general, it’s better to avoid it.

6. Do Not Record Videos In Public Places

Turkish people have witnessed some unpleasant situations with foreigners who are recording videos on their smartphones. Do not record videos from your phone in public places, especially on public transportation, because women can feel uncomfortable about it. As a result, some locals don’t like tourists wandering around recording everything and everyone around them without permission.

7. Taste Delicious Turkish Food

Okay, this is not a travel tip, but it’s a must! Turkish cuisine is famous worldwide, and it’s the king of street food. It would be a crime not to eat plenty of delicious food in Turkey. Some foods and drinks you must taste are Turkish coffee, tea, simit, Turkish breakfast, and Turkish delight.

8. Be Aware Of Scams And Pickpockets

Though the country is known for its Turkish hospitality, you should still watch out for scams and pickpockets, which are likely to be in crowded tourist areas such as Istiklal Street in Istanbul. I recommend you carry your bag on your chest instead of your back when you’re in a crowded public place. You should also watch out for the scams of taxi drivers. Some drivers try to trick and overcharge tourists. I would recommend using Uber or public transportation instead of taxis.

9. Remember There Is More To Turkey Than Istanbul

I don’t understand why most tourists only visit Istanbul, see the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, and then leave the country. Please don’t do that! I promise there are many more beautiful places in cities other than Istanbul. I encourage you to see the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Turkey as well!

Parachute above Ölüdeniz-Tips For Traveling In Turkey-Ling

10. Be Open To New Experiences

If you’re an adventure and adrenalin lover, you should try a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, parachute above the sea in Ölüdeniz, and skii in Erciyes. If you love trying cultural customs, you should go to a Turkish bath to get a healing spa experience and shop in the Grand Bazaar.

Ready To Visit Turkey?

Turkey awaits you with the most beautiful scenes, delicious food, and hospitable people you have ever seen! Here is one of the biggest tips for traveling in Turkey to get the most out of it: learn Turkish to connect with people and create memories. You can take a look at Ling’s Turkish blog to learn about the Turkish language and culture!

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