10 Best Apps To Learn Turkish In 2023

Apps To Learn Turkish - Ling

Have you always wanted to learn Turkish but postponed it until now? Come closer because we’ll make you start learning Turkish today. But before we get started, it’s important to remember that language learning needs consistency and patience no matter what language you want to learn. With language learning apps like the Ling, it has become easier for language learners to stick to a consistent plan. No textbooks, no boring language courses. All you need is a device and a great app to learn Turkish. However, you can feel a bit lost as there are many Turkish language apps, and it’s hard to choose the best one.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out! In this article, you’ll find ten apps for learning Turkish with their reviews. We also classified them under three categories such as interactive apps, flashcard apps, and tutorship apps. So that you can easily find the best one according to your needs.

Best Apps For Learning Turkish In 2023

Quick Summary:

Our Top Picks for Apps to Learn Turkish
Best For
Image of Ling app Logo - Best language learning apps Ling app Review


  • Pronunciation and spelling practice
  • Chatbot conversations
  • Natural phrases by native speakers
An image of Duolingo app logo - review by the Ling app - best apps to learn languages


  • Game-like lessons
  • Leaderboards and challenges
  • Easy-to-use interface
Live lessons
A photo of Bluebird Languages logo - Ling review


  • One-on-one lessons
  • Learn from native speakers
  • Flexible scheduling

Interactive Apps To Learn Turkish

Language learning has leveled up with interactive apps in the last decade. They’re fun and gamified, include interactive exercises, and show your learning progress. These kinds of apps are great for absolute beginners. Let’s see what are the featured apps for learning Turkish!

Learn-Turkish-with-Ling App

1. Ling

Ling is a language-learning app designed to help all learners from the beginning of their language-learning journeys. It consists of various interactive exercises, from writing and listening exercises to an AI chatbot to practice your speaking skills, and with much more, Ling offers you everything you’re looking for in a language app.

Ling’s fun games, challenges, puzzles, and quizzes will help you improve your Turkish it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or someone who has been studying for some time.

Ling immerses you through interactive learning methods to make language learning as simple and fun as possible. Because you’re learning real-world Turkish conversational phrases from Turkish native speakers, it’s never boring or superficial.

What’s best? Find out the best features of Ling below:


  • Short and fun exercises that improve everything from pronunciation to spelling
  • Chatbot for conversation practice
  • Natural phrases from native speakers
  • Grammar tips and explanations
  • Great for beginners and even intermediate learners can brush up on their knowledge


  • Monthly:$14.99
  • 6 Months:$39.99
  • Yearly:$79.99 (7-day free trial available)
  • Lifetime: $149.99
Apps To Learn Turkish - duolingo

2. Duolingo

Duolingo will undoubtedly be mentioned if you ask any language learner for quick, non-intrusive daily retention exercises. Why? because you can spend as little as five minutes per session learning a little Turkish daily.

Instead of just giving you a list of words to repeat and learn, Duolingo interspersed grammar lessons to help you understand the fundamentals of Turkish sentence structure.

Thanks to the design of this game-like language app, you won’t even be aware that you’re learning so much.


  • Game-like lessons that target your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  • Effective pacing of lessons
  • Leaderboards and challenges keep you motivated
  • Engaging and easy-to-use interface


  • Free version
  • Duolingo Super: $6.99/month
Apps To Learn Turkish - busuu

3. Busuu

If you like shorter lessons, Busuu claims that you can learn a new language in only 10 minutes in a day. But don’t let it mislead you; you can only learn the fundamentals of the language in such a short time.

For example, after some flashcards are added to your work bank, some exercises will help you apply Turkish grammar rules. If you want to write or speak Turkish more fluently, Busuu enables you to create a study plan that fits your schedule if you’d like to devote more time to learning the language.

In addition, Busuu stands out as one of the few Turkish language learning applications with a dedicated course for those getting ready for a trip to Turkey.


  • Extensive vocabulary and grammar lessons
  • AI-powered review sessions
  • Real-life scenarios for contextualized learning
  • Community feedback lets you reach out to native Turkish speakers


  • Monthly: $13.95/month
  • 6 Months: $50.70 ($8.45/month)
  • Yearly: $58.38 ($4.87/month)
Apps To Learn Turkish - babbel

4. Babbel

One of the world’s most popular language learning apps, Babbel uses technology to reinvent tried-and-true linguistics techniques. That’s why it’s one of the best apps for learning Turkish.

Learners who want to study Turkish and improve their language level can enroll in a comprehensive language learning course on Babbel. The best part is that you can choose your starting point since they offer classes for different levels.

Babbel is fantastic because it is intuitive and engaging, taking into account how you learn best to match your learning speed. You may practice your pronunciation whenever you want, thanks to speech recognition tools. Additionally, you’ll come across a lot of opportunities to practice your speaking.


  • Bite-sized, interactive lessons to help you read, write, and speak Turkish
  • Practice and improve your pronunciation with real-life conversations
  • Extensive grammar lessons
  • Option to join live online classes


  • 1 Month: $16.99/month
  • 3 Months: $12.99/month
  • 6 Months: $9.99/month
  • 12 Months: $6.99/month
  • Lifetime: $299.99

Flashcard Apps To Learn Turkish Vocabulary

Flashcards may be the most classical method, but it works pretty well when it comes to learning vocabulary. So, check out these flashcard apps below if you want to learn new Turkish words.

Apps To Learn Turkish - clozemaster

5. Clozemaster

Clozemaster is a language app focused on teaching vocabulary in more than 50 foreign languages.

The teaching style of Clozemaster is based on filling in the blanks with appropriate words. It also covers other language skills such as reading, listening, speaking, and grammar.

Clozemaster doesn’t teach you a language from scratch, but it helps you master your existing skills and knowledge. It provides you with the most commonly used word collections in your target language so that you don’t have to spend time researching the most common words and phrases on your own.


  • Learning new words in the relevant context is a big plus
  • Good for getting used to the sentence structure
  • The pixel art design gives you gaming vibes
  • The free version is also very generous


  • Free (limited features)
  • In-App Purchases-Clozemaster Pro:
  • Monthly: $8.99
  • Yearly:$69.99
Apps To Learn Turkish - drops

6. Drops

Drops is one of the most effective and reliable apps for learning Turkish vocabulary, and it guarantees that using it daily won’t take more than five minutes. Additionally, this app is supported by pretty illustrations to maximize the benefits of visual learning.

You will love their adorable icons, images, and artwork if that seems like your style! The program has a ton of games, riddles, and mnemonic association exercises that will make learning a new language fun and easier.

Just keep in mind that Drops is all about expanding your vocabulary, so don’t expect grammar lessons or other skill-centered activities.


  • Visually appealing
  • Covers over 2,000 Turkish words
  • Short but interactive challenges, games, and exercises to build vocabulary and recall them
  • Basic phrases and expressions that are useful when traveling
  • Personalized learning through word lists


  • Monthly: $13.00
  • Yearly:$69.99
  • Lifetime:$159.99

Apps To Learn Conversational Turkish Phrases

If you want to learn Turkish for a trip to Turkey and you don’t have much time. Learning the most commonly used conversational phrases is a wise thing to do.

Apps To Learn Turkish - turkish class 101

7. Turkish Class 101

With Turkish Class 101, learning Turkish is a customizable process. The length of each session for your audio and video lessons can range from three to fifteen minutes. Given that, all you have to do is listen to the lesson and use what you learn.

Since new audio and video courses are added to the app every week, you’ll never run out of things to learn here! Additionally, you can slow down the audio to ensure you understand every word or syllable if you ever encounter a challenging word or phrase.


  • Short audio and video Turkish lessons featuring native speakers
  • New lessons weekly
  • Offline mode is available
  • Ability to slow down audio


  • Basic Plan: $1.96/month
  • Premium: $4.90/month
  • Premium Plus: $11.21/month
Apps To Learn Turkish - 50 languages

8. 50 Languages

As you can understand from the app name, you can study Turkish among 50 languages!

No prior knowledge of language learning is necessary to use the 50 Languages Turkish course. It will set the stage for impeccable grammar and vocabulary.

Other than these fundamentals, 50 Languages also teaches how to speak Turkish in real-life contexts using audio recordings and example dialogues. You can review these audio courses whenever you like to improve your pronunciation.


  • The entire Turkish course covers 100 lessons
  • Downloadable audio recordings of native Turkish speakers
  • Learn Turkish from any other language
  • Well-designed lessons on the Turkish alphabet, vocabulary, and grammar


  • Free version
  • Silver Plan: 1 month: $3 – 6 months: $6 – 1 year: $8
  • Gold Plan: 1 month: $5 – 6 months: $8 – 1 year: $12
  • In-App Purchases: Ad removal $2.99 – All Languages Package $9.99 – One Language Package$2.99

*The prices might vary based on location and offers.

Apps To Meet With Turkish Language Tutors

If you are a more advanced learner who knows the grammar structures and enough vocabulary but wants to develop conversational skills to speak Turkish fluently. You need an app that brings together learners and native speakers. So, here are the best apps to find native Turkish tutors!

Apps To Learn Turkish - italki

9. Italki

Millions of people who are learning languages use italki. It essentially serves as a marketplace where you can hire language teachers for a variety of goals, including scheduled classes, test prep, conversation practice, and more.

The hourly rates differ from tutor to tutor, but the best part is that using Italki is fun, I know this because I’ve used it myself to practice speaking English! It offers the opportunity to speak Turkish with native speakers online.

Italki offers you a choice between hiring a professional teacher or a community tutor. Use your three trial classes to choose the most suitable Turkish tutor for your needs.


  • Develop conversational skills with the help of Turkish community tutors or professional teachers
  • 1-on-1 classes via Skype, Zoom, or virtual Italki classroom
  • Study at your own pace, at your preferred schedule, and within your budget
  • Practice for free with language exchange partners in the Italki community


  • Starting price: $5.62/hour
  • *Prices vary according to each tutor
Apps To Learn Turkish - preply

10. Preply

Preply offers the same ability to search via in-depth tutor profiles as Italki. Preply has a fantastic filtering method. You can look for tutors depending on your needs, schedule, tutor’s specialty, and other languages they speak. This is extremely helpful if you want someone who can also communicate in your original dialect

Additionally, Preply spends time thoroughly reviewing and approving each tutor profile. To ensure that you receive top-notch lessons.


  • Get customized Turkish lessons
  • Expert tutors with comprehensive and verified profiles
  • Flexible pricing and scheduling
  • The trial lesson comes with a free replacement with any new tutor of your choice if you don’t like the first one


  • Starting price: $5.00/hour
  • Prices vary according to each tutor

Why learn Turkish?

If you are here, you might be considering learning Turkish. It could be for its delicious gastronomy, its majestic monuments, or its fascinating history; without a doubt, learning Turkish can be rewarding for multiple reasons.  Culturally, this language gives you access to Turkey’s rich history, rooted in diverse civilizations like the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. From a practical standpoint, knowledge of Turkish can help you enhance your travel experiences and even open the door to business opportunities.

Furthermore, it offers an intellectually stimulating challenge for language enthusiasts. Giving access to Turkish literature, media, and the arts becomes more profound, providing insights into societal themes and cultural perspectives. 

Luckily, nowadays, there are plenty of ways to learn Turkish, and if textbooks and traditional methods are not your thing, here are the best apps to learn Turkish from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you prefer.

Final Thoughts

The language learning scene is evolving rapidly, and having the right app can make all the difference in your journey to mastering Turkish. As we’ve explored the diverse options available in 2023, we can see that each app offers unique features catering to different learning styles and preferences. From comprehensive vocabulary builders to interactive cultural experiences, the choices are vast.

However, for those seeking an all-around language learning experience, one app stands out, Ling. It seamlessly blends engaging lessons, and practical exercises, making the process not just educational but also super fun. As you dive into your Turkish language learning adventure, consider the app that goes beyond just vocabulary, offering a dynamic and immersive approach that will help you speak Turkish in no time.

Download the Ling app on the Play Store or App Store now!

And if you know other useful Turkish apps, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments!

Until next time!

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