15+ Easy Ways To Say Congratulations In Danish

congratulations in Danish

There are plenty of occasions to wish someone congratulations. It’s a saying you can mention in passing but also to offer a heartfelt congratulations to those you love or admire.

Whether you’re living in Denmark or a visitor, knowing how to say congratulations in Danish can help you participate in events around you and help you to connect with others.

This article aims to teach you a number of ways fit for formal and informal situations.

Let’s dive in!

How To Say Congratulations In Danish

“Congratulations” in Danish is tillykke

Definitely hit that blue button and listen to a native Dane say tillykke. It’s a bit of a tricky one.

Here is a list of the different verb forms of congratulations to make learning Danish easier for you!

  • Congratulate (lykønske)
  • Congratulated (lykønsket)
  • To congratulate (at lykønske)
  • Congratulating (tillykke)

If you’ve just begun learning the Danish language, congratulations is a good first word to learn. The simple yet effective phrase will help you start conversations in different contexts and it will allow you to get a bit more in touch with the culture.

General Ways Offer A Danish Congratulations

congratulations in Danish

Here are some ways congratulate someone in a friendly and professional manner. After this, we’ll look at some alternatives to use in different situations.

1. Congrats. You Did An Excellent Job! (Tillykke. Du Gjorde Et Fremragende Stykke arbejde!)

This is a good phrase to use if you’re working in Denmark. Offer workmates praise, or alternatively this saying can used around children to tell them they’ve done well.

2. Proud Of You! (Stolt Af Dig!)

Everyone appreciates being told someone is proud of them. Such a simple phrase can really make someone’s day!

3. Keep It Up (Bliv Ved )

This is a great saying of encouragement for someone who is doing well at something and just needs that extra push to do it even better,

4. Good Going! (Godt gået! )

A rather casual way to show your support, good going is fun to use among family and friends. Other people may find it a bit rude though, so only use it around people you’re close to.

5. Congratulations On Your Success! (Tillykke med din succes)

This phrase is really adaptive to any and all situations. It’s perfect for formal or informal settings and can be used around both strangers and those close to you.

Other Congratulatory Phrases In Danish

These are some other simple ways to offer congratulations in Danish in informal situations.

  • Nicely done (Godt gjort )
  • You did it! (Du gjorde det! )
  • Hats off to you (Hatten af ​​for dig )
  • Here’s to you (Her er til dig)

Congratulation Wishes In Danish For Different Occasions

Here are different lists of wishes that you can use according to the occasion.

Danish Congratulation Phrases For Weddings Or Engagements

Heading to a wedding in Denmark? Make sure to wish the bride and groom congratulations!

congratulations in Danish
Congratulations on your engagement!Tillykke med din forlovelse!
Cheers to the new coupleSkål for det nye par
Let me start with wishing you a happy engagementlad mig begynde med ønske dig en god forlovelse
Cheers to your wedding!Skål for jeres bryllup!
Congratulations to the future coupleTillykke til det kommende par

Danish Congratulation Wishes For Job Success

Maybe someone you know in Denmark has just gotten a job or maybe even their dream position. Here are ways to share you’re happy for them.

congratulations in Danish
EnglishDanish TranslationPronunciation
You did a great jobDu gjorde et godt stykke arbejde
Good luck with your new jobHeld og lykke med dit nye job
Congratulations on your promotionTillykke med din forfremmelse
Cheers to your new work lifeSkål for dit nye arbejdsliv
Congrats! You got the dream jobTillykke! Du fik drømmejobbet
You deserve this promotionDu fortjener denne forfremmelse

Danish Congratulations For Graduation

Graduations are a special moment. Share in the memories by wishing the new graduate well.

congratulations in Danish
EnglishDanish TranslationPronunciation
Congratulations on graduatingTillykke med eksamen
You did it! Congrats!Du gjorde det! Tillykke!
Congrats to the new graduateTillykke til den nyuddannede
You deserve the praiseDu fortjener ros
You worked hard. CongratulationsDu arbejdede hårdt. Tillykke
All the best to your futureAlt det bedste for din fremtid

Congratulation Wishes For Motherhood In Danish

Having a baby means celebration time! Be sure to wish the new parents all the best.

congratulations in Danish
EnglishDanish TranslationPronunciation
Welcome to motherhoodVelkommen til moderskabet
Congratulations on becoming parentsTillykke med at blive forældre
Wishing your family all the bestØnsker din familie alt det bedste
Congrats on your new babyTillykke med din nye baby

You Made It! (Du gjorde det!)

With a quick study of this article, you now know some of the best ways to congratulate someone in Danish. There is of course more to learn about the Danish language such as

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