50 Beautiful Turkish Compliments To Impress Your Partner

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Got a Turkish girlfriend/boyfriend? Then, you must learn at least a few beautiful Turkish compliments to impress them!

Many foreigners say that Turkish sounds like a romantic language to them. As a native, I’ve never thought of it as romantic. I think foreigners have that impression because Turkish people speak sincerely, and we use a lot of compliments when talking to others, especially our loved ones!

If you are dating a Turkish person, I’m sure they always compliment you, so why don’t you pay them back with Turkish compliments?

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Compliments For Physical Features

Turkish men like to express love through compliments. It’s like a habit for them to compliment how beautiful you look. And it’s the same with Turkish women. So, complimenting your partner’s physical features is a must in every relationship!

With that in mind, here are some Turkish compliments you can use:

You are beautiful.Sen güzelsin.
Your eyes are very beautiful.Çok güzel gözlerin var.
Your hair is so beautiful.Saçların çok güzel.
How nice you’re laughing!Ne güzel gülüyorsun!
This dress looks very good on you.Bu elbise sana çok yakışıyor.
I’m fascinated by your beauty.Güzelliğin karşısında büyülendim.
Your hair looks good.Bu saç sana çok yakışmış.
I love your dimples.Gamzelerine bayılıyorum.
You are very handsome!Çok yakışıklısın!
Your beard looks good on you.Sakal sana çok yakışmış.
You look wonderful!Harika görünüyorsun!
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Compliments For Appearance

Complimenting your partner’s appearance the moment you see their stylish outfit or smell their scent can boost their confidence and make their day. But your partner doesn’t even need to be well-dressed to get a compliment from you. For example, my husband compliments me even when I’m in my PJs, and it makes me feel super happy! I think these kinds of casual compliments mean a lot for couples.

Here are some Turkish compliments for those occasions:

You look very nice.Çok hoş görünüyorsun.
I like your perfume.Parfümünü çok beğendim.
I like your style.Tarzını beğendim.
You are elegant.Çok şıksın.
I love your glasses.Gözlüklerine bayıldım.
I love your makeup.Makyajını çok beğendim.
You are very graceful.Çok zarifsin.
You are adorable!Çok sevimlisin!

Why don’t you learn some basic phrases to accompany your compliments? I’m sure your partner would be proud of you for learning Turkish! If you’re interested, Ling offers Turkish courses from zero to the advanced level. You can download the Ling app from the App Store or Play Store and try it for free!

Compliments For Character

Your partner’s character deserves more compliments! After all, you love them because of the way they are, not just because they look good. So, try to praise their character and remind them how special and unique they are.

Here are some Turkish compliments you can use for that:

You are very charismatic.Çok karizmatiksin.
I love your sense of humor!Senin mizah anlayışını beğeniyorum!
I appreciate your honesty.Senin dürüstlüğünü takdir ediyorum.
You are so considerate!O kadar naziksin ki!
You are very talented.Çok yeteneklisin.
That’s what I call smart!İşte ben buna akıllı derim!
You are very smart.Çok zekisin.
You are very good-hearted.Sen çok temiz kalplisin.
I admire your courage.Cesaretine hayranım.
You are so compassionate.Çok şefkatlisin.
I love how merciful you are.Merhametli oluşunu seviyorum.

Compliments For Work

Has your partner got a promotion or started a small business? Praise them for any small achievement at work! This will make them feel supported and encouraged for future achievements.

Here are some Turkish compliments you can use for praising work:

I’m proud of you!Seninle gurur duyuyorum!
I’m so happy for you!Senin için çok mutlu oldum!
Way to go!Aferin!
I knew you could do this.Yapabileceğini biliyordum.
You performed great.Harika bir performans sergiledin.
Congratulations, you did a good job.Tebrikler, iyi iş çıkardın.
You’ve done wonders.Harikalar yarattın.
You deserved it!Bunu hak ettin!
A deserved success.Hak edilmiş bir başarı.
You’re very creative.Çok yaratıcısın.

Poetic Turkish Compliments

If you want to learn impressive and meaningful compliments, we have plenty of those in Turkish. Turkish poetry has many examples of beautiful and creative compliments for lovers. These are perfect for writing love messages to your partner.

The deepest water I drown in is your eyes.Boğulduğum en derin su senin gözlerin.
I don’t like coffee, but your brown eyes are different.Kahveyi sevmem ama kahverengi gözlerin başka.
Wherever you go, I find you by your scent.Nereye gidersen git kokundan bulurum seni.
You’re the most precious being I’ve dedicated my life to.Ömrümü adadığım en değerli varlıksın.
You laugh so beautifully that all my pains subside.O kadar güzel gülüyorsun ki bütün acılarım diniyor.
You’re the most correct decision I’ve made.Sen benim aldığım en doğru kararsın.
I haven’t seen anyone, more beautiful than you.Kimseyi görmedim ben, senden daha güzel.
If the sea saw you, it would dry up in front of your beauty.Deniz seni görse kurur gider güzelliğin karşısında.
Each of your eyelashes has a separate charm in my mind.Her bir kirpiğinin ayrı bir büyüsü var zihnimde.
Your smile makes my heart beat faster.Gülüşün kalp çarpıntısı yapıyor bende.

Final Words

Complimenting is a great way to express your love for your partner, and using their native language is even better! Imagine how your partner will smile and be happy when they hear Turkish compliments from you. Making someone smile is that easy!

If you want to learn more details about Turkish culture and language, go check out Ling’s Turkish blog, where all posts are written by a native. I mean me! See you in the next blog post, hoşçakal!

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