Top 8 Secret Tips For Dating A Turkish Man

Tips For Dating A Turkish Man-Ling

If your ideal partner is a traditional man with instincts to provide for and protect their woman, then you can have a happy relationship with a Turkish man!

Dating someone from a different country can be difficult since both sides have cultural differences, different world views, and speak different languages. However, if you find yourself falling for a Turkish man, you should have an idea of what a typical Turkish man is like in a romantic relationship. So, here are some must-know tips for dating a Turkish man and winning over their heart.

Tips For Dating A Turkish Man

These tips will help you understand the character of a typical Turkish man and help you gain their heart! But before learning these dating tips, have you considered learning Turkish? Learning your boyfriend’s native language can help you win over both his love and his family’s approval! If you want to start learning Turkish, you can download the Ling app from the App Store or Play Store and learn Turkish easily!

1. Be Open With Him

When it comes to romance, communication is key – no matter what culture you come from. But I’ve learned that openness is especially important for connecting deeply with Turkish partners. Unlike some more reserved or ambiguous cultures, Turkish men genuinely appreciate when a woman is direct about her wants, needs, and any upsets in the relationship.

2. Let Him Know If You Need Anything

Turkish men are especially generous when it comes to paying the bills and buying gifts. The best part? They don’t even expect you to pay back most of the time! This is just one of their unique way of showing their love and affection for you.

Loyalty-Tips For Dating A Turkish Man-Ling

3. Be Loyal And Respectful To Him

Loyalty is an important aspect of romantic relationships. Turkish men expect you to be loyal and respectful to them as a loving partner. For a Turkish man, getting respect is as essential as getting love in a relationship.

4. Get On Well With His Family

Another thing to know about Turkish men is that they are very bonded with their families. If you want to win over the heart of a Turkish man, you should get on well with his family. In Turkish culture, family is so important that his family will likely play a large role in his life and decisions.

5. Give Him Some Personal Space

Turkish men are very close with their guy friends, and they spend a lot of time together. A typical Turkish man can go out with their male friends almost every day. I feel jealous when my Turkish husband spends more time with their male friends, sometimes it feels like they are his wives and not me. 😂

But I know that he is enjoying that time, and I can’t prevent him from seeing his friends because I have no right to do it and neither does he. Both parties need personal space in their lives.

6. Think About Marriage

A dating relationship in Turkey usually works for marrying. Not many people are fans of casual hookups in Turkey. Since it is a Muslim country and most of its population believes in Islam. It may be the reason why Turkish people are looking for a serious relationship that can end up with a marriage. If you don’t plan to marry soon, you should discuss this with your Turkish partner.

7. Respect His World View And Culture Even If You Don’t Agree

Turkey is a far more traditional country than most Western countries, so Turkish society adopts traditional gender roles in a relationship. The cultural upbringing in Turkey encourages a man to provide for his partner and look after his family. Hence, Turkish dating culture is influenced by these social norms. For example, he will insist on paying the bill on your first date and the next dates.

8. Look After Him

A Turkish man likes it when you cook their favorite dishes for him and when you look after him when he is sick. There is even a Turkish saying, “erkeğin kalbine giden yol midesinden geçer” which means “the path to a man’s heart goes through his stomach.” So, these kinds of nurturing acts show that you are an affectionate woman. He will instantly think that you can become a good wife for him and a good mother for his future children.

Romantic Turkish Phrases To Express Your Love

If you don’t know how to say I love you to your Turkish man, here is a handy table for you! All the romantic Turkish phrases you will need to express love.

English Turkish
My love.Aşkım
My one and only.Birtanem
I have a crush on you.Senden hoşlanıyorum.
I love you.Seni seviyorum.
I love you so much.Seni çok seviyorum.
I fell in love with you.Sana aşık oldum.
I’ll love you forever.Seni sonsuza kadar seveceğim.
We’re meant to be together.Birbirmiz için yaratılmışız.
I want to have a family with you.Seninle bir ailem olsun istiyorum.

Do You Want To Date A Turkish Guy?

Of course, not all Turkish men are the same; everyone has different personality traits, and they can expect different things from a romantic relationship. If you still want to date a Turkish man after learning these things, here are two bonus tips for dating a Turkish man: learn how to cook homemade Turkish foods and learn the Turkish language!

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