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Arabic verbs are at the core of the language’s essence. So, what could be better than spending some time to learn about the advanced Arabic verbs in order to grasp their significance? And whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, this blog is tailored to help you explore this language aspect of the Modern Standard Arabic language.

It’s crucial to understand that words hold immense power in conveying meaning. Each verb carries its own unique significance, capable of completing the puzzle of a sentence with precision. To make this journey even more helpful, we will provide sentences demonstrating how some of these advanced Arabic verbs can be effectively employed.

Understanding Advanced Arabic Verbs

Let’s start with the basics. Do you know those action words we use in sentences? Yep, those are verbs. But here’s the cool part: In Arabic, verbs have a lot more to say. They’re the driving force behind communication, helping you express actions, thoughts, and more. Think of them as the real heroes of language!

But how do these verbs work in sentence structure? Well, they work to glue together each word. They tell you who’s doing what and when. So, when you’re chatting away in Arabic, remember that verbs are the heart and soul of your sentences.

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Introducing 30 Advanced Arabic Verbs

Incorporate a bit of linguistic flair into your learning materials with this carefully curated list of 30 advanced Arabic verbs to provide a boost to your language arsenal. This lesson on verbs will take your language skills up a notch and enhance your communication abilities.

To rememberللتذكرliltadhakur
To provideليزودliuzawid 
To proceedالمضي قدماalmudii quduman
To understandلفهمlifahm
To protectلتحميlitahmi
To surpassلتجاوزlitajawaz
To exonerateلتبرئةlitabria
To contemplateلنتأملlinata’amal
To scrutinizeللتدقيقliltadqiq
To strengthenلتعزيزlitaeziz
To elaborateللتفصيلliltafsil
To betrayلخيانةlikhiana
To inheritليرثliarth
To volunteerللتطوعliltatawue
To reconcileللتوفيقliltawfiq
To evaluateلتقييمlitaqyim
To augmentلزيادةliziada
To innovateللابتكارliliabtikar
To embraceلاحتضانliaihtidan
To achieveليحققliuhaqaq
To abolishالغاءalgha’
To facilitateلتسهيلlitashil
To provokeلاستفزازliastifzaz
To simulateلمحاكاةlimuhaka
To extinguishلإطفاءli’iitfa’
To observeلمراقبةlimuraqaba
To expressللتعبيرliltaebir
To forgetلتنسىlitansaa
To introduceلتقديمlitaqdim
To igniteلإشعالli’iisheal

Using Verbs In Sentences

Let’s get hands-on with these advanced Arabic verbs! By practicing them in sentences, you’ll write your own language story. Get better with your Arabic vocabulary as you craft sentences that surpass the ordinary. Discover how to use these verbs to find new ways of communicating effectively.

1. Remember (للتذكر)

English: I want to learn how to memorize and remember important dates.

Arabic: أريد أن أتعلم كيفية حفظ وتذكر التواريخ المهمة.

2. Provide (ليزود)

English: I will provide helpful tips with you before you travel.

Arabic: سأقدم لك نصائح مفيدة قبل السفر.

Verb 3: Proceed (المضي قدما)

English: Once you’re ready to proceed, feel free to contact me for any assistance.

Arabic: بمجرد أن تصبح مستعدًا للمتابعة، فلا تتردد في الاتصال بي للحصول على أي مساعدة.

Verb 4: Understand (لفهم)

English: Listen, understand, and follow along to learn more about Arabic words.

Arabic: استمع وافهم وتابع لمعرفة المزيد عن الكلمات العربية.

Verb 5: Protect (لتحمي)

English: Don’t forget to protect yourself while you walk.

Arabic: لا تنس أن تحمي نفسك أثناء المشي.

Pronunciation Exercises

Ready to perfect your Arabic pronunciation? These exercises are here to make sure you’re nailing those sounds like a pro. Let’s take a closer look at some engaging techniques that will have you speaking Arabic with confidence in no time.

1. Mirror, Mirror

Stand in front of a mirror and say each verb from the list. Watch your mouth and lips as you pronounce each sound. It may feel silly, but this technique helps you see if you’re getting those tricky sounds right.

2. Record And Replay

Grab your phone and record yourself saying the verbs. Play it back and compare it to native speakers or pronunciation guides. You’ll quickly find areas where you can fine-tune your pronunciation.

3. Slow And Steady

Write the words on flashcards and try to pronounce each verb slowly. Check the individual sounds. Gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable.

4. Partner Practice

Grab a language buddy and take turns saying the verbs to each other. Provide constructive feedback and help each other improve.

5. Tongue Twisters

Try some Arabic tongue twisters that feature the verbs. Tongue twisters are a fun way to challenge your pronunciation skills and improve your articulation.

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Embark On Your Language Odyssey

As you step away from these virtual pages, remember that language mastery is a continuous adventure. Every verb you learn, and every sentence you construct brings you closer to fluency. The power of communication is now in your hands, and these advanced verbs are your trusty tools.

Arabic is a rich tapestry of expression, and you’ve woven a bit of your own story into it. Whether you’re sharing thoughts, making friends, or even just ordering your favorite dish, you’ll find verbs will be your faithful companions.  

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Until next time, keep those verbs alive and your language skills thriving. Happy learning!

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