6 Top Language Apps To Learn A New Language Quickly!

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Learning a new language is not as hard as it used to be. Gone are the days of flipping through dusty textbooks or sitting in a stuffy classroom. Now, all you need is your phone or tablet. The top language apps are here to make things easier, more fun, and super interactive.

So, you’re probably wondering, “Which app should I choose?” Well, I’ve spent time digging into the best language-learning apps out there. 

These are the ones that can really help you learn a new language quickly. Stick with me, and we’ll find the perfect app for you.

Below is a comparison table that lists the top six language apps, highlighting what they’re best for and their starting prices. Let’s take a look.

Quick Overview Of The Top Language Apps

AppStarting Price (per month)Best For
Ling$14.99Learning Multiple New Languages with Ease
Rosetta Stone$11.99Immersive Learning for Beginners
Duolingo$6.99Gamified Learning for Quick Progress
Babbel$13.95Structured Courses for All Levels
Memrise$14.99Vocabulary Building with Video Clips
Pimsleur$19.95Audio-Based Learning for Pronunciation

1-Ling: Best For Learning Multiple New Languages With Ease

Among the most popular language-learning apps is Ling. With over 60 languages to choose from, it will be your best guide. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare each day, the Ling app can turn them into a fun and productive language lesson. The lessons are small and easy to digest, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to understand a single concept. And the quizzes and games? They’re not just for fun. They’re designed to help you learn.

With the Ling app, you can pick a language, lesson, and topic and dive into activities. These include matching words with pictures, sorting out mixed-up sentences, chatting with a chatbot, and more.

Want to know more about why the Ling app is considered the best overall language-learning app? Check out our unbiased Ling app review.

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Ling’s Standout Features

  • Gamified Practice: Learning with Ling feels like playing a game. It’s a fun way to get started with a new language.
  • Bite-Sized Lessons: You can understand these quick lessons in a snap, so you don’t get stuck on one thing for too long.
  • Challenging Quizzes and Games: These quizzes and games are crafted to assist in the learning process, making it fun and engaging.

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What Are Users Saying About Ling?

With a 4.3-star rating from 10.1K reviews on Google Play, the Ling app is well-received by many. Users praise the Ling app for its ease of use. One said, “Very happy to have the opportunity to learn Kannada with this app.” Another noted, “The app is so amazing, and I want to learn Thai, and it is so easy.”

How Much Does Ling?

Basic$0-Beginner lessons
-Introductory chatbot
Monthly$14.99/month-Beginner lessons
-Introductory chatbot
-200 lessons in 50 units
-Access to 60+ languages
-Sync across all your devices
-Talk with the chatbot about 20 topics
-Grammar tips in many languages
Yearly$79.99/year (7-day free trial available)-All features of the Monthly plan
Lifetime$149.99 (one-time payment)-All features of the Yearly plan
-Lifetime access

2-Rosetta Stone: Best For Immersive Learning For Beginners

Rosetta Stone is a veteran on this list. It is known for its fantastic immersive approach, especially if you’re just starting out. Rosetta Stone doesn’t just throw words and phrases at you. It helps you feel the language. You’ll find yourself in real-world scenarios, playing interactive games, and listening to native speakers, all from the comfort of your phone.

The way Rosetta Stone teaches is different. Within the platform, you’ll see pictures instead of translations, hear instructions in your target language, and work on speaking, writing, reading, and listening. 

Curious why Rosetta Stone is so talked about? Read our Rosetta Stone review and discover why it’s a hit.

Rosetta Stone’s Standout Features

  • TruAccent® Speech Recognition Engine: Practice pronunciation with instant feedback. Compare your voice to native speakers, and adjust the sensitivity to fit your needs.
  • Seek & Speak: Your phone’s camera becomes a foreign language tool. Scan objects, face conversation challenges, and practice in real-life situations.

What Are Users Saying About Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone has a 4.6-star rating on Google Play with 365K reviews. So what are language learners saying?

People love how it works. Speech recognition is a big hit, and the British accent training is unique. One user shared, “This app is great. It has all the abilities, of course, of a PC in a mobile format (except writing). Speech recognition works perfectly, I’m very impressed!”

How Much Does Rosetta Stone Cost?

3 Months$35.97
-Short lessons
-Complete immersive experience
-Speech recognition technology
-Same features as the 3-month plan
(one-time payment)
-Includes all features of the other plans
-Access to all 25 languages

3-Duolingo: Best For Gamified Learning For Quick Progress

Duolingo is like a game, but one that teaches you a new language. With over 40 languages to choose from, Duolingo combines research-backed teaching methods with delightful content.

What sets Duolingo apart is its use of AI and language science to personalize lessons. The courses are tailored for you, helping you learn at the right level and pace.

But Duolingo isn’t just for individual learners. Teachers can use it to support students with a literacy program for children ages 3-8 called Duolingo ABC. And if you want to sharpen your math skills, Duolingo has a program for that, too.

Want to dive deeper? Check out our massive Duolingo review and discover its eight efficient features!

Duolingo’s Standout Features

  • Clever Copywriting: Duolingo isn’t dry and dull. It greets you with upbeat messages like “Let’s do this!” It’s a friendly voice that makes learning a joy.
  • Steady Progression: Start simple and build up. Duolingo’s lessons begin with the basics and gradually get tougher. It’s a way to grow your language skills without feeling overwhelmed.

What Are Users Saying About Duolingo?

Duolingo has caught people’s attention with a 4.7-star rating and a whopping 17.1M reviews on Google Play. Here’s the scoop:

People are enjoying the interactive way Duolingo introduces languages. One user even updated their review to say, “Not so bad anymore with how it was implemented. Some issues are experienced, but many seem to be fixed.”

How Much Does Duolingo Cost?

FreeFree– Basic language learning (lessons, quizzes, challenges)
Monthly$6.99– No ads
– Unlimited hearts
– Review your mistakes
– Exclusive content
Yearly$83.99– Same features as the Monthly plan
Duolingo Family Plan$119.99– Monthly features for up to 6 family members

4- Babbel: Best For Structured Courses For All Levels

Babbel is like that organized friend who has everything planned out. It’s a language app that offers courses in 14 languages and is all about structure. So, what’s this structured approach all about? Babbel breaks down language learning into bite-sized lessons that take only 10–15 minutes each. 

These lessons are organized into clear, logical paths that guide you from the basics to more advanced concepts. You’ll start with simple vocabulary and grammar, then gradually move into complex sentences and conversations.

What’s cool is that researchers like Yale and Michigan State University have given Babbel a thumbs up. Curious to learn more? Dive into our comprehensive Babbel review!

Girl in a coffee shop using using a smartphone

Babbel’s Standout Features

  • Speech Recognition Technology: Want to sound like a native speaker? Babbel’s speech recognition helps you get your pronunciation just right.
  • Tailored Courses: With over 6,000 courses, Babbel offers something for everyone. The courses are customized to your native language, making them suitable for any situation.

What Are Users Saying About Babbel?

Babbel has a solid 4.6-star rating on Google Play, with 905K reviews. Here’s what users have to say:

Many users appreciate the idea behind Babbel. One user expressed gratitude, saying, “I love the idea of being able to speak Spanish or Gaelic or any other language… it’s disrespectful not to know a little bit of their language because they work so hard to learn ours.”

How Much Does Babbel Cost?

Free$0-Try the first lesson in any course
1 Month$13.95-Enjoy all lessons in your chosen language
3 Months$9.95/month-Same as the 1 Month plan for three months
12 Months$6.95/month-Same as the 1 Month plan for a whole year
Lifetime$299.99 (one-time payment)-Unlimited access to lessons in all languages forever

5-Memrise: Best For Vocabulary Building With Video Clips

Memrise is a gateway to authentic language experiences. With a focus on vocabulary building, Memrise offers lessons in 23 languages, including regional variations like Mexican Spanish. 

Why is Memrise one of the best for vocabulary building? It’s all about immersion. With the “Learn with Locals” feature, you can watch real-life video clips of native speakers. These aren’t staged or scripted. They’re genuine glimpses into how people speak every day.

Eager to explore Memrise further? Our in-depth Memrise review has all the details you need.

Memrise’s Standout Features

  • Audio and Video Lessons: Benefit from multimedia lessons with native speakers, making the learning process more engaging and effective.
  • Levels for Fun Learning: Progress from beginner to advanced through game-like stages, learning more than one language at different levels.

What Are Users Saying About Memrise?

Memrise has earned a 4.6-star rating on Google Play, with an impressive 1.5M reviews. Let’s see what users think: Users love Memrise’s immersive videos and quick study sessions. One fan said, “This is the best immersion without going somewhere. I’m a fan.”

How Much Does Memrise Cost?

Free$0-Limited features
Monthly$14.99-Full access to all languages and lessons
-30,000 native speaker videos
Annual$7.50/month ($89.99 billed annually)-Same as the Monthly plan for a year
Lifetime$199.99 (one-time payment)-Same as the Monthly plan forever

6-Pimsleur: Best For Audio-Based Learning For Pronunciation

Pimsleur is one of the top language apps that uses sound to teach you how to correctly pronounce words. With over 50 languages, it’s a top pick for people who want to learn fast. 

The Pimsleur method will take you straight to the heart of the language without any fuss. You listen, repeat, and before you know it, you’re talking like a local. 

You can do the 30-minute lessons anywhere, even with Alexa at home. Plus, there are reading lessons, games, and a voice coach to help you along. 

Check out our Pimsleur review and learn more about its features that enhance memory recall.

Man in a train station using a smartphone

Pimsleur’s Standout Features

  • Backward Breakdown of Vocabulary: This cool trick helps you say words just right. It’s called “back chaining,” breaking down words from the end to the start.
  • Graduated Interval Recall: This is a smart way to remember what you’ve learned. It brings back words and grammar gradually so they stick in your mind.

What Are Users Saying About Pimsleur? 

Pimsleur has made an impact on language learners. It has a 4.4-star rating and 9.43K reviews on Google Play. Here’s what they say: People love Pimsleur. One happy learner said, “Great app to learn languages from. I would highly recommend it.” But watch out; some have had issues with the app crashing.

How Much Does Pimsleur Cost?

Free 7-day Trial$0-Limited access to all language courses
Premium (One Language)$19.95/month-Full access to one language course
All Access (All Languages)$20.95/month-Full access to all language courses
All Access Annual (All Languages)$164.95/year-Full access to all language courses for one year

Why Use An App to Learn A New Language?

Using language learning apps is like having a language tutor in your pocket, making the whole process fun, flexible, and convenient. Whether you’re waiting for your coffee or commuting to work, you can whip out your phone and dive into quick, interactive lessons.

Apps make learning feel more like a game than a chore. It’s not just about memorizing vocabulary but mastering it in a way that sticks. Plus, many apps personalize the experience based on how you’re doing, so you’re always learning at your own pace. You can get instant feedback, celebrate small victories, and even connect with other learners to boost motivation.

Do You Agree With Our List Of Top Language Apps?

So, we’ve looked at some top language apps for learning new languages in the fastest and most effective way. But do you agree with our list? Have you tried some of these cool language-learning apps? Or perhaps you’re on the lookout for the perfect one?

Honestly, among these top contenders, Ling app stands out. It’s not just about words and grammar lessons. It’s a gateway to understanding cultures and engaging in real conversations. And with daily language articles, you’ll never run out of new things to learn.

If you’re curious why the Ling app is our top pick, download it on Google Play and App Store. Give it a try, and you might just find that it aligns with your language learning goals.

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