49+ Easy Czech Language Phrases

The Czech Republic remains to be one of the frontrunners in our travel bucket list with its amazing set of historical attractions, sumptuous cuisine, people, and traditions. But before you take a stroll into the breathtaking stretches of old villages, churches, and palaces, one of the things that you should consider learning is the Czech language phrases that can be used for establishing a connection like no other.

There is no doubt that whenever we think of Europe, the first country that comes to mind is the Czech Republic. Unlike modernized countries like Japan, the United States, or China, Czech is different in the sense that it managed to completely leave most of its town and villages untouched making it look like you are still at medieval times. And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t want to feel like they are part of the Bridgerton or The Crown cast, right? 

Perhaps this is the reason why you landed on this page! You probably want to know more Czech Republic and are planning to visit in the months to come. Our advice? Do not just go there to see what the country has to offer! Put yourself out there and create authentic connections with the locals by using their language. This is why in today’s post, we will introduce to you a comprehensive list of common greetings, introductions, and questions that you must know before interacting with a local.

If you are up for learning Czech, then off we go!


Czech Language Phrases And Common Greetings

The Czech language is spoken by almost 10 million people scattered around Portugal, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, and Bulgaria. In the US, the community of native Czech speakers is also thriving with around 9% of people learning the language of being born in a family of Czech immigrants. Because of this, you can easily find a few people here and there to practice this language in an authentic manner.

czech easy words

In this part, we have listed here the common greetings depending on the time of the day as well as the informal and formal ways to spark a conversation.

CzechEnglish Translation
Dobry denGood day / How do you do?
Dobre ranoGood morning
Dobré odpoledneGood afternoon
Dobry vecerGood evening
Dobrou nocGood night
Na ShledanouSee you!
Ahoj! / Čau! / Nazdar / ČusHi!
Hezký den!Have a nice day!
Ahoj! / Čau! / Měj se / NashleBye / Take care (informal)
Naviděnou / Nashledanou / Mějte seGoodbye
Jak se máte?How are you?
Dlouho jsem Tě nevidělaLong-time no see
Hezký den! / Pěkný den!Have a nice day!

Introduce As The Czechs Do!

It is not enough that you know how to greet people because sometimes you have to also introduce yourself or answer questions relating to your descent or even your age and nationality. To help you navigate the situation, take note of the listed words below.

CzechEnglish Translation
Jmenuju se … / Moje jméno je …My name is …
Odkud jsi? / Kde bydlíš?Where are you from? (informal)
Odkud jste? / Kde bydlíte?Where are you from? (formal)
Jsem z …I am from …
Toto je pan KevinThis is Mr. Kevin
Těší mě / že Vás poznávámPleased to meet you
Rád jsem vás poznalIt was nice meeting you
Rád jsem vás znovu vidělIt was nice seeing you again
Kolik je vám let?How old are you?
Kde bydlíte?Where do you live?
Jak se máš? / Co Ty, dobrý? / Všechno dobrý?How are you? (informal)
Jde to a ty?I am well, and you?
Dobře, děkujiGood, thank you!
Mám se dobře, děkuji.I am fine, thank you!
DěkujuThank you
Rádo se staloYou’re welcome
Neumím [moc dobře] mluvit českyI cannot speak Czech well
Nemluvím českyI do not speak Czech

Czech Related Questions

During traveling you will always find yourself asking questions like where you can find the nearest restroom or directions to your hotel. To ask questions with confidence, feel free to use any from the list below.

CzechEnglish Translation
Mluvíš anglicky?Do you speak English?
Máte přání?May I help you?
Jak je to daleko?How far is it?
Můžete mi to ukázat na mapě?Can you show me on the map?
Nevím / Já nevímI do not know
Kde je…?Where is …?
Kde je toaleta?Where is the bathroom/restroom?
Kde je pivní zahrada?Where is the beer garden?
Kolik je to? / Kolik to stojí?How much is this?
Odpusťte mi to / Promiň!Excuse me
Co jsi říkal / Cos říkal?What did you say?
Je tu obsazeno?Is this seat taken?
Můžete mi to prosím přeložit?Can you translate it for me?
Co to znamená?What does this mean?
Jak se to vyslovuje?How do you pronounce that?

As I end this article, I hope that I was able to shed light and give you the quickest and most comprehensive list of most basic phrases that you must know before interacting or visiting the country. If you liked this, please feel free to share it on social media and read other similar posts like how to say thank you and I love you in our target language.

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Speak Like The Czechs Do!

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